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Pkin Falls New Hampshire to take over Lovejoy's Books a struggling bookstore that's been in the family for one hundred years With two older brothers and two younger sisters clamoring for attention her mother back in school and everyone up to their eyebrows trying to keep Lovejoy's Books afloat Truly feels overlooked than usual So she p. 4 stars This was such a fun read Maybe a little oh what’s the word Deep Realness Than the Vanderbeeker’s series with Truly’s military father losing an arm while deployed and all the teasing from siblings and schoolmates But I did really enjoy this story and all the bookstore parts I would say the Vanderbeeker’s series has of a whimsical vibe than this story though this one is realistic I commentcompare the two because they are both Middle Grade books with large families and family dynamics I definitely am looking forward to reading the next book and hope to get this book for my own collection Overall pretty clean with mentions of going to church Content uite a bit of teasing over names and heights but most of them are stopped by adults or other kids; Mentions of body noises; 3 dumbs 3 hecks 7 morons 8 duhs 8 shut ups and 34 stupids

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Absolutely TrulyOurs herself into uncovering the mystery of an undelivered letter she finds stuck in a valuable autographed first edition of Charlotte's Web which subseuently goes missing from the bookshop What's inside the envelope leads Truly and her new Pumpkin Falls friends on a madcap treasure hunt around town chasing clues that could spell dange. Truly Lovejoy and I have several things in common she is a military dependent and has moved around alot as did I at her age However at 12 years of age and being nearly 6 feet tall well she and I differ greatly there After her military father is injured in the war and loses a leg facing very difficult times relearning to walk with his new leg the decision is made that the family will move to Pumpkin Falls New Hampshire to take over the family business the local book store certainly a different universe than what Truly has experienced thus far in her short life she is also having to give up her one love swimming on the school's team due to her failing grades Besides does Pumpkin Falls even have a swim team And on top of that well Pumpkin Falls is certainly different from Austin Texas weather wiseLeafing through a book she uncovers a mysterious letter from someone in Pumpkin Falls years ago with her new friends in tow the hunt is on to figure out who wrote it and who was supposed to receive it

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Summary Absolutely Truly ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ✓ ➹ [Reading] ➻ Absolutely Truly By Heather Vogel Frederick ➮ – An unsent letter in a first edition copy of Charlotte's Web leads to a hunt for treasure in this heartwarming middle grade mystery from the author of The MotherAn unsent letter in a first edition copy of Charlotte's Web leads to a hunt for treasure in this heartwarming middle grade mystery from the author of The Mother Daughter Book ClubNow that Truly Lovejoy's father has been injured by an IED in Afghanistan and is having trouble finding work back home the family moves from Texas to tiny Pum. I must confess I am a little shocked at the high ratings this book has received I will start off by saying that I understand this book is meant for middle grade readers but I will also say that I have read many of these stories and they were a thousand times better than this will ever beI did not look into Heather Vogel Frederick's background so I don't know whether this is her first book or not and honestly I couldn't care less When I read a book whether it's the author's first or last I am looking to delve into the story and be engrossed by the characters And the mystery This IS a mystery novel after all at least it sells itself as such And yet I found the mystery to be extremely mediocre and almostsilly She tried to add depth by adding a character who has suffered ie the dad but it just didn't work In fact although she could have utilized the dad's character so much in the story especially in terms of the family environment instead we were given boring paragraphs about birds and Truly's obsession with them Actually we were put through some of the most mundanely tedious prose on Truly's name I was sick of her stupid play on words such as Truly in the middle of a mess pg133 Truly's obsession with birds not only was she obsessed but she was super insecure about her love for birds too pg 140 an entire page is dedicated to deciding whether her friend is making fun of her or not Truly's love for swimming and Truly's descriptions of her family Yes Truly is allowed to love birds and express that in the book in fact not long after this book I read Wildwood another middle grade book whose protagonist also has a love of birds in all their forms However the author did not choose to spend a huge portion of the book discussing those birds Give me a break I want to delve into the mystery not birds and their types and their entire history Let's not get into the dialoguethe conversations between characters were so unrealistic and almost seemed contrived Exhibit A 'How come you have to wear glovth Pippa had asked this morning when she saw me putting them in my backpack 'Because of cootieth' I had to smile at that logic I'd forgotten what a big deal cooties are when you're in kindergarten On the other hand now that I was actually here in the gym I was grateful for the gloves I definitely didn't want Scooter cooties Scooties That word popped into my mind and I stifled a giggle pg 157Face palm I just can't Scooties REALLY That whole paragraph dedicated to gloves andCOOTIES Are middle graders that foolish and simple minded Here's another brilliant sample If everything went as planned Lucas would duck inside the bookstore Calhoun would come after him just like he and Scooter did before and bingo we'd have him cornered Easy peasy lemon sueezie right pg 165I'm sorry what Easy peasywhat I can't evenhow can you take this book seriouslyHere's another one last one I promise So the context of this excerpt is that Truly's aunt is at the bookstore with Truly and her friends and she is telling them about her plans to improve sales so she says 'What I'm talking about' she pauses dramatically 'is a makeover' We looked at her blankly Aunt True didn't wear makeup Was she planning to start I didn't see how that was going to boost sales But it turns out she had something much bigger in mindShe was talking about a bookshop makeover pg196NO kidding How could you have thought she was talking about any other kind of makeover And since when are makeovers associated only with makeup Again did she really have to spell out every single thing to her readers I may not be her target age group but even those younger kids don't need this much spoon feeding The book is littered with this style of writing and it gets very frustrating It took me forever to finish reading this book and that frustrated me even Definitely not worth the 5 stars that it has been receiving and readers in the targeted age group should never be underestimated