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Only A Whisper summary ß 108 ↠ [Reading] ➶ Only A Whisper Author Gayle Wilson – What words had he whisperedCalled in the night to transcribe the bedridden confession of a dying man federal agent Rae Phillips lost her heart to a voice in the darkness a hero whose face she never sa What words had he whisperedCalled inWhat words had he whisperedCalled in the night to transcribe the bedridden confession of a dying man federal agent Rae Phillips lost her heart to a voice in the darkness a h. I picked this book from my TBR pile to read last night I meant to read a chapter maybe two before I went to sleep for the night Instead I read the whole book I could not put it down This is one of those books where the suspense pulls you deep into the story that you keep turning the pages to find out what happens next I loved itI don't want to give away any spoilers so I won't discuss too much about what happens in the story Let the reader found out for themselves I will say that Ms Wilson's writing is some of the best I've ever read In the past I've preferred her historical romances but after reading this book she's convinced me that her skill with writing romances in a contemporary setting are just as strong She has a wonderful talentMost of the story is told through the viewpoint of the heroine Rae Phillips a woman assigned to a task force that is part of an attempt to bring down a Colombian cartel In order to do that she is called one night to record the information of a courier who was tortured by the cartel Because of his horrific wounds he prefers she not see him so she records what he whispers in the dark She admires this man who clings to life long enough to help them bring down those evil drug lords Several years later members of her team are being murdered one by one Then Rae is kidnapped and kept blindfolded while her captor asks her uestions concerning that night with the dying man He wants to know who among her team knew the man's name But Rae refuses to give this any information about that night or her co workers She only looks for escape before she too is tortured and killed Rae is a strong woman and very emotional relying deeply on her wits and intuition The hero who remains nameless and faceless until near the end of the book is a complicated man who sacrifices himself for love and duty for his family and for his love of this woman This is a hero no reader can forgetThere were many parts where I cried during this emotional love story so I recommend keeping the tissues nearby Even near the end I was afraid these two characters would be pulled apart forever Knowing that romances all but guarantee a HEA didn't calm the tension I felt while reading this story I desperately needed to know if these two found their peace happiness and love After learning all the secrets of these characters and their story I'm keeping this book on my bookshelf to re read I have to read it again in the near future Even a day after reading it my mind is still with the story The characters have yet to let me go And because I enjoy Gayle Wilson's writing so much I'm seriously thinking about digging out my boxes of books that I've packed away in my closet oh if only I had the space in my house for bookshelves to line the walls to find her other books I've read I've got a hunger for her writing Love it

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Ero whose face Only A PDF she never sawWhat secrets did she keepTwo years later everyone from that night has disappeared and Rae is hostage to a captor as mysterious as he i. I was surprised at the depth of the story since it's first publisher was Harleuin I look forward to reading from this author

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Only A WhisperS seductive A man whose face remains in shadow but whose voice is hauntingly familiar His titillating touch gives Rae one choice Betray everything she believes in or her hea. 5 Stars Rae is a Federal Agent and she's called in the night to go to a warehouse and take the deposition from a dying man She's not allowed to see his face and his voice is but a whisper from the torture his enemies have put him through This deposition takes hours and Rae is horribly aware that the man is suffering She's been told the man died later that night As time passes they use the information to bring down the kingpins in the Colombian drug cartel And now two years later the members of that special task force are disappearing Rae is taken into captivity by a man who wants details of that night so long ago She's never allowed to see her captor but there is something about him that draws herI think it's obvious who the mystery captor is pretty much from the beginning Rae mistakes her captor as being from the cartel and so she torn between her growing love for him and her sense of justice Her captor's identity isn't revealed until almost the end of the book but we do get a very good sense of him His code of honor is strong and it's obvious how much he comes to care for RaeThis is a very good book One you won't want to put down until the very last page