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New Little Liars PDF #203 Yo HOW ARE THERE SIXTEEN BOOKS IN THIS SERIES HOW MANY MISTAKES CAN FOUR GIRLS POSSIBLY MAKELet me make it simple for all of you Pretty Little Liars An Abridged Version “They fucked up a lot The end”

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Vicious Pretty Little Liars #16Rk Times bestselling seriesTh Alright Sara Shepard let's end this You can do it There will seriously be a riot if you don't I think the Internet might explodeEDIT what happened to the candy coloured covers Because this is the last one it's going to be randomly emo now At least the title hasn't changed to something weird Has everyone seen the new book Shepard is writing It's called Perfectionists and I'm thinking the new characters are descendants of the PLL crew You know just to screw with us The cover looks almost the same too except no Barbie dolls I think it is agreed that this time around I'll b reading her series via the library Because if it carries out to 16 books I might screamAfter Reading Well you'll love this book if you're a fan Seriously it has the highest stakes some stupid moves done by the girls and some happy endings you'll absolutely love I love how some of the characters from the first few books came back and you get to see their new lives I was a little annoyed that the last few pages insinuated the possibility of books because Ali is an evil mastermind It was an entertaining and easy read so if you haven't gotten to this book yet maybe reconsider But no one will hate you if you didn't finish this series


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PDF Ä BOOK Vicious Pretty Little Liars #16 FREE ¹ DOGSALONBRISTOL ê ❮Reading❯ ➵ Vicious Pretty Little Liars #16 ➭ Author Sara Shepard – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk #1 New York Times bestselling seriesThe explosive conclusion to the New Little Liars PDF Ë York TimE explosive conclusion to the It's so crazy to think I've been reading this series since I was fourteen O I'm now 23 I thought over all this book was a good ending to the series although I did have issues with a few things view spoilerI didn't like how the book ended on a chapter about Ali plotting her escape We got closure but at the same time that's an open ending Kind of annoying but whatever I also didn't like the idea of Hanna and Mike getting married I like them as a couple but teenage marriages are just ridiculous hide spoiler