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Choir of Angels Book Ö 544 pages ↠ [Read] ➪ Choir of Angels Author Debbie Macomber – Angels are all around us— Especially at ChristmasGreg Bennett hates Christmas Divorced almost friendless and about to lose his business he has no time for what he considers sentimental nonsense It t Angels are all around usAngels are all around us Especially at ChristmasGreg Bennett hates Christmas Divorced almost friendless and about to lose his business he has no time for what he considers sentimental nonsense It takes three irrepressible angels to show him the truth Shirley Absolutely fantastic Loved this book Three stories featuring the same three meddling angels This is perfect any time of the year Reading all of these back to back made me love the angels even This is a big book so be sure to carve out some time to read it

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Goodness and Mercy shall follow him until he learns what Christmas is all about Those Christmas Angels come down to earth again to respond to Anne Fletcher's prayer reuest She wants her son Roy to meet a special woman and the angels contrive to throw Julie Wil Shirley Goodness and Mercy are back to cause mischief while also doing their angelic duties as they’re put back on Earth to answer prayer reuests Choir of Angels is a collection of three stories in which the angels go on various missions to EarthEach story takes place at Christmas time and gives off a heartwarming vibe as the characters learn important lessonsThe first story Angels are all around us is about a vineyard owner who’s lost everything and just as he’s about to hit rock bottom the angels guide him towards chance encounters with people from his past which will set him on a path towards redemption The next story is called Those Christmas Angels and it revolves around Anne Fletcher who’s only wish is for her son Roy to find a wife Roy meets Julie the daughter of his new head of security Dean Roy and Julie are opposites in many ways and their first interactions end in arguments but soon they start to develop feelings for each other But Roy’s stance on love after seeing the heartache his mother endured from his father threatens to destroy his budding romance with JulieThe final story Where Angels Go deals with three characters The first is an elderly man named Harry who’s time on Earth is almost up and he tries wants to make sure his wife will be cared for following his passing The next character is Beth who’s been divorced for 10 years but still has feelings for her ex husband As she opens herself up to the possibility of dating again a chance encounter with her ex has her uestioning if there’s still a chance with them The other character is Carter a young boy whose only wish is for a dog but it’s impossible with his parents’ finances until a loveable pup enters their livesAll the stories were nice but Those Christmas Angels because I loved the relationship between Roy and Julie and I loved also reading about how Anne became a famous painter after the divorce almost left her pennilessWhere Angels Go was also a good story and I loved all the characters in the story and there were times where I shed a few tears As for Angels are all around us it was a good story and I liked how Greg was able to redeem himself however I felt the story was a bit too shortOverall this was another heartwarming holiday story from Debbie Macomber I love how she can write characters you’ll connect with and the angels were the best part of the series especially when they’re acting up instead of paying attention to their duties on EarthThis was a wonderful series of stories that will have you crying smiling and laughing


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Choir of AngelsCoff in his path literallyAnother Christmas another angelic rescue The Choir of Kindle three heaven sent messengers reunite a divorced couple bring peace of mind to an elderly man and grant a little boy's fondest wish Because there's always joy Where Angels I have read a few of Debbie Macomber's Christmas stories featuring the angels Shirley Goodness and Mercy and really enjoy them They manage once again to successfully accomplish their prayer missions which vary from finding true love to securing a puppy for a little boy These stories are perfect heart warming stories for the holiday season