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From the award winning Spanish writer Javier Marías comes an extraordinary new book that has been a literary sensation around the world an immersive provocative novel propelled by a seemingly random murder that we come to understand or do we through one woman’s ever unfurling imagination and infatuations At the Madrid café where she stops for breakfast each day before work María Dolz finds herself drawn to a co. I was moving this week so I'm farther away from this than I wanted to be when I wrote this but I can assure you that the strongest of my impressions have lasted enough to give you the gist of why I was so disappointed in thisMy major issue is overall that this is the sort of book that gives literary fiction a bad name This is exactly the sort of thing that is the basis for pretension puncturing parodies with melodramatic lighting and unnecessarily florid language that people point to when you ask them why they don't want to read This is that book where people sit around in half lit rooms and have silent weirdly distant sex in between pontificating to each other unbearably about philosophy Moreover it is the sort of dated philosophy where women still have lives that artfully revolve around men and men have the sort of Freudian idea driven obsessions that were fashionable to write about in the middle of the last century The sort surrounded by cigarettes and brandy and intense gazes and five o'clock shadows You know what I meanYou know that's it That's what bothers me This book seems like such a pose Sure there are a few things in here that rang true I've had some thoughts in here almost verbatim that he writes down But they are so banal it's like going to a fortune teller and being totally amazed when she tells you that she can feel that you had trouble in your adolescence or made some bad choices with alcohol in college So I don't know how much credit you can give it for that It all felt like such a sham like a set that Marias threw down that he felt was appropriate for some things he thought he wanted to sayI mean the thoughts he expressed went from banal to disturbing eventually but that was okay because there was no suspense involved The narrator guessed everything involved with the turn to the disturbing long before it came true and seriously everything she guessed about a situation she knew nothing about involving people she knew nothing about was correct And if she didn't guess it don't worry it was condescendingly described to her in detail later In case you needed help still no worries again if the author thought the point was particularly important or just had a nice ring to it you can be sure that it will be repeated both verbatim and paraphrased just so we Get It As for the characters I didn't care for anyone involved except for the monumentally screwed over Luisa who doesn't get enough screen time for me to form the connection I wanted with her The others are unremarkable monsters or overdone archetypes The narrator was especially tiresome So many of the emotional edges are blunted by the subdued manner of expression taken on here The whole story is made into an almost theoretical discussion like it is a parlor game that is happening to somebody else I use almost advisedly because of course it is not and that is supposed to be part of the disturbing thing about it But it wasn't Marias was so much interested in writing pages of rambling discourse about his ideas about the way the people experience grief loss and obsession that he made his characters mouthpieces rather than people If you stepped back and away from the substance of their discourse the defining characteristic of the narrator is passive aggression and timidity The defining characteristic of the villain is sadly misguided self delusion The major secondary character is simply a self aggrandizing fool of a stereotype They are mere chess pieces placed at a certain vantage point and then given the thought

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Los enamoramientosUple who is also there every morning Though she can hardly explain it observing what she imagines to be their “unblemished” life lifts her out of the doldrums of her own existence But what begins as mere observation turns into an increasingly complicated entanglement when the man is fatally stabbed in the street María approaches the widow to offer her condolences and at the couple’s home she meets and falls i. The Infatuations written by Spanish writer Javier Marias begins with a murder It's brilliantly and seductively written with mesmerizing passages on every page There was even a very powerful passage about a mother who clearly loves her children but just can't cope with them at the moment wishes she didn't have to as they weighed too much on her Her husband was dead with two small children this passage went on powerfully for pages I thought about my mother when I too was 4 years old and her husband my dad was dead The writing was so 'all knowing' that I got inside my mother's head getting inside my 4 year old head It was spooky truthfulThis is very first sentence of The Infatuations captured my attention immediately The last time I saw Miguel Desvern or Deverne was