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The Widow of the SouthTennessee On of the PDF #9734 a late autumn day near a little town called Franklin men will soon lie dead or dying in a battle that will change many lives for ever None will be changed than Carrie McGavock who finds her home taken over by the Confederate army and turned into a field hospital Taking charge she finds the courage to face The. This is a little weird The beginning is fantastic opening with the Confederates on their way to Franklin where they meet the Union army and a bloody battle ensues What I love about this is the alternating narratives In the beginning it isn't just Carrie but also Zachariah's narrative on the Confederate side and a Union soldier gets his two cents in as well When the battle is over the book goes downhill for me Carrie is gothic southern belle than widow of the south She is obsessed with death to the point that she has worn nothing but black since she was sixteen and spends all her time mourning her three dead children while neglecting her live ones Naturally when over a thousand wounded Confederate soldiers are literally dumped on her porch she is right in her element She seems to thrive on the death and suffering around her and takes a strange and unexplained liking to Zachariah This is where I really started getting bugged The basis for their strange morbid romance is never made clear to me Why do they love each other What do they see Despite their constant analyzing of each other and themselves and conversations about death I never did understand the connection between the two of themIn the last uarter Carrie tries to save the remains of the dead from a very angry bitter landlord Will she succeed If so at what costCarrie was too weird for me to like or relate to Perhaps I would have enjoyed it if it had been narrated from Mariah's Carrie's slavemaid viewpoint

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The Widow of the South Free read Ý 6 æ ❰Reading❯ ➼ The Widow of the South Author Robert Hicks – Tennessee 1864 On a late autumn day near a little town called Franklin 10000 men will soon lie dead or dying in a battle that will change many lives for ever None will be changed than Carrie McGavock TWidow PDF up to the horrors around her and in doing so finds a causeOut on the battlefield a tired young Southern soldier drops his guns and charges forward into Yankee territory holding only the flag of his company's colours He survives and is brought to the hospital Carrie recognizes something in him a willingness to die and decides on. This book has stayed with me for years Today I am writing reviews for many of the best I've read in the last 15 years and for those I remember to this day And I am a eclectic reader For work and for pleasure I read about 15 or 20 books a weekThis is one of my most remembered of the Civil War So much so that I have highlighted Franklin TN for a visitAddition to reaction above 2016 experienced the three docent lead tours for Carnton Plantation Carter House Lotz House 3 tours over two days of two hours plus each Only two of us as audience These were the best tours I have experienced in long traveling years including Europe and other hemisphere of lengthy days November 30 1864 starting just before sunset Not in a field but around and in dwellings a last pitch and desperate effort At this very time development is pushing in and the center of the 117 acres becoming artefact for preservation Too much to tell Never omit the Carter House experience if you ever have a chance to do itAnother entire skeleton and a jaw bone found by a tourist near Lotz House went into Carrie's cemetery recently

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That day in her house Widow of the eBook #10003 she will not let himIn the pain filled days and weeks that follow both find a form of mutual healing that neither thinks possibleIn this extraordinary debut novel based on a true story Robert Hicks has written an epic novel of love and heroism set against the madness of the American Civil W. A touching story that addresses the aftermath of the Civil War in terms of the loss of so many young men for reasons that no longer seemed as compelling as they once did It is told largely from the points of view of Carrie McGavock the owner of a home that was turned into a hospital during the tragic battle at Franklin Tennessee and Zachariah Cashwell a Confederate sergeant who was taken there after the battle Most of the characters are very well developed I was particularly taken by the descriptions of this senseless battle and its immediate aftermath but the story did tend to lag a bit in the middle Overall it is still a good read and I recommend it for fans of southern literature and historical fiction My thanks to the folks at the On the Southern Literary Trail group for giving me the opportunity to read and discuss this and many other fine books