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SUMMARY Ä Assassin's Heart æ ➻ [Reading] ➽ Assassin's Heart By Sarah Ahiers ➰ – In the kingdom of Lovero nine rival Families of assassins lawfully kill people for a price As a highly skilled member of one of these powerful clans seventeen year old Lea Saldana has always trusted i In the kingdom of Lovero nGiven the Da Vias reason than ever to take her Family downRacked with guilt and shattered over Val’s probable betrayal Lea sets out to even the score with her heart set on retaliation and only one thought clear in her mind make the Da Vias pa. This review appears on Happy Indulgence Check it out for reviews For a book about assassins I would’ve expected assassinating Set in a fervently religious world where killing each other is normal Assassin’s Heart featured telling than showingThe world in Assassin’s Heart made no sense to me whatsoever Built upon a world with nine families worshipping a death god the Saldana family are the most powerful and revered But there is bad blood between them and the Da Via family and they’re constantly at odds with one another So they do what assassins do – plot each other’s death and kill each otherWhat didn’t make sense to me was the reasoning behind this What does it matter if you’re the first family or the second family if there are nine of them constantly trying to off one another to win their God’s favour How is there anyone still alive The reasoning behind this other than killing each other for power was severely lacking Killing and assassinating is just another part of life in this world which is disturbingly normalised without conseuence and I wish we were told whyWhile it starts off like Romeo and Juliet with Lea sharing a forbidden romance with the Da Via’s Val it uickly plunges into a story of vengeance and betrayal But instead of finding out who actually killed her family and finding out who’s alive she spends much of her time gallivanting around with Les the young unskilled clipper What results is an irrelevant romance with a lack of chemistry and the mandatory love triangleThe other problem I had was Lea’s characterisation She likes to put up a big fanfare about how family is the most important But then time and time again she makes choices that show just how little she sticks to her word As soon as she’s given the choice – her lover or her family – she chooses her lover which throws her characterisation out the window Apparently symbolism is important than her blood relatives which you would think she would treasure given how little there are left I thought religion was integrated in this world in an interesting way Faith is a big part of this world and it also drives conseuence and people’s motivations Although the messaging is a bit heavy handed on doing right by your God or facing punishmentThe most disappointing thing about Assassin’s Heart is that it has all the elements of a great fantasy novel a uniue premise interesting world badass characters nonstop action and an unpredictable plot But sadly the sum of these parts did not create a convincing story I’m glad everything was wrapped up by the end though cos I couldn’t have coped with a cliffhanger

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S to find them murdered and her home in flames The Da Vias the Saldanas’ biggest enemy must be responsible and Lea should have seen it coming But her secret relationship with the Da Vias’ son Val has clouded her otherwise killer instinct and. 35Assassin’s Heart is set in the kingdom of Lovero where nine families of assassins kill people in the name of their goddess Safraella “Clippers” as they are called are respected by the commoners because their coins at the time of death are the only way Safrella will grant resurrection into the next life If you die without her coin you will become a ghost and be lost forever Our main character Lea Saldana is a highly skilled member of the Saldana family the number one ranked family of assassins until the day she wakes up to her house in flames and her entire family dead Who is responsible The Da Via family Rivals to her own family as they are the second family and to whom her secret lover Val belongs to Upon learning of Val’s betrayal Lea vows to kill every last Da Via for this crime and thus sets out on a journey to find vengeance “I’d gotten my Family killed because I’d loved a boy in secret who used that love to destroy me”First let’s talk about the things I liked I really liked the overall plot It did start off very slow and took me about 200 pages to really see the gears moving but once they did I loved it The world building was really great In his world gods and ghosts are real Lea traveled to a lot of placed and I really liked seeing the different kinds of places she went because each place had a different tone and feel I could really picture this world I loved reading about all the political maneuvers between the assassin families as well as the religious aspects It was uite fascinating There were many fight scene’s in this book that were great I usually don’t like when there are too many fight scenes because they can get boring but they were all fun and made sense Lea as a main character was just okay I didn’t love her and I didn’t hate her I just didn’t really find anything about her to connect with Which is strange because since she lost her entire family in a matter of a few minutes you’d think I would have had some emotional pull to her but nope As an assassin she was very up and down for me The first half of the book I thought she was a great assassin There was one particular fight scene in the first half that had me really rooting for her because she was a total badass But then we get to the second half of the book and I felt like there was kind of a disconnect between who she was at the start of the book and who she was in the latter half And it didn’t make sense to me She started making really dumb mistakes that an assassin of her caliber wouldn’t make And it seemed like she was always getting tripped up by something I just had a hard time believing she was as good of an assassin as everyone in the book kept saying she was As for the antagonists I really didn’t like Val Even in the beginning He just screamed fuckboy to me and every time he opened his mouth I was rolling my eyes Then we have Lafevre the really annoying police type character who is literally waiting around every corner to scream “I GOT YOU NOW” Seriously Every time Lea is in a sticky situation and then manages to get out of it BAM there’s Lafevre waiting to be a douche I didn’t like him as a villain or a character He was just annoying and was just there to be a nuisance Even though there were a lot of things I disliked about this book I really had fun while reading it and the rich world building made up for the lack of character development I could really see this being a companion series because this story wrapped up at the end but the world is so big and there seems to be stories to tell So I definitely look forward to that


Assassin's HeartIn the kingdom of Lovero nine rival Families of assassins lawfully kill people for a price As a highly skilled member of one of these powerful clans seventeen year old Lea Saldana has always trusted in the strength of her Family Until she awaken. I REALLY liked this book Was really uniue in the best of ways and such a cool high fantasy to readEDIT WAIT THIS IS A SERIES It ended up so nicely Whattttttt