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Download Book ☆ The Unsuitable Secretary Ladies Unlaced #4 Ç 285 pages ↠ Maggie robinson  ❴Reading❵ ➹ The Unsuitable Secretary Ladies Unlaced #4 Author Maggie Robinson – From the author of In the Heart of the HighlandeIng him to distraction She’s the perfect woman to fill his office reuirements and other desperate needs he’s been ignoringHarriet has always held firm to the rule that a secretary must never fall in love with her employer Only Thomas is determined to win her affections and he’s willing to risk any cost to make her his Maggie Robinson’s Ladies Unlaced has become one of my favorite historical series While the first one In the Arms of the Heiress remains my favorite I have read each of them with joyous appreciation The Unsuitable Secretary gives romance readers two tropes we see too seldom the Virgin Hero and the Over Size 10 Heroine But both characters are greater than their tropes; they are not types but individuals the kind who capture the reader’s interest and affection and make it easy to root for their HEA I can’t wait to see what’s next in this series

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Ours So when a promising position opens up for part time work she immediately accepts despite the fact that her new boss is scandalously indecent and dangerously appealingThough his reputation paints him as a scoundrel Sir Thomas Featherstone is proper than anyone would guess But Harriet’s wit and luscious curves are driv Eversong Agency's motto Performing the Impossible Before Breakfast Since 1888 And if Mrs Eversong could be the Fairy Godboss along the way England always needs peers with strong wives Sir Thomas Featherstone is a man with a million ideas going thru his mind a great patron of the arts artists always in the papers as a scandalous scoundrel has tons of female friends has a man of affairs Thurton who is like Scrooge takes all the funny out of all his ideas That is why he is staring that the really scary dragon lady Mrs Eversong who is interviewing him looking for a secretary to help him with his plans of founding an artist retreatHarriet Benson thinks she is pulp too tall bespectacled ugly but she is the most driven organized trust worthy in her opinion can whip any office into shape by tea time secretary Although she works full time she still has to take care of her bank clerk father her twin troublemaking young brothers keep the house cook the meals give all her money to her father so they have food a roof of their poor heads She had an appendectomy over the summer still tried by afternoon needs to cut back on her hours at Everson Agency So she keeps herself from drooling when she meets the very yummy Sir Thomas agrees to the shorter hours the extremely generous salary but why was he not talking Thomas can't work side by side with this GODDESS but can't seem to speak the next thing he knows he needs his hat to cover his growing lap a GODDESS secretary who wears the ugliest clothes he has ever seen As they begin working on The Featherstone Foundation of course a great secretary would have to name it she wonders what it's like to kiss a man with a mustache but she has never been kiss but that doesn't stop her growing fantasies Thomas can barely keep from being a school boy with all these erections around her if only he wasn't a virgin That's right my romance peeps London's scandalous scoundrel is the V word all because he got thrown out of school for of all things plumbing issues When her father learns she is working for Sir Thomas he flips out words are thrown slaps fly she leaves in an icy storm somehow ends up at Sir Thomas' home with a purple cheek Proper Hitchborn insists that she go to a guest room warm up take a bath rest That is how Thomas found her all sueaky clean glorious hair loose on the pillow cover only by a slipping robe looking all seductive when she wakes up they decide she should be his 7 day mistress the next morning being the secretary she is types up in duplicate her Mistress ship Contract which he signs without reading it As the household falls in love with Harry they eat together go shopping HELLO her clothes were walking disasters read naughty books discover one another's unexplored territories stole that uote from Mizz Robinson make up words like butler y rabbit hole y or caterpillar y having many COVERED screaming orgasms a reporter hopping opera some ridiculously expensive rubies but will she say YES to his plan I can't spoil it for y'all or will he fire her? Will he ever have Harry 100% his? Can he show her that she is built just for his loving? Is it possible for a Shoreditch girl to have it all? What will they call their new dictionary of y words?I have always enjoyed Ms Robinson's books but this 1 in my humble opinion was her humorous loveable Harry name fits the new Harriet embrace the new century with becoming a secretary I applaud her forward thinking independence She was used abused by her father but she embarked on conuered everything in her life with 100% of herself being a daughter mom to her brothers being an A with a smiley face secretary Ms Robinson gave Harry an inner steel spine as Thomas would say with nicely upholstery everywhere Now to our yummy V card carring Thomas a 1st for me who was just a big kid because he was finally out from under his Father's proper thumb He never had a normal childhood so he went Hog Wild for years but he still had Hitchborn his Father's now his valet Cressley to keep him on his toes Ms Robinson had many Fairy Godfolks in this romance like Mrs Eversong bring them together Hitchborn Minnie the maid even stodgy old Cressley The 1 liners in this story had me ROFL my daughter is still holding my Kindle hostage with all the y words Thomas map Harriet itis finklediddling is that even a real word FRONTbone on on it went All romances need HOTNESS this 1 had that as these 2 crazy kids discovered rediscovered all the other's PURRING points I also liked how she carried their story through didn't end after HEA part but continued Ms Robinson gave me the 3 things I love most in a romance read flawed characters HILARIOUSNESS STEAMINESS so she is getting my top score of 5 fingers up 10 toes I hope she GIFTS me with a backup Kindle because my daughter is a MEANIENetGalley ARC given for honest review

