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My Perfect PantryChef restaurateur and Food Network Iron Chef Geoffrey Zakarian knows that the pantry is the backbone My Perfect PDFEPUBof any kitchen and the place from which every great meal starts  Forget exotic condiments and specialty foods With a working base of readily available ingredients from oats and honey to almonds and canned chickpeas you will always have the makings of a delicious home cooked meal Whether cooking in his world class restaurants on Iron Chef or judging the offerings on Chopped Geoffrey knows every great meal. I'm on the fence with this cookbook I loved the recipes and I adore Geoffrey Zakarian He just classes up the joint to me The layout of the book is done well With his basic pantry item pictured then he includes three recipes for each item along with a finished photo of each My gripe with the book is that the ingredients are supposed to be mainly items that you have on handthen the actual recipe comes along and I've got nuthinJust go into it expecting a beautiful book and you will be fine 35 Stars I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review from blogging for books Thank you

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Starts with a trip to the pantry first for inspiration In The Perfect Pantry Geoffrey shows you how to use your pantry to jumpstart any meal When you bring home your fresh produce and proteins you’ll have recipes at the ready and many of these can be made with pantry ingredients alone   You’ll see a simple can of beans as a Smoky Black Bean Bisue or coconut milk as Spicy Coconut Tempura Shrimp Standard back of the cupboard fare like almonds become crispy crust on a broiled pork chop peanut butter lends itself beautifu. I'm a fan of Food Network You'll often find it tuned on the television in our home on any given evening I have a lovehate relationship with many of the hosts who appear on the shows and game shows featured on the network It often depends which side of the table they are on If they're hosting or judging I like the stars I consider the most fair and who have the best advice to offer the aspiring chefs Geoffrey Zakarian is often a judge on Chopped which is a favorite show of mine He isn't afraid to tell a chef the food they made is terrible but he tempers it with suggestions of what they could do to improve if they move forward in the game As an Iron Chef he displays a wonderful imagination and always comes up with creative uses for the theme ingredients and is very competitive and fun to watch as a contestant as well I was happy to have the chance to review this cookbook by Chef Zakarian because I really enjoy watching him in his roles as a competitor and as a judgementor and I was sure I would find his advice on stocking a kitchen pantry helpfulMy Perfect Pantry 150 Easy Recipes from 50 Essential Ingredients by Geoffrey Zakarian with Amy Stevenson and his wife Margaret Zakarian begins with a list of essential spices and flavorings it is helpful to have on hand in any kitchen Of the list I was happy to see I had 16 of the 19 on hand and one kosher salt was something I just had run out of and hadn't replaced yet I felt like I was off to a good start since whole cloves and celery salt weren't everyday staples in our kitchen but the rest of the items like garlic powder cumin and vanilla extract were all spices I was comfortable using This was a short list that made up the ground floor of the flavors in several recipes and that were used often in the bookThe list of 50 essential ingredients was accompanied by a page number where you found all kinds of helpful information and tips about each item in his perfect pantry It included how long you could store the item if it needed to be refrigerated after it was opened and often a brief history of the food or condiment and where it originated Chef Zakarian is also great at letting you know his preferred form of the ingredient and the reason behind his choice For example he suggests using tuna that is packed in olive oil to compliment its flavor and to use canned chick peas and black beans rather than the dried versions to save time and effort I found out tons of facts about the ingredients themselves cinnamon bark is from an evergreen tree in the laurel family and ketchup was first sold by HJ Heinz in 1876 and truly appreciated that the accompanying recipes were very doable even for someone new to cooking as the author states in his note to the home cook at the start of the book Most if not all of the recipes seem approachable and there are a few that sounded so incredibly delicious I was sad that I didn't have the fresh produce and proteins needed to make them readily available I am sure I will enjoy the almond crusted pork chops with apples the savory spiced bean dip and the maple brown sugar rice pudding recipes when I make them The ingredients are simple and the instructions are precise and easy to understand so I will feel confident trying my hand at them Of the 50 ingredients I have 31 waiting to work their magic on my pantry's shelves There wasn't a single item that was unfamiliar to me even if I didn't have it at the moment Of the 19 I was missing I can honestly say there were only three I have never purchased Those were instant espresso white wine vinegar I never knew these existed although I have have instant coffee and rice wine vinegar already which could be substituted for these in a pinch and anchovies I never imagined myself buying these salty fish When I was a teenager