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MOBI À DOC Beksińscy Portret podwójny 9788324028740 FREE ó ❮Reading❯ ➶ Beksińscy Portret podwójny Author Magdalena Grzebałkowska – To nie jest książka o znanym i modnym malarzu który malował dziwne i straszne obrazy To nie jest książka o znanym i modnym malarzuM i modnym malarzu który mal For all my thoughts about this book I might as well point to this wonderful review I truly wish it hadn't taken me so long to take it up and read it but at least this is a great intro before attending an exhibition of Beksiński's less known works

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To nie jest książka o znany I’ve tiptoed around this one for some time now I knew the basics Zdzisław Beksiński a photographer graphic artist and painter was murdered in 2005 His son Tomasz Beksiński radio journalist music critic and translator committed suicide some years earlier That family has acuired a kind of black legend in Poland We were told that Zdzisław was self centered man with twisted personality and morbid imagination That his art was proof enough that something wrong was with him That he was an uncaring husband and unloving father That Tomasz suffered constantly in such a home and his depressive moods after some attempts finally killed him And so onI was curious of that biography I was wondering if the author could unravel the mystery enveloping the family and present us as accurate as possible image of Beksiński family She had plenty material for her work Zdzisław was an ardent epistoler and thousands letters has retained he also used to keep a recorded diary from his life Tomasz on the air didn’t shun personal matters either and left many notes and articles as well And I think Grzebałkowska did an excellent job here Her meticulous adherence to the facts commands respect she writes matter of factly and doesn’t allow herself on any author’s commentary Just gives a floor to her protagonistsThis biography the title could be translated as Beksińscy Double portrait starts with a kick A letter of Zdzisław Beksiński how he found the body of his son And his suicidal note that he after copying destroyed according to his son’s wish It was on the Christmas Eve on 1999 Zdzisław Beksiński graduated in architecture which he loathed for its order plan and project and dull realization On his artistic way he started with photography but when he came up against a brick wall for he wanted to show that what is impossible through photography like fear and dread he turned to drawings and sculpture He experimented with many forms and means including plaster forms reliefs and collages Only at the age of forty he decided to devote himself to painting He gave himself six months to learn the techniue and then engaged in it entirely On the way there were yet his attempts at writing but he rejected them They had something from oneiric aura of Schulz and unsettling and depressing images populating Kafka’s world He used to write about things that later would appear on his paintings Zdzisław fully found fulfilment in painting He was shocking people with his apocaliptic images and phantasmagorical visions They were filled with wreckage and ruins phantoms and dreams desolated places and sadomasochistic contents dark erotica and almost cosmic solitude They were unsettling disuieting and strangely fascinatingview spoiler hide spoiler


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Beksińscy Portret podwójnyOwał dziwne i straszne obraz monumentalna biografia która wyrywa się poza ramy gatunku pokazując przede wszystkim życie codzienne Beksińskich ich wzajemne relacje skrywane emocje i samotność wielkie wyrazy uznania dla autorki za tak drobiazgową pracę reporterską