also the last time his wifeLuisa saw him which seemed strange perhaps unfair given that she was his wife while I on the other hand was a person he had never met a woman with whom he had never exchanged so much a single word The aura is eeriewith a slow unraveling suspense Themes'layers deep' about love life envy morality with penetrating long reflective paragraphs Maria Dolz flawless narrator for this story is a publishers editor She is fascinated by a 'perfect couple' she observes daily in a cafe every morning over breakfast She enjoys watching how happy they look together She idolizes them both One day they don't show up Later she learns the husband was murdered Later she becomes friends with the wifeIt's not a long book no reason to spell out the detailsbut it's the WRITING THE FEW CHARACTERS and the entire TONE of this novel that had me FULLY INTRIGUEDCaptivating I liked this book VERY MUCH

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Los enamoramientos Characters ✓ 2 È [Download] ➽ Los enamoramientos ➽ Javier Marías – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk From the award winning Spanish writer Javier Marías comes an extraordinary new book that has been a literary sensation around the world an immersive provocative novel propelled by a seemingly random From the award wN love with another man who sheds disturbing new light on the crime As María recounts this story we are given a murder mystery brilliantly reimagined as metaphysical enuiry a novel that grapples with uestions of love and death guilt and obsession chance and coincidence how we are haunted by our losses and above all the slippery essence of the truth and how it is toldThis ebook edition includes a reading group guide. God I love reading A good novel one of the greatest pleasures that we get in this life and fuck you everyone who helped me forget that and God bless you Javier Marías for making me rememberOkay so I just invoked the Lord's name twice in one small paragraph which must mean I'm a bit worked up I don't know if I can convey how much I enjoyed this book but beyond that what a profound relief it was for me to enjoy it so much nowI'm coming up on the closing end of an MFA program While in sum this has been great for me and I feel incredibly lucky to have been allowed all this time off from real life to read and write in certain ways I feel that the experience damaged my relationship with the written word It's made me cynical about writing for one thing and has compromised my ability to lose myself in books This doubtless has a lot to do with my personal pathology than with any flaw in the MFA system but the discourse and assumptions of MFA land broadly speaking have disrupted my historical enthusiasm for literature To be fair and to emphasize that this is much about my own eccentricities than anything else I did once go from being an obsessive bookworm from age five to a near illiterate due to high school English classes which made me hate books and I didn't read novels for almost two years after college because having been made to discuss and analyze it had temporarily ruined the thrill of fiction for meFortunately I don't think I'll suffer such long term effects this time thanks to the heroism of the brilliant Spaniard Javier MaríasI have a hard time articulating what I find so mortally offensive about my interpretation of the MFA dogma but I think it might be the idea that everyone has something worth writing about and that we just all need to learn certain skills in order to do it well In fact in my opinion most people do not have anything worth writing about or at least do not have anything to write that I'd ever want to read And that's simply because most of us humans do not have particularly interesting or original minds I feel like a lot of the MFA world would object that this doesn't matter a lot of people have interesting stories they might say and thus the great need for all these billions of memoirs and my response to this would be to vomit on their feetBut yeah I feel like the implication I picked up from MFA land is that it doesn't matter if you don't have a uniuely fascinating mind; once you learn the tricks and techniues you can manufacture some fiction and serve it up to people who will recognize the product as palatable and therefore consume it I feel like that's what workshops are sort of a uality control taste test like what Applebee's probably has to make sure their newly developed recipes all taste like something they'd serveThe analogy for me is cooking The MFA is a cooking school that teaches eager students all kinds of techniues from simple braising to complex foams so that they can concoct all manner of restaurant ready cuisines The thing though for me is that even with all these skills and bells and whistles if you're using mediocre ingredients how awesome can the dish you make ultimately beWhat matters isn't so much how you cook as what you're cooking with In fiction the ingredients are the author's brain and if the author's brain isn't particularly juicy and tasty to begin with you might wind up with a decent soup but the end product can only be but so great Conversely a brilliant writer can burn the hell out of something and write a shitty book; t