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Read & Download If You Find This Letter à PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ ☉ [PDF / Epub] ☆ If You Find This Letter By Hannah Brencher ❤ – A heartwarming memoir of love and faith from Hannah Brencher founder of The World Needs More Love Letters who has dedicated her life to shoAyHannah's project took on a life of its own when she made an offer on her blog She would handwrite a note and mail it to anyone who wanted one Overnight her inbox exploded with reuests from people all over the world Nearly handwritten letters later she started the website The World Needs More Love Letters which uickly grew There is something about receiving a handwritten note that is so powerful in today's digital era If You Find This Letter chronicles Hannah's attempts to bring love into the worldand shows how she rediscovered her faith through the movement she starte. I received a digital copy of this title from the publisher via NetgalleyTen Second SynopsisGirl searching for purpose and connection offers to hand write love letters to strangers and muses about life and God and general existential stuff I was really hoping that this book would be something akin to a cross between yarn bombing in letter format and the worldwide art and connection project begun by one man known as PostSecret Unfortunately it read like the developmentally typical learnings of a reasonably sheltered young woman in her twenties Not what I was hoping for by any meansThe actual letter project in which Hannah puts out the invitation for anyone who wants a handwritten love letter from her to apply via her website really takes a back seat in this memoir to a whole bunch of other happenings in Hannah’s life I suspect that the idea was to show that she herself was reaching out to strangers in this way because of her own sense of disconnection but a lot of the stuff that she talks about seemed to me to be pretty typical of anyone between the ages of about 18 and 30 who is trying to carve out an adult identity and some existential euilibrium I really wanted to read about the letter project and let that speak for itself than find out about her involvement in a volunteer service project and a whole bunch of Faith related personal reflectionNow don’t let my negativity bring you down Obviously others have really enjoyed and taken something from this book I would suggest reading it if it sounds interesting and make up your own mind But I suspect that not all blog projects need to be made into a book At least not a book in a memoir format For my non existent money I would have liked to have seen a lot focus on the project and the benefits contained therein for not just the author but some of the recipients of letters and a bit less on the life reflections of someone who seems to be a reasonably typical example of this particular age group

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He same way on the subway Hannah did something strange she wrote the woman a letter She folded it scribbled If you find this letter it's for you on the front and left it behind When she realized that You Find This Kindle #216 it made her feel better she started writing and leaving love notes all over the city in doctor's offices in coat pockets in library books in bathroom stalls Feeling crushed within a culture that only felt like connecting on a screen she poured her heart out to complete strangers She found solace in the idea that her words might brighten someone's d. My mother would say be small or be beautiful Beautiful is loud footsteps and knowing the weight of those footstepsI first stumbled upon Hannah Brencher's website a few years ago I thought it was a beautiful concept the thought of writing love letters to strangers I was so excited to be approved for the ARC from NetGalley Now memoirs are kind of hit or miss with me As fascinated as I am by the person sometimes I can still find them a bit dry and long winded I have never read a memoir that made me cry I have never read a memoir that I wanted to read again the second I was finished Until this one The book starts with Hannah graduating from college She is terrified of growing up and terrified that she will never make a difference in the world She also struggles with depression something that is hard for her to come to terms with because of her many blessings I could relate to this feeling on so many levels I know what it's like to feel like you are drowning despite the fact that you have everything in your life going right at that very moment Hannah is young and insecure and afraid Who can't relate to that When the letter writing starts she is simply trying to tell other people the words she cannot tell herself She wants to tell people strangers they are loved and they matter As she says in the book this project didn't become a cure all for her depression She still struggled but the letters gave her purpose She didn't just talk about the letters She also talked about her search for religion and a relationship with God She was desperate for something higher than herself to believe in I do want to say that I am atheist and I wasn't expecting this to be as religion heavy as it was Normally I would probably skim those parts But I found every passage of her search for God so incredibly moving Even though I don't believe I still understand why she would want to so desperately Hannah also talks about the progression of the love letter journey It goes from being random letters to strangers to a blog where she invites people to make love letter reuests for themselves When she talks about all the reuests people were sending in to reuest a love letter I think I was as moved as Hannah was It is impossible to comprehend just how much sadness and heartbreak there is in the world I can only imagine how overwhelmed Hannah was to start these letters It is amazing that so many people were so sad and a couple of words from Hannah helped them keep going Now she has a website The World Needs More Love Letters On this website you can reuest a love letter on behalf of someone else Every month she publishes the stories of several people that were sent in and reuests everyone who can to send a love letter to Hannah At the end of the month Hannah then takes all of those letters and sends them to the person in one package She calls it a love letter bundleThe stories in this book were very emotional but I don't want you to think that the tears I cried were sad ones Even in the sad stories I was hopeful that all these people would know how much people were thinking of them What did make me sad was that in this digital age people may never be able to appreciate the simple beauty of a handwritten letter The only downside to this book was that I finished it in less than twenty four hours I wanted to soak up and savor every single word that Hannah wrote I am so grateful to her for sharing this journey It also inspired me to go on her website I want to share words of kindness and strength to people who need them even if I don't know these people and even if I never meet them If I ever got a love letter from Hannah I think it would be my most prized possession Her writing is exuisite and lyrical and somehow she always finds the right words to make someone feel like they matter I encourage you to submit a letter to one of the individuals on the website as well

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If You Find This LetterA heartwarming memoir of love and Find This PDF #9734 faith from Hannah Brencher founder of The World Needs More Love Letters who has dedicated her life to showing total strangers that they are not alone in the worldFresh out of college Hannah Brencher moved to New York expecting her life to look like a scene from Sex and the City Instead she found a city full of people who knew where they were If You PDFEPUBgoing and what they were doing and didn't have time for a girl still trying to figure it all out Lonely and depressed she noticed a woman who looked like she felt t. This book is just not for me I'm sure the author is a nice girl but the purple prose was just way too distracting for me I felt like the book was way longer than it needed to be just because of the lengthydescriptions Like many others I expected this book to feature of the letters that made her famous enough to get a memoir published in the first place and admittedly the lack of letters was a disappointment for me The book has a great idea behind it but the writing just didn't work Note I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review