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PDF Þ BOOK The Nanny Æ MELISSA NATHAN Æ ❰Epub❯ ❧ The Nanny Author Melissa Nathan – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk Twenty three year old Jo Green knows that if she has to spend one night in ultra provincial Niblet Upon Avon she'll go completely bonkers So she answers an ad in the paper bids her devoted boyfriend S TwOm his first marriage teenage Toby and gulp all grown up and very nicely at that Josh the accountant And now that she has to temporarily share her room with Josh Jo's head is really in a spin because with her hometown beau still in the picture and a sexy possibility sleeping just a foot away life has suddenly gotten very complicated indeed I absolutely loved this bookAsd insane as it sounds I think this was mainly because it completely reminded me of my own life asides from the handsome son part but I moved from a small town to be a nanny in london and I can guarantee that she has captured the feelings nursery mums first friends and children brilliantlyThe book is written from several different perspectives including the children which I think is brilliant Because there are so many entertwining stories going on it makes the book all the excitingThe ending was perhaps a bit predictable but what do you expect in chick litI couldn't put itdown and will certainly be reading it again

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Hone how can she go wrongThen she meets the Fitzgeralds Dick and Vanessa and their unruly brood of rugrats who have suddenly been entrusted into Jo's care There's eight year old psycho babe Cassandra bloodthirsty Zak the six year old Terminator and timid little TallulahSo what else could go wrong How about the arrival of Dick's children fr The Nanny by Melissa Nathan is one of my all time favourite books Now if anyone knows me then they know that my genre of reading material is thriller crime mystery not fluffy rom com books about romance and girly stuff But I read this book back when I was an early teenager and it has just stuck with me ever since I have read it a bunch of times and each time I laugh out loud at bits I get anxious about certain bits and I get angry at other bits A book must be good to get these reactions from me when I've read it so many times What is it about It's mainly about Jo a 20 something young nanny who is tired of her life in her small village with her long term boyfriend Shaun loyal best friend Sheila and smothering parents She decides she needs to branch out and do something new and exciting with her life What better way to do this than to move to London and become a live in nanny for a well off dysfunctional family of 6 Vanessa and Dick Fitzgerald have 3 children between them Cassandra Zak and Tallulah and Dick has a teenage son from his first marriage Toby They fight like cat and dog and basically act as though they hate each other in a really passive aggressive way They have money are all gorgeous and have all the usual extended relatives that you usually find in these kinds of books Vanessa's judgemental mother Dick's other grown up son Josh the precocious school mates and the indifferent cats Will Jo be able to get on in this crazy new world Will she be able to resist the charms of ladies man Josh How does that coffee maker workIt is laugh out loud funny and it is also charming I love the secondary characters of Pippa and Nick If you want something light hearted but clever to read then this is for you wwwthebeautifulbookbreakcom

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The NannyTwenty three year old Jo Green knows that if she has to spend one night in ultra provincial Niblet Upon Avon she'll go completely bonkers So she answers an ad in the paper bids her devoted boyfriend Shaun adieu and heads off to the big city With a new job that offers excitement a cool car and her own suite with a TV DVD player and a cell p In recent months I have waded through some fairly mediocre chick lit I have left books halfway groaned at the plot predictability and mentally castigated the dull as ditchwater heroines and their pompous heroesSo now when I come across an author who took a much mauled genre and perfectly bound all the essential elements together; I want to genuflect before the Lord and send up a fervent Thank You The Nanny is another brilliant offering by the late Melissa Nathan It's a tale of 23 year old Jo Green She’s a young lady who’s increasingly feeling the pangs of a life that’s going nowhere She’s stuck tight in bucolic Niblet Upon Avon lived with her parents has a boyfriend Shaun who she’s known since kindergarten and is trying to eke out a living as an underpaid Nanny Taking a leap of faith and desperation she decides to take up the job of live in Nanny in London with an affluent family The perks are humungous She will have her own suite with a massive TV her own car new friends and the golden opportunity to pull herself out of stagnation But every silver cloud has a demented liningHer new boss Vanessa Fitzgerald is a hard wired smart talking corporate biggie Evenings at home take the form of nasty digs and articulate suabbles with her easy going husband Dick who runs a record store They are the proud and terribly exhausted parents of bloodthirsty Zak warrior pixie Cassandra and the well mannered little Tallulah Adding to the family dynamics are Dick’s two sons from his previous marriage obnoxious since he has a chip on shoulder teen Toby and charming but prone to bouts of obnoxiousness since he has enough chips to form a mini skyscraper on his shoulders 25 year old JoshJust when Jo is getting the hang of things she suddenly has to deal with the fact that Josh will be her new roommate Simmering attraction blow hot blow cold responses from Josh and the ever intrusive presence of boyfriend Shaun do not make for peaceful living And then there are the constant parallel dramas of the Fitzgerald clan Everyone seems to be harbouring some deep dark secreteveryone’s ticked off but not always in unisonand everyone needs their lives to be set right Jo Green has a lot of growing up and decision making to do All this while finding true love and keeping her hair attached to their folliclesThe book justifies it’s massive size Nathan’s style is chatty and witty and loaded with punch and righteous indignation The characters are not clichéd and even their most confounding personality disorders are beautifully unravelled I strongly recommend this book to all disillusioned chick lit lovers who are sniffing out for something fresh humorous and utterly engaging