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READER ☆ DOC 三国演义 9780520215856 º DOGSALONBRISTOL µ ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☉ 三国演义 ✩ Author Luo Guanzhong – Romance of The Three Kingdoms Hardcover tells about the three kingdoms Wei Shu and Wu led by Cao Cao Liu Bei and Sun uan and the conflicts and Romance of The Three Kingdoms Hardcover tells about the three kingdoms Wei Shu and Wu led by Cao Cao Liu Bei and Sun uan and the conflicts and fights among the th Around the time the earth cooled and life spread across the continents I was a huge fan of the game Destiny of an Emperor for the NES Chinese generals with names I couldn't pronounce duking it out for the fate of China enthralled meYears later I was thinking fondly of the game and decided to investigate the source Three Kingdoms Three Kingdoms is one of the four great classics of Chinese literatureImagine my surprise while on my 2300 page journey that the story of the game wasn't very much like While the game depicts the rise of Liu Bei the book depicts his rise and fall as well as fleshing out the stories of his companions and enemiesAt 2300 pages you can imagine the amount of characters to absorb Still it was very satisfying to read years after playing the game The writing was a little rough getting used to but to be fair it was written centuries ago in Chinese The stories of Liu Bei Lord Guan Zhang Fei Pang Tong and the rest were very interesting I was glad LuBu met his fate at the hands of Cao Cao When he left my party he had a lot of good euipment the rest of them could have used

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Ree political military blocs during the end of Eastern Han dynasty and the entire three kingdoms period Based on the broad social and historical backdrop it shows Difficult to begin butThis novel one of the great classic Chinese novels is one of the difficult texts for readers While some others like Journey to the West or The Marshes of Mount Liang are much easily accessible and entertaining right from the beginning a feeling of disorientation is common for first readers of Three Kingdoms The story starts without introduction with the appearance of dozens of protagonists and it's hard to keep track of all of them At the end you will have encountered over 1200 named people and some of them even with several names depending on the situationBut you shouldn't allow yourself to get daunted at this early stage Soon you'll get used to the flood of people and you will find out which are only fire and forget characters who only appear in the sentence they are mentioned first and which are important for the storyline After that the chaotic impression is replaced by a clear structureThe dissolving Han dynasty's kingdoms are very vividly described though you have to be prepared for some very dry sections of descriptions of army movements and complex battle strategies which would better fit in history books But there's a lot of compensation for these difficult parts epic and heroic are words that have never seen a fitting place than this maelstrom of loyality treachery honesty and perfidiousness that sucks you into an extremely captivating account of the heroes who have become cultural iconsLü Bu Guan Yu Zhuge Liang all of these historic figures are very well characterized and lead the story over several generations At the end you will feel with them and have witnessed the rise and fall of one of the most important epochs of Chinese historyA must read even if it's difficult at the beginning than modern novels And when you're done the other classical Chinese texts wait for you which are less complicated but even entertainingThis edition is split in two volumes not two separate parts avoiding the problem of a monstrous weight High uality paper and almost no typos outweigh the flimsy cover Moss Roberts' translation is fluent and modern but without unneccessary flourish and not hiding the fact that the book is centuries old

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三国演义The sharp complex and distinctive political and military conflicts of that era which has left deep impact on later generations in politics and military strategie Read the abridged version a while ago but reading the Iliad made me think about this book again Someday I'd like to find and read the whole thing It's a good look a Chinese war history Just a heads up there are several characters to keep track of and with similar names The reason I read this though was because I enjoy learning about ancient China and because of the video game Dynasty Warriors Having played that game actually helped me a little with who was who in the novel