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England The sexual games at the restoration Court of King Charles have turned Marcus Viscount Marlbrooke into a cynic While he doesn't believe that love l. When I started reading this book I had no experience of historical fiction or Anne O'Brien at all I am however a huge fan of the Classics I was overjoyed to see some clear resemblances in plotline to both Pride and Prejudice Pride and Prejudiceand Jane Eyre Jane Eyre I was overjoyed though to find it similar to my favourite book of all time Tess of the D'Urbervilles Tess of the d'Urbervilles Anne O'Brien writes so flowingly that your heart goes out to every single character You will fall in love with Viscount Marcus Marlbrooke and your dreams will be haunted for nights by the restless spirit of Isolde But I stayed up til 2 oclock in the morning to finish it in one sitting on a school night and then found myself frantically googling to find out if there was a seuel which tragically there is not I really recommend this book to everybody their Austens andor loves a heart wrenching book which will reduce them to tears Ann O'Brien's The Puritan Bride is a classic only written in laguage much accessible for the modern reader

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Puritan BrideExpected response to her perhaps their marriage needn't be as bleak as he fears Because beneath he solemn exterior her senses a bride of surprising passio. Not BadNot too bad a read a bit repetitive in places with regards to the emotions of the main characters but as a whole the book is an easy pleasant read and it helped pass some of the time during the Coronovirus lock down

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Read Ô Puritan Bride 100 × ❰PDF❯ ✐ Puritan Bride Author Anne OBrien – England 1663The sexual games at the restoration Court of King Charles have turned Marcus Viscount Marlbrooke into a cynic While he doesn't believe that love lies within matrimony he does need to secur England The sexual games at the restIes within matrimony he does need to secure his claim to Winteringham Priory Marriage to the spirited Puritan Katherine Harley is the key and given his un. I really struggled with this novel which is massively disappointing because I am a huge Anne O'Brien fan I thought at first that this novel would be much like her recent publications historical fiction based on real life historical figures but uickly realised that this was just fiction fiction especially when the ghost appearedUnfortunately I didn't like either Marcus or Kate they just weren't developed enough to really support and there was little evidence given to show us the development of their relationship view spoiler The elements with 'Viola' were incredibly obvious but should have been a tool to really explore the attraction between Kate and Marcus and to develop the soul deep connections that Anne O'Brien manages to capture so well in later novels Instead this whole section was over before it had even begun and without many events bringing the two leads together hide spoiler