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kindle ☆ The Unintentional Time Traveler Ð Paperback Ë [PDF / Epub] ✅ The Unintentional Time Traveler By Everett Maroon – Fifteen year old Jack Bishop has mad skills with cars and engines but knows he’ll never get a driver’s license because of his epilepsy Agreeing to participaY that of a girl his age Jacueline who defies the expectations of her era Since his seizures usually give him spazzed out visions Jack presumes this is a hallucination Feeling fearless he steals a horse expecting that at any moment he’ll wake back up in the clinical trial lab When that doesn't happen Jac Time travel through neural synapse firings Interesting Engaging writing enjoyed the read Starts off following Jack whose epilepsy serves as a conduit for his initial trips through time Just when the time traveling aspect gets interesting the story begins to explore gender identity via the various bodies the self travels into The story picked up in speed after a few trips back and of the time traveling aspect was revealed I'm interested to see what happens in #2 And to find out what has happened to Jack and importantly Jack's body and also to see explained what happened to the characters before Jacks hops ie what was the story with Jac and what happened to her consciousness Actually what happens to the consciousness of all the bodies hopped into In uantum Leap they went into the white room ; What happens to them in the Time Guardians

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Ueline falls unexpectedly in love even as the town in the past becomes swallowed in a fight for its survival JackJacueline is caught between two lives and epochs and must find a way to save everyone around him as well as himself And all the while he is losing time even if he is getting out of algebra class I feel kind of awful not giving this a better rating but for me 3 stars is a good book and I would say that's where it sat for meThe problems I had were mainly with the writing itself Many events felt rushed and many times the emotions didn't resonate with me After everything Jack Jacueline had been through and devoting so much time trying to figure out the myriad of mysteries the end felt too rushed and sudden This is book 1 of 3 so I have to wonder if some things will be explained later I'm not the sort of sci fi fantasy fan who needs the Midi chlorians explanation but there are a few things I'd really love to find out All in all I think with some heavy editing and polish this book could have easily been a 4 or 5 stars for meAs for the positives this was a very interesting uniue story and I appreciated that the time travel involved was unlike anything I'd read before I went in thinking this was about a transgender character in a explicit way than they are written in the story and I think it definitely falls under that umbrella as the main character and the story explores gender identity Jack is born a cis gender male but when he time travels into the body of a cis gender woman named Jacueline without knowing how to leave he is forced to adjust At first he dislikes it but then when he returns to his body as Jack he feels some repulsion In the end it seems as though Jack Jacueline have accepted and become comfortable in both bodies as both genders And in fact toward the end of the book the character doesn't refer to themselves as Jack they think Jack's body instead of my body I liked reading about both lives as Jack Jacueline hopped back and forth and I enjoyed most of the side charactersI do have a few uestions I'd love to see answered in a future booksview spoilerJacueline refers to themselves as Jacueline by the end of the book and I'm curious if their soul identity was actually born as JackWhat happens when the Traveler isn't in one of the bodiesWhen they time jump is the original body always on a linear path For instance every time Jack traveled to any point in the past every time they returned Jack was older and however much time was in the past seems to influence how much Jack ages in the future Will it keep happening and if so what happens when Jack is too old to return to Or is this just because they didn't have the assistance of a GuardianWhy did Jacueline's friend's relative blanking on the name go after Jack in the future timeline when they visited the museum hide spoiler

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The Unintentional Time TravelerFifteen year old Jack Bishop has mad skills with cars and engines but knows he’ll never get a driver’s license because of his epilepsy Agreeing to participate in an experimental clinical trial The Unintentional PDFEPUBto find new treatments for his disease he finds himself in a completely different bod This book offers an action packed and exciting adventure with time travel and a complex exploration of gender identity Looking forward to book 2For the in depth review visit my blogRead Diverse Books