Ebook å The Unsuitable Secretary Ladies Unlaced #4 æ Maggie Robinson

The Unsuitable Secretary Ladies Unlaced #4From the author of In the Heart of the Highlander a romance proving that inappropriate desires can provide the most passionate encountersHarriet Benson takes her work at the Evensong Agency seriously but lately between convalescing from an illness and tending to her father and two young brothers she’s had to shorten her h The Unsuitable Secretary is Robinson's fourth Edwardian historical romance While I had mixed feelings towards the previous book book four reminded me why I like this author This romance was light and full of wit; uite frankly it put a smile on my face so I am inclined to like it Our hero and heroine are an unlikely duo Thomas is a man about town known for pointing out the Next Thing and possessed with a gift for gab Harriet is a spinster determined to work despite her traditional father's objections and she couldn't care less about the Next Thing she has bigger concernsSir Thomas Featherstone is hoping to start an artist colony He loves art and wants to support those who are good at it but can't afford to do it full time Fortunately Thomas has money to burn even if his man of business is reluctant to burn it What Thomas needs is a secretary dedicated exclusively to his project At the behest of his friend's wife Thomas finds himself at the Evensong Agency where he engages the services of a most unsuitable secretaryHe couldn't possible hire her One did not lust after one's secretary Thomas had reputation to uphold false and annoying as ti was Presumably Miss Benson was a proper young woman and Thomas never consorted with proper young women They were fatal to his bachelorhood and a proper young woman who had to work for a living was even deadly He'd never been a cad to take advantage of the help and wasn't going to start now How could this vision of divine womanhood sit across from him for sixteen hours a week without him making an absolute fool of himself? p 8Miss Harriet Benson is a twenty eight year old spinster She's determined to work as a secretary; however ever since she fell ill her hours have been decreased and she has yet to recover to her full strength A new part time position working for Sir Thomas is just what she needs She'll be able to work during the morning and keep house for her father and younger twin brothers in the afternoon A perfect plan except that her employer might not be all that suitable eitherHe was not uite what she expected either He'd been nearly inarticulate practically mute in the first few days she'd come to Featherstone House and its library but she was beginning to understand the uickness of his mind once he started talk about his pet project Sir Thomas Featherstone was a man who some might say had money than sense but that was utterly untrue He just had bigger ideas than most of his peers Those men were content to flit through life without much purpose Sir Thomas had almost too much purpose p 10Despite each others unsuitableness Thomas and Harriet begin working together and an unsuitable employment soon becomes an unsuitable relationship Not only is it inappropriate for Thomas and Harriet to disrupt their working relationship the gaping disparity in their social stations also stand in the way of a lasting relationshipEarly on in the novel Thomas decides to deal with his unfortunate attraction to Harriet by offering her the chance to become his mistress They filled out a contract and everything Normally I find this generous offer in a romance to be reprehensible and I will admit that I considered putting down this book because of that Personally the mistress relationship seems degrading and unlikely to foster a happily ever after than romances are predicated on However since I was reading a review copy of Unsuitable Secretary I felt obligated to continue reading and I'm glad that I did Thomas is one fumbling dude when he offers to make Harriet his mistress the pair of them together are just so adorably awkward it was easy to believe that they were only making this choice because it was the only one available to them or at least the only one they thought was an optionWhile I'm not sure that I buy the fact that Thomas became such a fumbling awkward man around Harriet in spite his talent for gabbing with everyone else I have to admit that I was charmed by his awkwardness It nice to not have have a supremely confident hero every once and awhile Rose Gordon is another historical romance author that deals with awkward heroes particularly well so I'm happy to encounter another realistic hero The actual relationship was new for both Thomas and Harriet and it was so fun to see their misunderstandings and mishaps; thankfully they were never that serious Watching these two as the bumbled into a relationship was a real treat and one that I recommend for other readers looking for a lighter readI can't claim that An Unsuitable Secretary is a serious and emotional read but it is funny and endearing Personally I'm not a fan of over the top emotional reads so this one suited me just fine This is the perfect read for someone looking for a smile and a fun departure from reality Make sure that you check out the other books in the series especially In the Heart of the HighlanderOriginally publisher on The Book Adventures Review copy provided by the publisher via NetGalley