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READER ´ DOC Forced Autonomy Phase 2 Forced Autonomy #2 ✓ ✓ ❰Reading❯ ➶ Forced Autonomy Phase 2 Forced Autonomy #2 Author Lila Felix – THIS IS A NOVELLA SERIESThe United States has collapsed Those citizens who are left are in one of two classes One CitizenOn is a bounty hunter of sorts His target isn’t the guilty it’s those who are lost in the folds of a broken society When he spots Petra working in the masses he stops at nothing to help her escape But he has no idea who exactly he’s helping and who will now be hunting them bo Phase 2 in this serial was pretty much on par with the first one Petra and Law had some new issues that came up and it will be interesting to see how that goes since it ends on another cliffhanger Thankfully the books are out and I don't have to wait to find out Odin is getting and suspicious tooI'm not sure what is going to end up happening here Again as in the first book there were some typos but nothing that screws up your read The flow and writing were both on the same level as book 1 Another 35 book

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Ingsley falls Autonomy Phase 2 PDFEPUB #228 under both classes She falls in line with the drones pretending her procedure worked She’s existed among their ranks hiding in plain Autonomy Phase 2 Forced Autonomy PDF or sight being worked to the bone and starved almost to death Laws This is a series I can not get enough of in Forced Autonomy the United Nations have taken over the United States and now the US looks like and is run like a third world country After the president is assassinated the UN begins lobotomies on the people to control them But there is those few that either escaped the cities before they were caught or those that the lobotomies did not work on Forced Autonomy is told in two character views Lawson and Petra In phase 1 we are introduced to Lawson the guy who looks for those people in the cities that are hiding out or going through the motions in hope to not get caught Lawson's job is to find them and hope they will follow him out of the city to what he feels is freedom In Phase 1 Petra is his target and when he finally finds her she tries to shank him but ends up believing him when he says freedom is just a short drive away In Phase 2 we find that freedom is not always what we think it is and possibly just as worse as being under UN rule What I love about this novella series is it is fast paced a great love story that meshes well in the story and does not take over it and the mysteries and dangers that lurk throughout the story When I describe this novella series to people I tell them it is similar to the show The Walking Dead without the actual zombies meaning there is a group of people running and dodging either the UN or people with different interests that could harm the group funny one may be within the group itself So worth reading Great writing and just pulls you in and refuses to let you go

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Forced Autonomy Phase 2 Forced Autonomy #2THIS IS A Phase 2 PDF #10003 NOVELLA SERIESThe United States has collapsed Those citizens who are left are in one of two classes One Forced Autonomy PDF Citizens who have undergone forced lobotomies as mandated by the United Nations Two Those who fight against their tyranny Petra K In these times the voice of another human especially one you cared for was magic and when they spoke to you you sat on the edge of every word desperate to jump onto the edge of the next You longed for the camaraderie of othersHow things had changed was astounding Running for your life is not as glamorous as some people think Ok nobody really thinks that There is sicknesses that have bodily fluids flowing from all ends Toilet paper and even toilets are hard to come by In fact they're damn near extinct But when the alternative is becoming a manmade working zombie fashioned at the hands of the governmentlack of toiletries ain't so bad Not bad at all Petra is up to her eyeballs in sickness at the camp constantly cleaning and taking care of others who are plagued by the illness In her free time she worries about Lawson and if he is ok She also worries if he feels the same about her as she does him Or wonders if she is just another Grainer Someone he can help out of their situation and send on their way to a better life; never to look twice at again But now that Lawson is back things turn interesting Now it is time to see how he really feels I didn’t know what exactly it was about her that sucked me in and kept me tetheredBut I wanted nothing else in this tiny life than to be tethered to her I was so glad to see an ARC of Phase 2 of FORCED AUTOMY sitting in my inbox I didn't even know she was close to getting it out yet I immediately dug in late that night and immersed myself back into this crazy messed up world Felix presented to us for the first time last month I dig that she isn't sugar coating things and letting characters get away with things that normally would be hard to come by in a world that has fallen It feels real and it feels raw and it's absolutely disgusting I love it And it doesn't take long to figure out the villain you're sure to hate and the characters you know you are going to love when it comes to this series I looked up to the sky but it too caused me pain in the form of a bee sting in the corner of my eye From the position of the sun I could see it was almost four in the afternoon Shep taught me that He also tried to teach me how to make fart noises with my armpits but I formally declined The best part was the growing relationship between Lawson and Petra There wasn't much of a relationship in Phase 1 but like I thought Felix gave us of them in Phase 2 More feelings to explore and needs to be had I love these two and look forward to just of them together “Tell me what to do Tell me to stay Tell me to go Tell me that you will be okay if I leave”Selfishly I answered “I won’t” “Why are you so brave”“Me” I pointed to myself“Yes you I think that’s the first thing I liked about you You were gonna fillet me like a fish with that comb”“I would’ve” I suinted at him“So tough—and so damned pretty Let’s go eat frogs”After finishing this Phase I am desperately needing All hell is about to break loose and I am just going to kick back and grab some popcornbecause it is going to be awesome This series is an addiction I don't want a cure for