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Trafalgar destroyed its navy and the country degenerated into a brutalized shambles with French and British armies marching across it at will The result was a war which killed over a million Spaniards and ended its empireThis book is the T. I will say it again I really think this website needs half star intervals I really couldn't give this book 3 stars but it's also hard to give 4 at some points It has great analysis is a particularly good military narrative for being political than military and is written very well It's justyou ever have a book you're reading underwhelm you but you don't know why That's this book for me Esdaile does make great points about French abilities militarily to win this war at multiple points even as late as early 1812 but fails to give analysis on the WHY in terms of Napoleon's inactivity in 1811 13 The only time from '05 to '15 that he is not at war You probably could draw your own conclusions in all fairness to the author seeing as how the Spanish factions couldn't stand Napoelon as soon as '08 but a little insight from the author would be nice Again super hate that I didn't like this book

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The Peninsular War A New HistoryHe Peninsular PDF first in a generation to come to terms with this spectacular and terrible conflict immortalised by Goya and the arena in which Wellington and his redcoats carved out one of the greatest episodes in British military histor. This is an erudite scholarly examination of the Peninsular War Charles Esdaile has unravelled the twisted strands of political social economic and military history that pervade this chaotic periodThough sometimes heavy going the information is presented in a logical rational manner A most informative read

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Read & Download The Peninsular War A New History ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¶ ☂ [PDF / Epub] ☁ The Peninsular War A New History By Charles J. Esdaile ✐ – For centuries Spain had been the most feared and predatory power in Europe it had the largest empire and one oFor centuries Spain had been the most feared War A eBook #180 and predatory power in Europe it had the largest empire and one of the world's great navies to defend it Nothing could have prepared the Spanish for the devastating implosion of. Charles Esdaile's book on the Peninsular War offers readers a comprehensive and in depth study of this savage conflict that raged across Spain and Portugal between 1808 and 1814 In over 510 pages of text the author takes us through the reasons why this war started the battles and campaigns as it progressed over the years and the many interesting facets behind the characters involved Not only does the author cover the military aspects in detail but also he does not neglect those other important factors such as the politics of the Spanish Junta Guerilla warfare and the effects on the civilian populationAll the major battles and campaigns are covered and I found the author to be refreshingly non biased in his writing offering laurels to those armies soldiers and commanders that deserved praise regardless of origin The maps supplied 22 in number were detailed enough to follow the narrative but they could have been of a higher uality The illustrations 28 in number were excellent The choice of pictures and their uality all colour prints was outstanding and made the book that little bit specialI must confess that at times the narrative appeared to bog down mainly when covering the politics of the war That's not the author's fault but mine I tend to appreciate the military aspects of a story These areas covered by the author in this regard where uite important to the story but I was always itching to get back to the battlefield and to follow the movement of the French and British armies as they maneuvered for another pitched battleOverall this is a great book covering this most important Napoleonic campaign The author utilises numerous first hand accounts from participants both military and civilian and they blend in perfectly with the narrative Its one of the better one volume accounts and I would rank it along side another one of my personal favourites; The Spanish Ulcer by David Gates I am sure that anyone who appreciates military history will enjoy this new title by Charles Esdaile