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Claude is and the PDF #180 a Frenchman who lives in Dublin His birthplace is famed as the city of lovers but so far love has always eluded him Instead his life revolves around the investment bank where he works And th I just read SIX three star novels in a row and here is NUMBER SEVEN which I am not going to finish because 219 pages of Paul Murray’s extremely mild investment banker related humour is enough for me this year I would like to break the asphyxiating cycle of this middling 3 star morass by rating this one or two but I can’t It’s not bad it’s just not what I want It’s extremely readable but after a while it’s wait a minute yes – no yes the prawn cracker effect again you eat and eat and you taste nothing just a plasticky ambience in the mouth area but you don’t stop eating no no no there’s nothing anyone could point out as being in any way unpleasant about prawn crackers except to say you could be using your teeth for something else Now this is the follow up novel to Skippy Dies which got a massive FIVE stars from me I loved that one to death Mr Murray got several character voices all teenagers so exactly right in that novel and so exactly funny that it’s distressing to find the colour and energy of Skippy substituted for a deliberately flattened first person narrative from a total office high level drone type who works in the type of bank no normal people understand Our hero Claude is a nerdy introvert who is French and living in Dublin cue many remarks about how French guys are elegant and sexy and have five girlfriends minimum on the go at the same time but poor Claude has nobody just an empty apartment and a distant lust for an abstract painter waitress called Ariadne from GreeceThis all could be a BBC Radio 4 comedy the sort they put on at 1130 in the morning and that is not a good thing to be compared to So pleasant sideswipes at greedy banker types moderately critical barbs about the plagues of high capitalism a set of slightly stereotyped office pals for Claude the Aussie woman the German guy with his stilted English the barely sane traders – oh and we also have East European lap dancers – and we have this groanworthy plot where Claude is approached by an author doing research for a novel on boring banker people and this author’s name isPaul His last name is not given up to p220 but I’m guessing it’s Murray WHAT THE BLURBS SAY WHAT I SAYUnputdownable PutdownableHilarious and profound I could feel myself not uite smilingBlade sharp satire on the banking system You didn’t see The Big Short thenThis was Wings after the Beatles Bananarama after the Supremes Goat’s Head Soup after Exile on Main Street Godfather III after Godfather II Yeltsin after Gorbachev Garth Brooks after Hank Williams The Two Noble Kinsmen after The Tempest Smiley Smile after Pet SoundsOkay a little harsh but you get my drift

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The Mark and the VoidOf his everyday office life to be involved in writing in art But Paul himself seems interested in where The Mark Epubthe bank keeps its money than in Claude and soon Claude realizes that Paul is not all he appears to This book did not hold my interest very well I shall give a full review at a later dateEnjoy and Be Blessed


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MOBI ß DOC The Mark and the Void 9780241146668 ¸ ➽ [Reading] ➿ The Mark and the Void By Paul Murray ➲ – Claude is a Frenchman who lives in Dublin His birthplace is famed as the city of lovers but so far love has always eluded him Instead his life revolves around the investment bank whEn one day he realizes he is being followed around by a pale scrawny man The man's name is Paul MurrayPaul claims to want to write a novel about Claude and Claude's heart sings Finally a chance to escape the drudgery The good news is that the Murray's satire is funny in places it is so funny that I was that odd commuter chortling away to himself The topic Murray picked is ripe for a tragi comedy bankers working in Dublin post financial crises One in particular Claude on the run from parental disapproval lives a life of total isolation outside of work and is therefore delighted when a writer approaches him to be the subject of his new novelAt its best the book does a great job of showing some of the bizarreness of the financial world I particularly liked how the book showed the complete alienation of the people employed by the bank from the low tax regime they maybe located in The open ending cast of characters in both the bank and the writer are really good Unfortunately as the book goes on the flashes of brilliance become rarer and rarer The author starts to wander into and foreign territory for him and it shows as the book flattens out Still bits of it were really funny