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Firebug Author Lish McBride Read Ü 9 Ù ❰EPUB❯ ✺ Firebug Author Lish McBride – Ava is a firebug—she can start fires with her mind Which would all be well and good if she weren't caught in a deadly contract with the Coterie a magical mafia She's one of their main hitmen and she Ava is a FirebugSn't like it one bit Not least because her boss Venus killed Ava's mother When Venus asks Ava to kill a family friend Ava rebels She knows very well that you can't say no to the Coterie and expect to ge. 45 flaming starsThe Coterie the magical mafia don't give a second chance Enter the assasins Ava is owned for life by the Coterie since she was 13 yo she is a firebug and has no scape for that kind of life her dangerous talent is used for kill other magicals by orders of Venus the vampire boss who kills Ava's mom Her best friends Ezra a werefox and Lock a half dryad are her team tithes indebted until their 25 b day Most girls my age worry about prom dresses and SATs I have to weigh the ethical nature of being an assassin against the value of human life and basic freedoms Makes detention seem like cakeAmong teen tropes orphan angst 'want to be normal go to school and have boyfriends' chores a second normal job and the 'All Is My Fault' We have funny dialogues and lovable characters as Ezra the fox the thief the vain a good friend And the caring Lock who use vegetal life as weapons “You be a gentleman” I said “and I promise I won’t turn you into cinders”“Of course” Lock said with a huff “I’m not Ezra”“I am a perfect gentleman” Ezra said “It’s not my fault that no one can resist me” He lifted up his shirt “I mean have you seen these abs Who can blame them”“And that’s why you’re getting the cot” I said rolling my eyes “Because there’s no way we’ll be able to sleep if we’re constantly touching your abs”An assasin trying to guilt her guardian to get permission Cade looked at me over the rims of his glasses “If you went to high school you’d be the one pantomiming vomit at the girls who wallpapered their lockers with pictures of their boyfriends You’d tell them you didn’t like the idea of giving over your personhood and identity to the worship of some high school mouth breather Then you’d probably ditch class to go get coffee with a college boy in a leather jacket who writes bad poetry and loves Hemingway If you were going for a cliché that’s what you would go for”Gah Cade knew me so well It wasn’t fairShe lost something for too much weeping and some lack of thinking of the character But I'm waiting the next book

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Ava is a firebug she can start fires with her mind Which would all be well and good if she weren't caught in a deadly contract with the Coterie a magical mafia She's one of their main hitmen and she doe. Lish McBride throws you smack dab in the middle of the fray with Firebug as the reader your force to run to keep up the action that is Firebug from page one Along the ride we join our firebug Ava whose stuck in between a rock and a really crappy job as a hired assassin for a magical mafia called Coterie Her team and best friends of the half druyd Lock and were fox Ezra go out and clean up and take out anyone who has crossed the Coterie leader Veuns But when Veuns puts out a hit for one of Ava's dear friends she revolts and now she along with those she loves are on the run and must find allies to finally make a stand I adored Ava and her snarky sense of humor and her deep love for her love ones Ava doesn't pull her punches and that can get her into some hot water but she stands fast to her morals Along with the awesomeness that is Ava we have her crew with the smooth talkingmother hen cutie Lock and the Foxy flirty and funny Ezra make up some great characters that keep everything moving and balance along with some great secondary characters The action takes true preceded from page one and that was great almost felt like a video game but the beginning of Firebug felt like I was placed in the middle of a chapter instead at page one This was a tad confusing but the story uickly unfolds and your caught up in the story to truly notice I love this debut and thankfully this didn't end on ending cliffhangers but did leave with a few loose threads that I'm looking forward to from this series

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Firebug Author Lish McBriT away with it though so she and her friends hit the road trying desperately to think of a way out of the mess they find themselves in Preferably keeping the murder to a minimum in Lish McBride's Firebu. Though Firebug is rather typical for a young adult YA urban fantasy it is definitely one of the enjoyable stories in the genre This is the fist installment of the Firebug series by Lish McBride who is best known for her previous series which begins with the humorous YA urban fantasy Hold Me Closer Necromancer Fans of McBride’s Necromancer series will find much of what they love about McBride’s writing present in Firebug while many readers that are new to her work will be drawn in by her flawed but sympathetic characters sarcastic and witty banter and a fast paced plot that is full of adventure Firebug is told from the perspective of Ava a teenage girl that happens to be able to start fires with her mind Ava is not the only Firebug in existence but they are rare and therefore valuable within the supernatural community Because of her uniue and useful powers Ava has been forced into a deadly contract with the Coterie a kind of magical mafia run by a vicious vampire named Venus When Venus asks her to kill a family friend for the Coterie Ava rebels As a somewhat recent orphan friends are the only family that she has Unfortunately it is impossible to say no to the Coterie and get away with it so she and her friends go into hiding until they can find a way out of this mess Ava has gotten them in and hopefully all keep their lives in the bargain I do not always enjoy a story with a first person narrative but it was done very well in this novel Ava is in many ways a flawed character but most of these flaws can be attributed to being a teenage girl She can be stubborn impulsive and easily blinded by her emotions but she is also strong intelligent and her sarcastic commentary made me laugh at loud at several points in the story I was also impressed with the way that Ava grows throughout the story and her depth of character development Her best friends Lock and Ezra are also well developed characters and their loyalty distinctive personalities and general uirkiness make the book even enjoyable and easy to read The novel’s pace stayed fast throughout the story and the combination of wonderful characters and a suspenseful story line made Firebug one of the engaging YA novels that I have read this year Though the plot and setting were not filled with any incredibly uniue elements I found myself entertained and immersed in this novel than other stories that are typical of the same genre I would have liked the plot a bit if it contained shocking and distinctive ualities but for a book in this particular genre I was than satisfied by how pleasurable the novel was to read I would recommend this novel to anyone that loves YA urban fantasy and also anyone that likes a character based book filled with plenty of humor I will definitely be reading the next installment in the Firebug series as soon as it is available My rating 710 I received a copy of this novel from Goodreads First Reads and the publisher in return for an honest review