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Free download Jack In The Box è PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ [PDF] ✩ Jack In The Box By William W. Johnstone – She was a beautiful child a perfect child With her blonde hair and baby doll prettiness she was the picture of angelic innocence Phillip Baxter pushed aside his uneasinesShe was a beautiful child a perfect child With her blonde hair and baby doll prettiness she was the picture of angelic innocence Phillip Baxter pushed aside his uneasiness about his strangely self possessed daughter She was just Jack In ePUB #8608. Review of JACK IN THE BOX by William JohnstoneI believe this is the first horror novel by this author I have read but it's so definitely impacted me that I'm on a uest to read them all JACK IN THE BOX is set in Connecticut and Manhattan The horror is wonderfully implacable and inescapable as the protagonist discovers much to his dismay The daughter of a wealthy hard charging Manhattan attorney is on the surface a pathological liar which her father Philip and older brother Phil recognize and acknowledge Her mother Jeanne however is blind to Nora's failings even to the extent of strongly considering divorce Imagine any parent who believes her or his child can do no wrong and is contemptuous of anyone who believes differently and you'll comprehend Jeanne Baxter However Nora is not only a liar Nora is the spawn of Satan and I say that not figuratively but literally As the story unfolds we learn that Nora is not an isolated example The author also weaves in Nazism both in the Third Reich era but also in contemporary New York City exorcism Vietnam as past history and practice of the occult including black magic Of course the eponymous jack in the box is a main character throughout a depository of pure Satanic evil which is brought into the story by the protagonist the ill fated Philip BaxterI found this novel a definite page turner and my interest never flagged

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Ack and forth its glass eyes staring at her its lips drawn back into an insane grin Any other little girl might have cringed in horror But as Nora's wide eyes mirrored the grotesue wooden face her pink lips were curving into the same malicious smi. Woah What a ride This is a great addition to the pedophobic sub genre that was so popular in the 60s 80s think The Exorcist The Omen Rosemary's Baby etc I loved how this novel really went all out Evil child Great sure but it's been done How about adding a possessed toy Oh and I know Nazis Cause Nazis always make these stories better Lordie This had it all And I loved that about it It knew it was a campy fun read and it didn't hold back There were things in here that even I a jaded reader who thinks she's read it all went Woah You didn't just go there But Johnstone did Oh boy he did I'm not gonna spoil any plot points but there are several points in this where I was delightfully surprised where the story went My only complaint was that after such an amazing ride the ending was uneventful I literally thought That's it and even went back and reread a few pages cause I thought I missed something Maybe after the craziness of the rest of it the ending couldn't be anything but a let down but stillI wanted But if you love these old campy horror novels definitely check this one out I received this copy via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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Jack In The BoxAn ordinary kid And to his relief she did act like an ordinary kid when he brought home a special present for herAlone in her room Nora couldn't wait to open the antiue jack in the box She couldn't wait to watch the hand carved clown's head bob b. William M Johnstone's Jack in the Box is an enjoyable horror novel that was published originally in the 80's and it does have that 80's vibe to the story with its lack of cellphones and various other devices that we find in today's world This book is an uneven affair with the first half not uite coming together with forced plots and it feels that it is finding its footing It is very readable but at times belief has to take a back stage as it starts to reveal itself The second half of the book really starts moving and the story takes a fantastic turn With engaging plots characters and overall structure that turns this into a fun amusement park ride This is the point of the book that I found the most enjoyable As all the plot threads come together you find yourself deeply involved and cursing any outside disturbance that may get in the way from moving forward with the bookThe finale unfortunately is a come down and it does feel that the author wasn't uite sure how to end the plot from the various threads that he started to weave It felt somewhat forced and too uick and was not a very satisfying solution to the proceedingsJohnston writing at times felt that he did not have a lot of facts and was making it up as he went along When dealing with exorcism and overall background it did feel like he could skip descriptive passages and jump to the next scene letting the reader fill in the gaps As this was written before the internet and maybe his local library did not have the resources to fully investigate the circumstances on what he was writingOverall it is a very enjoyable page turner with an involving plot and many surprises unfold through the course of the proceedings At times it does feel rushed and once the reader passes the first thirds they are in for one hell of a ride I would recommend this to any horror fan who likes a fun roller coaster ride I am rating this four stars with one star taking off due to the first third being disjointed and the forced ending