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Amorous Overnight Aliens Overnight #3 Book ´ 283 pages ´ Dogsalonbristol ì [EPUB] ✼ Amorous Overnight Aliens Overnight #3 Author Robin L. Rotham – What’s better than one hot alien at your service Two hot aliens in your bed After four months of orbiting Earth inOk #10003 keep her hands to herselfBut she’s already been betrayed by one alien her dead douchebag of a husband Can she trust her future and her children to anotherProduct Warnings Contains the usual Robin L Rotham smorgasbord of mmf menage and Ds elements plus a shipload of alien alphas in outer spac This book is at LEAST 75% male male with really dubious scenes a terrible view of women and the heroine takes a backseat completely This was MM romance for the sake of spectacle and if I hadn't been loaned this book by a friend I would not have endured the awful slog of it Also FUCK YOU Cecine those are HER kids you do not get to take them from herAnd let's be honest In book one where Shauss threatened to rape Jasmine in retaliation for her part in Monica's abduction and nobody bats an eye that set the tone for the rest of the series Total dealbreaker The series is built on absolutely toxic ideas on gender and male female interactions in particular Dubious consent lies and manipulation abound No thanks We don't need any of this kind of book with deeply misogynistic and rapey overtones I'm not interested in reading by this author

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What’s better Aliens Overnight Epub #225 than one hot alien at your service Two hot aliens in your bed After four months of orbiting Earth in a spaceship bursting with sex starved aliens nurse Shelley Bonham will do just about anything to get off The ship that isNot that the aliens Amorous Overnight P This is a science fiction romance erotica The charactersShelley the female mc was the hardest for me to relate to but I felt a lot of compassion for her She’s had a stressful pregnancy just lost her husband had a difficult labor is a new first time mother to twins and her hormones are all out of whack I felt overwhelmed just reading about it couldn't actually imagine going through all that while trying to keep it together for the kids Cecine the male mc is a bonafied a hole for over half the book He had me so steaming mad But by the end of the book well that would be up to you to decide Hastion the other male mc made me cry Never expected so much angst from our little exhibitionist Those familiar with Hastion from books one and two will probably be thrown for a loop I know I was It forced me to take a timeout to throw all my own expectation out the window and just focus on letting his story unfold Overall the characters had me all over the place emotionally from laughing to crying and everything in between This story really is the author’s most character driven and emotional work that I have read so far The eroticaPart of the book was mf focused while other parts were mm focused but there was also some ménage All the sex scenes were kinky and delicious except for one view spoilerLactation is not my thing but for those of you into that it is brief and was very well written without being gratuitous imo hide spoiler

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Amorous Overnight Aliens Overnight #3DF or aren’t hot enough to put her hormones on red alert In fact the time she spends with the Garathani leader Cecine and his personal guard Hastion the she wants them Knowing what Cecine and Hastion are doing to each other when nobody’s looking only makes it harder to Overnight Aliens Overnight eBo I did enjoy this story particularly the character development which I found in depth than typical in erotic scifi This is the third book in the Overnight series and is my favorite of the three but only by a small margin As much as I have enjoyed the series it hasn't wowed meThis story centers around Shelley Hastion and Cecine who is the high mucky muck of Garathan society who have all been in the previous two books I'm not that fond of romances that involve deception and this one involves a couple of whoppers It was difficult to accept the initial idea that Cecine has the right to take Shelley's children away from her simply because she gave birth on his ship Despite that supposedly being the law on Garathan I found it hard to credit that Cecine would enforce it over a human woman But in fact Shelley was in a mess for reasons than just where she gave birth so I was able to mostly get past my indignationI did find most of the actions and reactions of characters to be generally realistic within the setting of the story It wasn't until the end when the dangling threads of the plot were tied up a bit too uickly and neatly and the dialog between the protagonists became uncomfortably cheesy that I had any real suabbles I was reminded of Dickens' A Christmas Carol when Scrooge has a complete turnaround in attitude and in my opinion gets a little syrupy and overly effusive in his happiness with life I guess I'm a bit too cynical for my own good ;