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The End of Tomorrow characters Ù eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ↠ [PDF / Epub] ★ The End of Tomorrow ✪ Tara Brown – Just as things start to settle into a bit of a routine a single phone call from a certain arms dealer halts everything Evie's spy instincts kick into gear putting being a From the usual suspects This time it's saving the world from a young woman on the verge of creating something so deadly Evie isn't sure the Burrow should have it eitherBut could you end an innocent's life to stop them from ending everything including tomorrowDon't miss book three in the bestselling Single Lady Spy seri. Okay so I'm a little torn hereI just read The End of Tomorrow book three of Tara Brown's Single Lady Spy series as if my life depended on it yet I'm so frustrated that I just can't give it stars I love the non stop action and spitfire main character in this series as well as the romantic suspense but DANG Way to give a girl whiplash with the constant back and forth and general wishy washiness regarding Evie's feelings for Coop and Servario mostly Coop This feels a lot like the frustration I have for Olivia Pope in regards to Jake Ballard I want to smack the crap out of both Liv and Evie for how they treat JakeCoop Grrrrrrrrr I'm not even saying that I 100% want Evie with Coop although I 100% want Olivia Pope with Jake I just got really tired of her messing with his heart Plus I must say that the whole over the top borderline abusive alpha male thing is just not my cup of tea Otherwise this had cool missions and steamy scenes and was a super uick read Ummm yea Really that's all I have in terms of a review for right now☆☆☆

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Just as things start to settle into a bit of a routine a single phone call from a certain arms dealer halts everything Evie's spy instincts kick into gear putting being a parent on the back burner But it's not the only thing taking a backseat The End Epubto the mission Evie's love life also takes a hit when Coop decide. This might be one of my all time favorite series The End of Tomorrow was action packed with plenty of love triangle drama mixed in This was a great middle book to the series We learn about the Burrow and Organization Evie and Servario are upfront about their feelings and Evie is not afraid to draw the line in the sand when it comes to their relationship And all the while uestions arise to keep you hooked on the series What I Liked Evie continues to grow and become comfortable in her role as kick ass spy SEVARIO OMG “ He was a very bad man in all the right ways A bad man my vagina happened to have a fondness of” Yeah you and me both Evie Servario is hot Hot HOT The chapter titles had me snickering especially “Roofie means I love you” Lots of snarky lines like “ Try to bring something to the mission beyond being a hooker” Evie’s mom the ultimate spy machine I love the relatability of Evie as a woman trying to balance her love for her children her job and the men in her life The love triangle I completely disagree with anyone who thinks Evie is selfish or unfaithful to Servario He has lied to her and will not commit So why should Evie have to show her dedication to him first She deserves to enjoy her boy toy Coop and make Servario suffer a littleWhat I’m hoping for in the series Part of me wants a new guy thrown into the battle for Evie’s heart I think Servario needs a real challenge In a way Coop does not count because Servario “let Evie be with him” It just seems like another way Servario is trying to control her I don’t think Servario sees Coop as a real threat I want to see Evie really come into her own as a spy More of Evie’s Mom's badassery

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The End of TomorrowS not to trust Servario's latest tip from the underworld and accuses her of feelings Evie isn't sure she can denyBut when Servario's information is confirmed by an attack on a major city the team is once again swept up in the chaos that comes with protecting the BurrowOnly this time the mission isn't saving the burrow. Most exciting Installment IMO I loved two men Not eually and not wholly But enough to torment us allLeft with no memory of her recent job Evie is determined to find out why Sevario erased her memories Had she done something she shouldn't have Something she didn't want to remember Had Sevario done something that he doesn't want her to remember She intends to find out No wait She shook her head No He didn't make you do anything You killed and went savage and then saved some teenagers I think he wanted you to forget the way you kill it's just betterHow badBad She nodded and began teh story with the jet ride I had a slight recollection of The story took turns I didn't expect but in the end I decided the headache and confusion were worth not knowing what in the hll happened I hated human ttrafficing than any single thing in the world And when my job involved children and human trafficing I wan't sane I was something else We all knew itEvie must remember what happened The clock is ticking The race is on Where is the master key Who is on which side And what do Evie and her team do about it all How do you destroy something that is supposed to save the world Is that what you want to die for The end of Tomorrow I want to live I want my life backYou don't want to miss this installment Things are explained things are complicated and those that are supposed to be deadaren't so dead This book kept me up all night reading it just might be my favorite of the series so far Action packed with badss spys love longing and everything that I love about Tara's books