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The Hot Corner kindle ☆ ebook read ë [Reading] ➶ The Hot Corner Author Amy Noelle – Professionally Danielle Pierce is making a name for herself writing biographies of famous athletes Her star is on the rise and her publisher is pleased Her personal life isn’t going as swimmingly an Professionally Danielle T alone spend weeks with him writing his biography He broke her heart in college and she’d never risked it since Seven years later he selects her to write the story of his life and she’s stuck between a rock and a hard place If she refuses she looks like a coward If she gives in he wins Can she be around him without falling for his Southern charm and deadly looks again Can she show him that he didn’t break her She doesn’t know what his game is but she hopes she’s strong enough this time to play without getting burn The Hot Corner Amy NoelleReview from Jeannie Zelos Book reviews So I've never read any of Amy's books and know nothing about baseball – except its revered in US and something like the Rounders we played here in UK as kids I'm not being sarky here just describing my knowledge or lack of Still the description hooked me and I wanted to read this book Dani oh I loved her and her story I'd have probably thought the same way as her when she saw what she did She was young but to be honest most ladies would believe what they saw though someone older may have had it out with the other person Then we wouldn't get this story though Still it made her internal struggle with attraction for Brad and her determination to show him what she's become without him easy to understand Brad on the surface playboy baseball star and yet when we meet him he's so much Even though he's a rep with the ladies everyone from most ex es to his team mates and friends say how loyal and trustworthy he is Dani finds all this out when she's interviewing for his biography that she's accepted the commission to write She hoped to show Brad how well she's done without him and yetsoon as she saw him the attraction that had never uite gone was back and it was pretty clear Brad felt the same She fought for a while and fought hard before giving in and getting us some erotic and sensual love scenes Love scenes not just sex scenes as that’s what it was; sex he's had plenty of but with Dani it was clearly Its all going well the book is taking shape Dani and Brad are close and working closer and thenas always the spanner in the works gets thrown and it all goes t t's up Dani is heartbroken so is Brad and somehow they need to find a way back together Help comes from what Dani would have though an unexpected source but someone who has become a good friend to them both Its a great novel fun read lots of emotion and my lack of baseball knowledge didn't matter Bard was a star in the same way as an actor or artist would be – his genre was simply sports namely baseball and the media drama that follows all stars applied to him and Dani I don't have price or length at time of writing but I'd guess its around 220 – 250 pages Its a fun read full of emotion but not too deep One to read for the feel good factor of a HEA Stars Four excellent second chance romance ARC supplied by Netgalley

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And off the field Bradley Reynolds Brad the Dodgers’ third baseman spends as much time on the covers of tabloids as on the sports pages dating models and actresses each one beautiful than the last But he doesn’t let them distract him from his need to excel on the field Baseball comes first and it always has ever since the love of his life walked away from him years ago Danielle Pierce had been the only woman who ever mattered to him the only one who ever wouldDani never thought she’d have to see Brad in person again le After reading the author's debut Code Red I was excited to see a new story coming out Code Red is the epitome of chick lit Story lines I love but don't come across very often Romantic cute sweet and funny Low angst and drama except for the girl naturally A true hugs kind of storySooooowhat went wrongThe Hot Corner was just a hard sell for me I just expected chick lit the premise kind of led me that way and the author is a chick lit hero of mine But no that's not what I got sadlyThe main reason is the fact that the author based the entire story on one of my biggest pet peeves A misunderstanding Story lines based on a misunderstanding is right up there with over the top angst that goes on and on and on then end with a POOF all better grits teethThe fact that this misunderstanding happens two years into their relationship makes it worse A relationship where the couple claim they are each other's best friends Best friends talk they communicateNope It's a hard sell for me just seems forced that you have to believe the misunderstanding otherwise there really isn't a story line Misunderstandings usually fare well with YA genre This was not YABut regardless of how I sound right now Amy Noelle is a talented writer and one I will continue to watch This one just was not for me More my issue than anything else

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The Hot CornerProfessionally Danielle Pierce is making a name for herself writing biographies of famous athletes Her star is on the rise and her publisher is pleased Her personal life isn’t going as swimmingly and she’s recently back on the market after calling off her engagement to Mr Perfect The Hot PDF or On Paper not that she’s looking for anyone special Her career is her focus and it keeps her contentHer agent and publisher throw her a curveball she never saw coming when she’s assigned to cover the hottest baseball player on The Hot Corner generously provided by The Writer's Coffee Shop Publishing House via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Release date June 26th 5 Hot Corner StarsI LOVED this novel This is the kind of story in which great romantic comedies are born from Brad Reynolds in baseball pants bending down on the third base line holy cannoli I loved it and I hope you'll love it too It's one of my favorite of the year no doubt about it The Hot Corner embodies what great romantic comedies are made of; I watched this book play out in my head like a movie as I was reading it I adored it I devoured the story with a smile on my face It’s a perfect ‘beach read’ It’s just easy It’s easy to read it’s fun its hopeful the dialogue is smart and witty you root for both main characters the entire time and the plot is constantly developing I was completely lost in Brad and Dani’s story and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way The Hot Corner soared to the top three of my favorite reads this year There is something really special about this story revolving around an All American sport played by an All American guy Sports stories can be cliché or overdone especially baseball stories But when there’s a good one a really good one like For Love of the Game good aren’t they best I’m telling you Amy Noelle hit a home run pun most definitely intended with her story Dani Pierce scorned by her one true love from college third basemen Brad Reynolds superstar third basemen for the LA Dodgers I’m sucker for a baseball player who looks good in his uniform by the way so Brad soared straight to the top Ms Noelle descriptively painted a picture of Brad that I won’t soon forget After moving on to become a biographer of athletes Dani finds herself with a new assignment Brad To curious to decline she sets off for LA and a whirlwind adventure filled with flirty banter heart pounding passion and romance that will leave you as breathless as Dani Her character at first started to agitate me; she had a jealous streak that I didn’t uite understand when she first saw him again As she develops and her feelings progress juggling the past and the present I totally understood her Dani had some things to learn about herself right along with the reader so her reactions were nothing but honest and real She’s a strong heroine an admirable one There is literally not thing negative I can say about Brad Reynolds He’s one of the ultimate’s without a doubt His romantic gestures are seriously swoon worthy There is no way any straight hot blooded woman could not fall for his charismatic charm I swear his smile leapt from the pages; he’s infectious Brad and Dani’s whole second chance builds toward an imminent conflict of coming completely clean about the past Speaking of which I loved how we got see the glimpses of them in the past The entire story is told from Dani’s POV I loved being inside her head her reactions her thoughts her turmoil her fears It made her character deeper I think this story is perfect how it is I have no idea whether there are plans for stories involving these two but I wouldn’t mind being inside Brad’s head; a novella about their past a new story that provides a seuel to where we left them Stealing the same word I used to describe Brad I’m using about the book as a whole this author’s writing and her ability to pull you into her story – infectious It crawls right into your heart and burrows there With characters you’ll fall in love with a fluid plot and just the right amount of angst The Hot Corner truly delivers Any romance fan will love it I’m now officially a total fan girl of this author and look forward to of her stories A re read will definitely be in order of this book who am I kidding I could read it again right now I highly recommend Brad Dani’s story for all romance lovers Bravo Ms Noelle you made a believer out of me Favorite uotes “There was something beautiful in watching him talk about the game There always had been”“And even then you didn’t make a scene You trusted me You supported me and learned the game for me It was impossible not to love you”