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Den vidunderliga kärlekens historiaThe freak show with which he travels A moving uplifting at times dark and macabre tale of social oppression official corruption religious persecution and unwavering devotion it is a story that enchants and surprises and leaves one wide eyed with wonder like a small child at his first carniva Well the writing was a bit too expressionistic for me a bit crumbled and overlapping Still the premise was rather good


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Den vidunderliga kärlekens historia kindle ã eBook 9780060842147 í dogsalonbristol Ö [Reading] ➻ Den vidunderliga kärlekens historia By Carl-Johan Vallgren – Horrific Sufferings of the Mind Reading Monster Hercules Barefoot is the picaresue fable of Horrific Sufferings of the Mind Reading Monster Hercules Barefoot is the picaresue fable of the love that grows between the mute telepathic human monstrosity Hercules and the beautiful Henriette a love that will entwine their fates forever Author Carl Johan Vallgren creates an unforgettable c Wow I really wanted to like this book it seemed that it would be intersting and it almost was It had the elements of a short story and it dragged because it was made into a novel The characters were hollow accept for the Hero Barefoot but even then The story telling was disjointed and confusing I often had to double back in a chapter to see if I skipped a major event that was being discussed or I needed explanaiton that was skipped over The non seuesntial stroy telling can be done well this was not I don't know why I have even ranked this book with two stars except to say that there is some exceptionally beautiful sections in this book the words and the way they are written is stunning The book starts very well the first two chapters I was eager to see where this was going but when I got there I realized that I just didn't care Maybe I am just an idiot but this was a good idea woefully short on a good execution

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Ast of grotesueries in a magical and atmospheric tour of nineteenth century Europe from the bordello where Hercules is born to the sualor of the asylum where he finds only pain to the sinister grandeur of the Jesuit monasteries in which he finds both shelter and peril to the phantasmagoria of Actual Rating 35 starsI really liked this book I thought it was great and it is a Swedish novel I would certainly recommend to everyoneThe story follows our protagonist Hercule Barfuss He is born a dwarf with a severely deformed body He is deaf and cannot speak However he has been given the gift of being able to read other people's thoughts An incredibly moving and at times horrendous story which follows Hercule's life over about 80 yearsWhat really makes this book stand out at least to me is the extensive imagery The language is so full of pictures and metafors similes and symbols and while that at many times really added to the story it sometimes became a little too much We as readers could loose ourself in the images and nearly miss what Vallgren wanted to say With that said the imagery is one of this book's great strengths The intricacies of the writing style and the use different techniues definitely makes this book suitable for re reading in the futureFurther the book discusses a range of interesting topics; religion language emotion love hate and so much However one of the reasons to why I did not rate this book higher than 35 is partly due to the epilogue As the last part it is the feeling from that episode you bring with you after finishing the novel Unfortunately I found the epilogue to be incredibly dry and in general just unnecessary It left me feeling bored and just kind of meh With that said as a whole I think this book is really great With a very strong imagery and interesting writing style Vallgren manages to really capture the reader's attention and tell a story about longing love hate and the cruelty of the human kind