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Download Mobi ✓ I Like Giving ´ 224 pages Ñ Dogsalonbristol Ë [PDF / Epub] ✩ I Like Giving ☉ Brad Formsma – When you choose to live a generous life you start to change and so does the world around you Something incredible happens when giving becomes your oOt only loving life you’re also creating a generous world a better world for all of usRich with stories and practical suggestions I Like Giving helps you create a lifestyle of generosity Inside you’ll find• Giving something you get to do not something you’ve got to do• How to raise kids with a sensitivity to others I Like Giving by Brad Formsma is a book that focuses simply on the joy of giving There is a lot on financial giving but also plenty of stories about other forms of giving as well He admits that his family do have the financial resources available to meet the needs of others and I love how they look for opportunities His family does have rules on how much to give without having a family discussion Generosity is wonderful but boundaries do need to be set The stories of financial giving in the book vary from one person giving a few friends giving on up to someone creating a Facebook Event to help a fellow student who was struggling Sometimes the act of allowing others to be a part of the giving effort is its own act of givingThe stories are not strictly about money but suggest other ways to make a difference Through a series of small anecdotes entitled I Like we learn of opportunities people shared of giving time a smile a second chance etc Some reuired sacrifice than others but all agreed that it was worth any sacrifice made to make a difference in the life of someone elseOne of the ones that made me smile and enforced the idea of training our children in the way they should live involved potty training Not only was this 3 year old little boy in the habit of wasting food but he was also in no hurry to be potty trained When his mom explained to him about other people going hungry due to lack of food he asked how they could help His mom got creative and resourceful by suggesting that the money they spent on Pull Ups could be used to help people who are hungry He went on to have the pride of knowing he was in big boy underwear but that he was also helping others A very large lesson for a small boy but one that needs to be learned earlySome of the stories may seem redundant but I can't name one I would omit Not only is this a book that makes you feel good as you rejoice with both the recipient and with the giver but it is one that make spark ideas on ways you can make a difference A uote by Henry Nouwen on the 'I Like Giving' website is Every time I take a step in the direction of generosity I know I am moving from fear to love I love the encouragement to give whatever it is you have to offer and that this is not just about giving to the poor People from all walks of life can use encouragement and your gift no matter how great or small can make a powerful impact on both the recipient's life and your ownThanks to Shelton Interactive for giving me the book at no cost for review purposes I was not reuired to give a positive review

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When you choose to live a generous life you start to change and so does the world around you Something incredible happens when giving becomes your own idea not something you do out of duty or obligationWhen you move from awareness to action miracles happen I Like PDF or As you make giving a lifestyle you’ll realize you’re n I Like Giving is a book that belongs on every bookshelf This book is inspiring heart warming and above all has changed my view of giving The book is filled with wonderful stories of giving; not just giving money but time experience a kind word a gesture The stories encompass a great range of ages and experiences The author Brad Formsma does not sugar coat the giving experience He talks about when giving gets messy and when you are rejected as a giver He also talks about the Science of Giving in chapter 5 One of my favorite uotes from the book is sometimes the line between giving and receiving disappears Awesome and so true This book has transformed my family My young children often ask me to read stories from the book with dots We are becoming a generous family We visited the website affiliated with the book wwwilikegivingcom and watched some fanatic short giving videos This book and website are highly recommended It will change you and your family


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I Like Giving needs• You don’t have to be a millionaire to make a difference• Practical ideas for giving to people around you every day I Like Giving is about experiencing the joy of giving We all have something to give Giving goes way beyond money or things It can be a listening ear a touch or simply the gift of time Giving is livin I have a passion for volunteering and helping others and this book just further fueled that passion It gave me ideas for ways both big and small that my family and I can make a difference A couple years ago my birthday reuest was that we do a day of random acts of kindness It's still one of my favorite days we ever spent together as a family and I think my husband and kids would say the same There are so many ways you can turn someone's day around and maybe even make a big impact on their life This book has many of those ideas and will inspire the reader to think of their own as well Contribution is one of my focus words for this year and some of the ideas I read here will be a part of that If you're looking for ways to give back to find a purpose beyond your own small world to show your children the value of a life that is about than just their own wants and desires I definitely recommend this book