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READ ó Red Sky At Morning ¼ ➵ [Read] ➱ Red Sky At Morning By Melissa Good ➿ – A connection others don't understand A love that won't be denied Danger they can sense but cannot see Dar Roberts was always ruthless and single mindeduntil she met Kerry Stuart Kerry was oppressed by A connection others don't undIn Miami a cover up of the worst kind problems with the military and unexpected betrayals will cause danger Can Kerry help as Dar has to examine her life and loyalties and call into uestion all she's believed in since childhood Will their relationship deepen through it all Or will it be destroye. This is another enjoyable instalment in the Dar and Kerry saga I love reading about the way they overcome their problems while maintaining their solid relationship Most of this book is about their day to day lives with a few little incidents The main story centred on their Naval contract doesn’t really come to the forefront until near the end of the book This was uite dramatic but the final outcome will carry over into the next bookThe feature I forgot from my first read of this book was the number of homophobic people in the story I know the author uses a lot of her own experiences in her books and although this was written twenty years ago I found myself wondering was this bigotry typical If so it’s a severe indictment on society

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All sides While traveling to Chicago Kerry's plane is struck by lightning Dar in New York for a stockholders' meeting senses Kerry is in trouble They simultaneously experience feelings that are new sensations that both are reluctant to admit when they are Red Sky PDF finally back together Back. I have not read a Dar Kerry story for a while forgot how much I enjoy these characters Off to read #5


Red Sky At MorningA connection others don't understand A love that won't be denied Danger they can sense but cannot see Dar Roberts was always ruthless and single mindeduntil she met Kerry Stuart Kerry was oppressed by her family's wealth and politics But Dar saved her from that Now new dangers confront them from. Ok I said in my last review I wasn't sure I would continue the Dar Kerry saga But I was still curious and since I am stuck in a reading rut right now I thought I'd give it a shotI really didn't think it was possible for both our ladies to grow any And although this story is very different form the previous three they did Not as big as before but the ladies are together now for a year and they have settled both in their private as professional livesBecause they are settled the author needs something else to keep us interested So we're dealing with a mystery here things that are not what they seem involving a Navy base where Dar grew up on The things do not seem right the Dar struggles with her memories and her loyalties Meanwhile Kerry has to deal with some heavy personel issues and is forced to take some drastic decisionsThe one thing I noticed was that the story did not sidetrack us with the long side events that were so prevalent in the previous books events that didn't really have an effect on the storyline The only midly boring event was Dar's reunion with her Navy friends which was yet another excuse to show off Dar's physical well beingSome things that didn't jibe with me were the airplane incident with Kerry onboard I looked it up The last time an airplane got in really big trouble when it was hit by lightning was in 1963 So I wasn't really convinced with the damage the plane received Severe weather conditions where a plane drops several thousands of feet that I can believe And those mutual feelings Well I guess that's Xena popping up there It felt contrived to meThe whole thing at the base where everything goes south wan't really that convincing either but I let my suspension of disbelief kick in there Seriously shotguns with laser guides This too I looked up and the only place they exist are in video games Shotguns are for close range if you need a laser pointing while shooting one you are doing something really wrongAnd those personel issues Well to me it was their own damn fault They knew what they were bringing in All in all a pretty good story editI forgot The two major storylines previously Senator Stuart's corruption and Dar's battle with the board I expected some follow up there Wasn't Dar's position brought up for voting on the stockholder's meeting Apparently not Nothing is being said about it And senator Stuarts apparent heroism at the hospital seems to be enough to have all charges dropped In fact in the end he continues to business as usual as if nothing happenedI was disappointed there edit again I stand corrected There are indeed red dot sights for shotguns