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Out Are these deaths connected What has happened to Mrs Ireland And what are the sinister bonds that link these men to the poaching of osprey eggs in Scotland the doomned romance of Dixey's kitchen maid and the first Great Train Robbery I can't believe so many reviewers couldn't give this novel than 1 or 2 stars For me it's an absolutely perfect book and one of my all time favourites I've read probably 80 plus novels per year for 5 decades and I found this was something really special Interesting characters good period setting wicked humour and irresistable story linesI also liked the fact that it didn't seem to need any of the essential ingredients of so much modern literature; great beauties strong grey eyed men love affairs ridiculous sex scenes bad parents etc etc The characters were enormously interesting without needing any of these embellishments Proper people; struggling with life ugly and mad

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Kept A Victorian MysteryA stuffed bear a pet mouse fraud and felony on the streets of London and strange goings on in the fens Full of suspense and teeming with life Kept is a Kept A ePUB #8608 Victorian mystery about the curious things men do to get and keep w looking for something else a few days ago found this book which i bought years ago and then completely forgot about and with an 'I spent money on see if I get any value than anything else feeling I took a look and just got hooked on it not an easy read as it uses 19th century English see contemporary novels Dickens etc moves between multiple pov's and locations different social classes and occupations uses various forms of narration from journal entries to third person pov so Kept is a book that keeps baffling and sometimes frustrating the reader as something starts happening and one wants to see where it goes but next page action moves somewhere seemingly very different so it takes patience and real interest to keep going but I kept returning to it until I finished it reading the last 100 pages and the few appendices that serve as a sort of epilogue in one sittingno real heroes and a few villains some really memorable like the fulcrum of the novel one middle aged Mr Pardew with an unsuspecting wife in the countryside and a young mistress in London currently owning a debt collection business but also schemer blackmailer possibly killer involved in a 19th century form of money laundering a plot to kill a rich man and defraud his heiress wife as well as planning the greatest robbery of recent times if only he will have the nerve to carry on; around him various no good employees of his lawyers and aristocrats who owe him a sinister old man on an estate with a passion for collecting his servants and the local young clergyman the police officer who investigates the heiress herself and a few others with action jumping from one to another seemingly at random many times though as the novel goes on a pattern is revealedoverall darkly funny and ironic compelling despite its narrative difficulty and a book worth persevering till the end


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read doc ☆ Kept A Victorian Mystery ☆ Paperback » d.j. taylor ✓ [EPUB] ✷ Kept A Victorian Mystery By D.J. Taylor – A stuffed bear a pet mouse fraud and felony on the streets of London and strange goings on in the fens Full of suspense and teeming with life KHat they wantAugust Henry Ireland a failed landowner dies unexpectedly in a riding accident and his young widow disappears Three years later his friend James Dixey a celebrated naturalist is found dead on his grounds with his throat torn Very very very very very wordy Too many words The author well I am guessing that he loves words and I understand that love of words but the author's overuse of words in this novel made it difficult to read I was getting lost in the all the words couldn't keep the thread of the storyBut the wordiness wasn't the only problem He was using a blind stitch for his thread It was story after story seemingly unconnected new characters often introduced in whole subplots the whole mass of the previous subplots needing to be held in the mind while plodding through new subplots trying to remember character's names events and how everything might relate I didn't think the story had an ebb and flow; it was just a steady river of words with never one thing standing out Eventually I grabbed hold of the character Dixey and then Mrs Ireland and Esther less so all the criminal characters and society characters and lawyer characters and servant characters and religious characters and filler characters It took me a long time to read and it was an effort this was not a page turner at least not for me I was caught by surprise when it ended I turned the page and it was notes I turned back and saw I had read the last page The story just ends no difference to anything else written That is what I mean by no ebb and flow I walked through the book and right out without realizing it