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read doc ✓ Why Homer Matters ☆ Hardcover ✓ dogsalonbristol ä ★ [PDF / Epub] ☄ Why Homer Matters By Adam Nicolson ✪ – Adam Nicolson writes popular books as popular books used to be a breeze rather than a scholarly sweat but humanely erudite elegaAdam Nicolson writes popular books as popular books used to be a breeze rather than a scholarly sweat but humanely erudite elegantly written passionately feltand his excitement is contagious James Wood The New YorkerA While this turned out to be only a 3 star rating it doesn't necessarily reflect the value of the book overall to those who are looking for an introduction to Homer just a commentary on my feelings of slight disappointment at the time Nicolson's book is filled with interesting minutiae about both the Iliad and Odyssey and makes an interesting if brief tour of the ancient world If you are new to this subject I would say it's uite a good readI think I was expecting something different given its title and the jacket blurbs I was looking for of the how and why of Homer than the what who and when if that makes sense If nothing else I've come away with the intention of reading the Fagles translations to see what all the fussacclaim is all about I've been reading over the years have read both the I and the O three or four times the Robert Fitzgerald translation which seems to me full of life and vigour exactly what Nicolson ascribes to Fagles so perhaps there won't be much difference to my simple mind I also didn't feel that Nicolson's attempt to drag Homer into the 21st century was very successful I'm not saying it can't be done; I'm just saying his arguments were rather weak It seemed to me he was trying to be too cutetoo clever by half like the cool high school teacher who speaks the kids' jargon but misses the point completely of all the important cultural references There's than a bit of Nicolson's personal odyssey herein which leaves me scratching my head as to why it's even in here His encounter down a dark alley one night in his youth as one instance Why in the world does anything like this belong in a book about Homer I asked myself I did truly appreciate Nicolson's facility with language and his ability to spin an interesting tale when reuired I also valued his footnotes in fact I think I garnered valuable information from those than I did from the book as a whole If you're looking for a good overview of Homer I wouldn't pass this one by It might even give an interesting perspective to the uninitiated Just don't be looking for an answer to the title's promise Nicolson can't really tell you than you already know if you've read Homer yourself

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Dam Nicolson sees the Iliad and the Odyssey as the foundation myths of Greek and our consciousness collapsing the passage of years and making the distant past of the Mediterranean world as immediate to us as the event I marked WHY HOMER MATTERS as contemporary mostly because I figured Homer would get a laugh out of it And why not Classics are timeless Even if this is about a classic as opposed to a classic itselfAdam Nicolson covers all the bases and then some in this perspective on why Homer is perm cool and forever relevant He covers a lot of ground and wine dark sea including key scenes in both The Odyssey and The Iliad He makes some connections and takes some stands that will shake Homerphiles up a bit For starters how about Greek heroes as hooligans I most enjoyed his chapter comparing the invaders to modern day gangs By this theory Troy represents civilization wealth stability marriage order amenities respect sedentary pursuits et cetera By contrast the roman sic Greeks are the nomadic bad boys They wear their wealth not so much on their cities and palaces as on their gleaming bodies and bloodied war toys They see the wealth and feel a mixture of envy and disgust They feel slights over the slightest things When they are disrespected they gain respect from each other by brutally attacking the source of the disThat's a Greek hero redefined And oddly the butcher Achilles earns respect by dissing Agamemnon King O' the Greeks who offers all kinds of goods to ask for forgiveness for stealing Achilles' girl toy Of course that's nothing compared to Achilles after the Trojans dispatch his boy toy All very interesting stuffNicolson also travels the wine darks himself Not only that but visits sites visited by the other wily butcher Odysseus think of big O's last big scene with the suitors 108 of them make for a successful blood drive Insightful And though Homer glorifies battle he is no fan of Death's Never mind the ironyAll in all just the sort of book you should read before diving into one of H's epic doorstops Me I purchased the Fagles Odyssey It's waiting at summer's port I just have to get there Calypso you see

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Why Homer MattersS of our own time Why Homer Why Homer PDF Matters is a magical journey of discovery across wide stretches of the past sewn together by the poems themselves and their metaphors of life and trouble Homer's poems occupy Nicolson is provocative in numerous ways from the origins of the Homeric epics which he pulls back to the origins of indo european civilization to the inspiration of Keat's poem on Chapman's translation a poem that is critical of the Alexander Pope translation In short he doesn't believe there was a Homer but sees Homer as a collection of myth accumulated and standardized over time with origins around 2000 bceTo understand Homer he goes in many different directions collecting a variety of research into a pretty readable form I loved his section on Keats His sections on mining and Hades and on the Hittite Egyptian and Israelite views on a Greeks were really interesting He puts a new light for me on David vs Goliath His comparison of East St Louis gangs to the Greek army in the Iliad was fascinating He also includes his own sea faring experience and bravely the story of his own rape I thought it was interesting how he essentially disregards all modern archaeological research into Troy with the common sense comment that 1250 bce is a baseless date We don't need to worry about whether Troy VI or VIIa matches Homer Troy II from a 1000 years earlier is not only just as valid by maybe valid because the Greeks were raw and barbarous and Troy was wealthier at that time and less Greek Anyway this isn't history it's myth He's not perfect And sometimes seems to think himself a wordsmith then he really is But still in summary for the Homer curious recommended