I worked in a church and helped one of the priests make the most delicious Caesar salad dressing I had ever tasted It used whole anchovies in the recipe and I am excited to buy some and try my hand at the dressing that is featured in this book I hope it tastes as good as the one I remember and I am excited that the suggestions will help me to branch out and try new things There were also some really unexpected uses of the pantry ingredients The gelatin recipes include a meatloaf that relies on the gelatin to give it texture without the use of additional binders This and the popcorn soup and ice cream recipes were some of the biggest surprises It will be a joy to test these out and be a little adventurous There is also a recipe for Chicken Vinegar with cinnamon candies that Zakarian made on an episode of Iron Chef I loved that he included these interesting and fun ideas to show the versatility of the pantry ingredientsI am truly looking forward to shopping for some additional pantry ingredients this week and I am sure Andy will be happy for me to practice my cooking skills on these new recipes Thank you to the kind folks at Blogging For Books for providing me with this copy to review My husband's belly thanks you in advancePlease check out the original review on my blog Dandelions and Other Fine Things to see photos and a link to a Food Network cookbook giveaway for Sweet Our Best Cupcakes Cookies Candies and More from the editors of Food Network Magazine also sponsored by Blogging For Books It is active through the 25th of November 2014

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Free read My Perfect Pantry ã PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ [EPUB] ✷ My Perfect Pantry By Geoffrey Zakarian – Chef restaurateur and Food Network Iron Chef Geoffrey Zakarian knows that the pantry is the backbone of any kitchen and the place from which every great meal starts  ForgetLly to a spicy slaw cider vinegar gives great flavor to a chicken main as well as to donuts and mustard transforms a a pot roast Throughout you’ll find uick but ingenious tips for each of the ingredients like how to use Earl Grey teabags to infuse ice cubes or a syrup for French toast  The Perfect Pantry makes it so easy for your everyday staples to lead rather than support the creation of extraordinary meals Geoffrey gives you the shopping list you need as well as the road map for making the most of what you have on han. I love cooking and I can’t wait to get back into the kitchen once Baby G is here My baby bump may be preventing me from cooking but thankfully it hasn’t stopped my mind from finding recipes and techniues try once our little guy is here The book that I’m most excited to sample recipes from is My Perfect Pantry 150 Easy Recipes from 50 Essential Ingredients My Perfect Pantry by Geoffrey Zakarain with Amy Stevenson and Margaret Zakarian is a wonderful new book where Chef Zakarian teaches readers how to stock a basic pantry and create a host of simple yet creative recipes People may know Geoffrey Zakarian from being a Chopped judge or from being an Iron Chef I was expecting a lot of fussy recipes but was pleasantly surprised to see that My Perfect Pantry really does include great simple recipes The recipes aren’t just the same renderings that you have seen before they all have uniue twists and updates Whether it’s making Popcorn Soup or adding gelatin to Meat Loaf as a binder the recipes contain twists Chef Zakarian’s pantry staples in My Perfect Pantry include everything from pasta maple syrup popcorn condensed milk and all manner of easy to find ingredients He points out that with a well stocked pantry he uses a base of 50 ingredients many recipes can be created by the simple addition of fresh produce and protein His sumptuous looking Marinated Flank Steak with Mashed Sweet Potatoes is prepared with his own BB sauce recipe also included in the book so in some cases you can prepare some of your own pantry staples He also gives suggestions for proper store and preparation for other pantry basics Reading My Perfect Pantry is also a visual feast due to the beautiful food photography I’m so grateful that there’s a reference picture for each completed dish as well as some beautiful pictures of pantry staples I was awestruck by the Tuna Salad Sandwich and wondered how he got it to look so amazing Thanks to the picture of the canned tuna in olive oil a recommended staple I now know what my tuna should look like We’ll hope my sandwich turns out to be as delicious looking too The recipes in My Perfect Pantry are very clearly and concisely written I like books that can balance simplicity with clarity and I feel this book does an excellent job of doing just that There are tons of different recipes from among the 150 contained in the book Every type of food from soups main courses and desserts are represented Different cultures as well as kid friendly recipes I was so pleased to see that my own fried chicken really looks like Chef Zakarian’s Family Chicken Finders are found in this book Wonderful recipes from Maple Buttermilk Pork Roast and Brown Sugar Pie are on my short list of recipes to sample from My Perfect Pantry I would recommend My Perfect Pantry for either a beginning cook or an experienced cook Chef Zakarian truly helps a home cook create a kitchen atmosphere that encourages basic food done beautifully created with a well appointed pantry that can benefit anyone I was given a review copy of this book from Blogging For Books however all opinions are my own