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Read ´ Ghalib Danger ☆ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ´ ➮ Ghalib Danger Read ➶ Author Neeraj Pandey – Kamran Khan is a cocky young taxi driver trying to make it big in MumbaiBut his life transforms when he saves a don called Mirza from beingkilled What seems like a good deed however hInherits Mirza’s philosophy that all of life’s problems can besolved through Ghalib¹s poetrySoon the innocent taxi driver has cops criminals and even cabinetministers at his beck and callAnd he has a new name Ghalib Danger. The way neeraj sir drives his story throughout the pages of books Thats outstanding

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An loses everything dear to him This is whenMirza in gratitude takes Kamran under his wing and the young man getsdrawn into the mafia boss’s dangerous world of cops and rival gangsterseventually taking over from himKamran also. I should start with a disclosure I love Neeraj Pandey's filmography Usually the story lines are tight characters are well written and there is a general eye for detail In a nutshell he doesn't take audience for granted And did I forget to mention that his movies are stylish which is unheard of in Indian movie industry Remember I am not talking of them being garish Now with that out of the way I must also point out that none of that is true about this book It reads like a screenplay for a wannabe tier 2 movie Every turn in the story can be seen coming from miles Characters are pretty monotonous and clichéd At best this is a cheap copy of Shantaram at worst it's a waste of timeI did finish it in a single seating because I wanted to finish it but then I would've watched a movie in half the time if this was it Maybe this is what happens if a 'bollywood' director decides to write a pot boiler Btw I hate that term bollywood because it shows exactly what's wrong with Indian movies lack of originality The same is true for this book Don't

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Ghalib DangerKamran Khan is a cocky young taxi driver trying to make it big in MumbaiBut his life transforms when he saves a don called Mirza from beingkilled What seems like a good deed however has a cruel payback andin a single moment Kamr. If one had to point out why Neeraj Pandey is one of the most respected writer directors in the Indian film industry right now the answer would be because of the highly original extremely entertaining stories he seeks to tell through the medium of cinema evident in both his films till date A Wednesday and recently Special 26 And as he ventures into previously unexplored territory with his first novel the end result is not very dissimilarFollowing a non linear style of narration Ghalib Danger opens in Paris 2007 as the protagonist Kamran Khan strolls into a nearby departmental store to pick up a few things only to find himself surrounded at gunpoint by policemen It is then revealed he is a wanted man back in India on multiple counts The plot then proceeds to the present day when Kamran is about to walk out of jail on bail hereon his story is told mostly in flashbacks how a honest hardworking taxi driver in Mumbai turns into the most feared criminal in the city by a spate of unforseen and unfortunate circumstances This twist of fate sees him becoming the protege of dreaded mafia don Mirza who believes the solution to every problem in life lies in Mirza Ghalib's poetry Kamran inherits this philosophy as well the rest of the plot delineates his transformation to Ghalib DangerAs the blurb from acclaimed actor Naseeruddin Shah rightly points out this book is a delectable dish for anyone who loves a masala film Ghalib Danger reads like a masala potboiler from pretty much every angle there is much to be enjoyed here Noir lies at its core and so this book is not short on blood gore but it is never unnecessary over the topThe book is not short on characters but Pandey does full justice to both the central as well as peripheral ones some of them especially the mafia dons Mirza Azmat Yakub Mental Farookh Khitkhit stand out as being extremely well written The women in Kamran's life also get sizeable roles unlike the molls we get to see in most Bollywood gangster films be it the lovely Salma who breaks his heart or Sonia who tries in vain to mend itSince the name Ghalib is present in the title itself there is a substantial amount of his poetry that appears at different junctures of the plot Now my limited knowledge of Urdu meant the meaning of most of it was lost on me but this literary device would undeniably work in favour of the book provided one understands Ghalib's poetry since each verse resonates with a particular situation Kamran is in at that momentGhalib Danger might eventually feel like 'nothing new under the sun' to some but it is just like good old wine in a new bottle much like those stories we've heard before but never tire of being recounted again again Highly recommended for those who enjoy pacy first rate crime noir