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Jeffery Deaver and Tess GerritsenA schoolgirl found it on a nature hike A severed human foot wearing pink nail polish A gruesome but invaluable clue that leads forensic pathologist Birdy Waterman down The Girl PDFEPUB or a much darker trail to a dangerous psychopath whose powers of persua. Very mediocre mystery First a girl's foot and then the rest of her is found in the woods of Washington Elsewhere a man is poisoned to death The happenings seem unrelated but then we find out they are related but not in any interesting way The two characters weren't very uniue One was single and Native American which is mentioned constantly the other is married but that doesn't come into play anywhere in the story So they're mostly indistinguishable characters other than their jobs one is a forensic pathologist and the other a detective Lots of small things added up to weak writing For instance every character spoke with the same voice For another it drives me crazy when authors insist on giving useless details as though that gives their writing life and realism I don't care that someone bought a cooler at Wal Mart What possible difference does it make where someone bought something And he kept doing it throughout the novel to the point where I thought Is he getting paid for crappy product placement Writing aside the story isn't very interesting There was nothing surprising nothing risky Just by the numbers mystery with some red herrings that only a terrible reader would follow or believe

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The Girl in the Woods Waterman and Stark #1Sion seem to have no end Only by teaming up with sheriff’s detective Kendall Stark can Birdy hope to even the odds in a deadly game It’s a fateful decision the killer wants them to make And it’s the only way Birdy and Kendall can find their way to a murderer who’s ready to kill aga. I received an advanced copy reader of this book Gregg Olsen is a favorite of mine This book kept your interest was a fast read and I kind of guessed the ending I found it enjoyable and great way to spend part of the weekend I do like his characters of Birdy Waterman and Kendall Stark who work together to solve the mystery This is book one of their endeavors The characters in the book were interesting and really led some different lives The Wicked Snow is still my favorite of his

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Read ´ The Girl in the Woods Waterman and Stark #1 ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ó ➷ [Reading] ➹ The Girl in the Woods Waterman and Stark #1 By Gregg Olsen ➬ – New York Times bestselling author Gregg Olsen pits native American pathologist Birdy WateNew York Times bestselling author Gregg Olsen pits in the PDF #204 native American pathologist Birdy Waterman against a female killer whose dark desires know no limit in this darkly atmospheric psychologically driven thriller which puts Olsen in the class with thriller masters Harlan Coben. Strange novel Poor writing with abrupt seuences of plot shifting NW was the only winner here This is not a series I would continue Bizarre characterizations and tangent subject conversations in this book Without the state of Washington green and the snappysnarky opening school field trip it would have been 1 star The ending is the most ridiculous I've read in years Impossible Redundancies horrific enough to estimate that without them this could have been a full 100 pages shorter I'm surprised I finished and that this style of writing level can get published in this final form as the parts just don't hang together as a whole IMHO Never again a Kendall series fare