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READ ☆ The Last of the High Kings ä [Read] ➪ The Last of the High Kings Author Kate Thompson – JJ has grown up and has a family of his own he's married to Aisling and has four children Hazel Jenny Donal and little Aidan All his children are special in their own way but Jenny has always lived by of the PLooks as though that is what will happen but old Mikey Cullan who is also the last of the High Kings of Ireland has a plan of his own And JJ and Aisling have something that they must tell Jenny something that will explain a lot of things and give Jenny a choice to make a choice between the world of humans the only world she has known or the world of Tir na n'Og the Land of Eternal Youth And it's only after JJ takes Jenny and Donal to Tir na n'Og that she can decide. Haven’t read the first book in the seriesThis is a thoughtful book that grew on me and dealt with some heavy topics including death and how humanity treats the environment Not sure I can say exactly that it’s a book I liked but one that made me think and feel and wrapped things up nicely

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Of the PDFEPUB #233 JJ has grown up and has a family of his own he's married to Aisling and has four children Hazel Jenny Donal and little Aidan All his children are special The Last PDFEPUBin their own way but Jenny has always lived by her own rules She forgets to go to school a lot doesn't like wearing shoes and spends a lot of time Last of the PDF #10003 on the stone beacon on the mountainside talking to the ghost who guards it and the puca the big white goat wh. GenreTeen Fantasy This is a seuel to Thompson's The New Policeman and follows the family of JJ Liddy as they experience Irish folklore adventures There were elements that I really enjoyed in this book The ghost that guards the hill and what he guards and why was a wonderful story element that would have earned 4 stars from me I also enjoyed many of the characters such as Jenny the puka Donal and Mikey I like Thompson's writing style and she is very good at meshing reality with folklore But there were details of the storyline that really detracted my attention away from these elements The distraction was great enough that I just couldn't give this book higher than 2 12 stars What I say next will contain spoilers so stop now if you don't want to know First I cannot imagine JJ being so willing to make his deal to exchange their baby daughter with the fairy folk even wanting that violin wood so much I don't care that it was his grandfather he was working the deal with JJ knows fairies and how flighty and distractable they can be And even though he has fairy blood running in his veins he has shown that he is thoughtful and steady than that At least he was in the past No responsible father would give away his child for 16 years to rear a changling I can imagine his being willing to rear the changling but not to give away his own daughter to do it And what about Aisling Even if he were willing to make a deal no mother in her right mind would agree to it either So there is the rub Either you believe that reasonable people would act this way or JJ and Aisling are both out of their minds I lean toward the they are out of their minds theory and as such I have a hard time really immersing myself in their part of this story I can't imagine that JJ wouldn't have thought of the conseuences the subseuent aging of his baby before hand unless he was so intoxicated by the thought of that wood that he was willing to sacrifice his family like a crack addict would once again making it hard to relate to his character Second I really couldn't believe the way that JJ and Aisling were going to get their baby back without the neighborsauthorities getting suspicious They devised a plan where their teenage daughter would FAKE a pregnancy so it would appear that they were rearing her baby Once again I seriously uestion whether rational and stable parents would act this way What about the emotional and mental conseuences for Hazel their teenage daughter What if the boy that she broke up with decides that he is the father and he wants visitation What if they never had relations in the first place and yet were going steady What would that do to her reputation Do these people even think And am I truly supposed to believe that they can really lose the changling daughter that everyone believes is theirs without serious social conseuences Maybe the system works different in Ireland but here in the USA you would be thoroughly investigated by authorities and risk losing your other children since you obviously didn't take very good care of the one that is now missing There were enough of these holes in logical thought and a subseuent disconnect with actionsconseuences that I really couldn't give the remainder of the story a higher mark I tried to get past them so that I could really enjoy the other elements but in the end I just couldn't manage it


The Last of the High KingsO is also something else entirely The ghost is Jenny's friend He loves people and the knowledge that he has kept humanity safe by guarding the beacon for thousands of years makes him proud even though he knows that people have forgotten about him But the puca has a plan he wants Jenny to persuade the ghost that he doesn't need to guard the beacon any Because then the pucas will be able to return the world to what it was before humans upset the harmony of things It. JJ Liddy from the 1st in this series is grown up and married with children His contact with Tir na n'OG continues as he deals with his younger daughter Jenny's contact with a Puka and a ghost guarding a stone beacon A bit less time in the fairy world in this novel but Irish magical musical history in the ploddie's world There's a slightly darker edge to this story than there is in the first because JJ is dealing with adult issues now but still a fun read