CHARACTERS ☆ How To Rape A Straight Guy Boner Book

CHARACTERS How To Rape A Straight Guy Boner Book

CHARACTERS ☆ How To Rape A Straight Guy Boner Book ¾ ❴Download❵ ➾ How To Rape A Straight Guy Boner Book Author Kyle Michel Sullivan – There's than one way to rape a straight guy and Curt's been through them all Now he's out to do some damage Curt has been beaten betrayed and brutaX years in prison and came out ten times harder than when he went in Demands from his wife and zero prospects of a decent job are making it impossible for him to even think of having a normal lifeuntil he's hustling two gay men in a bar one afternoon and mentions his experiences in prison which included forcing straight cons to get off as he raped them A very satisfying method of revenge It seems the two men Wayne and Lenn. The title of this book while probably being a little too bold in statement and a turn off for readers makes sense to me Because while reading I realized this isn’t a story by Kyle Michel Sullivan Instead this is Curt’s story This is 144 pages into the psychological constructs of a man who is retelling his story and the significance of these moments in his life And when I think about it the title seems fitting for what CURT would have chosen if he had published this snippet of his life to the massesTold in first person POV we get intimate with Curt’s mind I felt like he was telling me convincing me about the choices he’s made Some people may be repulsed with him – after all he’s by no means a good person But what I can say is that he’s a product victim of his upbringing and the contradictions and brutality of reality Some of it was by his choice but I couldn’t bring myself to dislike or hate him Curt’s assessments of life were spot on in many instances and maybe that was the beginning of this very fragile connection I had with him What started out as a shallow story uickly became something much Curt will retell certain moments of his life at seemingly random times when he’s reminded of it These introspective moments make Curt become something than your typical prison rapist He’s actually a very complex character that contradicts every first impression you get of him at first This is Curt’s story and my heart ached so much for him Did that excuse his actions No But damn it I just wished things were different for him I wished there was one person who could of held his hand and cared for him the way everyone deserves It’s weird – but that towel hurt me Gave me a pain deep inside I dunno why but I held it close Smelled it Let it go smooth over my skin Lay it gentle ‘round my neck I’d never felt a towel like that before Yeah that made my heart hurtThe blurb for this story is accurate but I felt it gives the wrong impression for what it all means This is a journey Curt’s psychological journey And no there is no happy ending or even a happy for now in my opinion There is a feeling of regret at lost opportunities from a realization that could only come after the factMy advice don’t read this if you’re expecting a great original storyline Don’t read this if you’re looking for dark erotica though there is sex both MF and MM Don’t read this if the topic and act of fictional rape and violence turns you off Don’t read this if you’re wanting a romance And don’t read this if you need a HFNHEA But if you’re wanting a powerful and gripping psychological journey of a man spiraling into an abyss then Curt’s story is what I recommend

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Y want some revenge of their own against a straight guy who's caused them trouble If Curt can get the bastard off while being assaulted they'll give him a car cash and a chance at a new life Being in the mood to do some damage Curt agreesbut step by step a stupid little bet begins to spin out of control and threatens to plunge him headlong into disaster And To Rape A Straight Guy ePUB #8608 he's not sure he wants to stop i. 425 Stars and I will be super nice and give you all a uote Everything else you will have to use your imagination forIt was dreamland come to life for each an’ every one of us  An’ it made me smile  Wayne looked at me sort of stunned a bit wary  But then he smiled right back at me  An’ then we started laughin’ together  Roarin’ with laughter  All but rollin’ on the floor knowin’ full well what we were gonna do next“Callin’ Officer Sha ayes”You motherfucker


How To Rape A Straight Guy Boner BookThere's than one way to rape Rape A MOBI #183 a straight guy and Curt's been How To MOBI #8608 through them all Now he's out to do some damage Curt has been To Rape A Epub #223 beaten betrayed and brutalized by nearly everybody he's known Even his mother once To Rape A Straight Guy ePUB #8608 a prostitute but now married and born again has banned him from contact with his younger brother and sisters Then he went through si. Ok so WOW The title really doesn't do this book justice and it would probably get so many sales if the author changed it It IN NO WAY prepared me for how awesome this book is I've read one other book that I tagged as psychological genius; this book makes two It's kind of eerie how well written this book is considering the fact that Curt is an uneducated ex con who speaks in slang and broken English But man oh man he lets you inside his head and doesn't let you go The book is written in first person and Curt's mind is a dark depraved place BUT as he relives his childhood and every unfortunate circumstance in which he's found himself over the years you can't help but empathize It really makes you uestion whether some people are just destined to have horrible lives and are unable to avoid making bad decision after bad decision But to the book Curt is an ex con trying to make it on the straight and narrow He can't find steady work the pay sucks and to compound matters his wife is sick and tired of him not pulling his weight Enter Wayne and Lenny two gay men he meets in a bar who sucker him into a bet that Curt can get any guy off whether they claim to be straight or not The payoff Lenny's dad's used car and 1000 Plus of course Curt gets to have sex with a guy that will be selected based on his specifications He agrees and goes home with Lenny and Wayne lets them suck him off for 250 easy money he can put in his wife's hand to shut her up while they formulate a plan as to how this bet will play outThis all sounds simple enough except there are moments of clarity where Curt realizes that things don't feel right For one thing there are times when a side of Wayne emerges that's not the desperate unloved gay man he first appeared to be He also seems to have the upper hand in the friendship and a uiet forcefulness that gets Lenny to fall in line when he needs him to Then there's the fact that he seems to know just a little too much about kidnapping and restraints Curt resolves to watch himand he starts to pay attention And as Curt gets these ping ping moments in his brain you the reader get them in your pulse like 'Oh gawd this can't be good' The anticipation is crazyBut here's the kicker Even though there's a voice inside Curt's head warning him to walk away NOW he can't because as much as he claims to be straight he's come to love the feel of being inside a man Prior to his six year prison stint he was all about the women and he still loves being with his wife but and he's wanting the feel of the male body that feeling of power it gives him to see a man as big as himself submit and man he wants the man they've agreed to target He really really wants him So he brushes that voice asideAnd steps into hellThings go very wrong very fast And Curt not the most patient rational man at the best of times allows the darkness within free reign This book is only 144 pages but honestly I'm not sure my heart could have taken much Read it I know it's expensive 999 for 144 pages is against my religion Heck 999 for any ebook has NEVER happened for me but it is worth it even though it's not lendable on BastidsI'm sure I'll read it again I just need some timeand a drink Be aware This is NOT a romance and it's not happiness and sunshine I had to create an m m general shelf just for this If you like this book The DMC is where you need to be