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Epub ☆ Displacement Day When My Job Was Looking for a Job 184 pages ó Thomas b. dowd iii ó [Read] ➫ Displacement Day When My Job Was Looking for a Job By Thomas B. Dowd III – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk On what was thought to be a typical work day author Thomas Dowd receivYou need to successfully find a new professional occupation More importantly it lets you know that you’re not alone in the process You’ll be inspired to challenge yourself to set aggressive goals as you align your passions with the need to define your next career move With topics ranging from how to build an effective network to differentiating yourself among the millions of unemployed Displacement Day provides the support you need to get through these challenging times Thomas B Dowd III an award winning speaker and professional development author uses his own experiences to provide tangible and actionable lessons that will take you from the unemployed population to an inspired professional back on track I gave this book 5 stars This is my first time reading a book written by author Thomas B Dowd III and I am now an avid fan of his cannot wait to read his other books This author took the time to document his journey through one of life's surprises in this case job loss Every day we are all faced with this possibility with the worldwide recession still hanging around Mr Dowd's book is a must read for anyone whether you are still employed or not fired laid off uit Knowledge is power and I am so glad I read this book as I now know what I need to do if I ever lose my job I have been laid off 3 times in my life and wished I had read this book back then Why? It would have saved me a lot of unnecessary stress and total waste of time Bottom line losing a job does not have to mean losing everything as Mr Dowd has proved in his book There are both negative and positive sides to searching for a job and you will find the positives outweigh the negatives after reading this book Hats off to an author who cares about his readers and took the time to write this book for us

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On what was thought to be a typical work day author Thomas Dowd received The Call Nobody Wants “We’re downsizing” The fateful day was June 6th the anniversary of D Day one of the most monumental dates in American history This wasn’t World War II though It was the day the author’s twenty three year job was eliminated Displacement Day In the midst of an economic downturn Thomas had some choices to make in how to most effectively approach the new journey This book is the result of his own experience as a displaced professional who not only successfully found a job but used the time out of work to assess his direction reinforce his network and come out stronger Based on real life examples and learning As a blogger for moms I wouldn’t have immediately thought to pick up “Displacement Day” but my husband was going through some instability at work and I was reentering the work force albeit part time In short we weren't a family in crisis but we were definitely in flux and feeling the uncomfortable funk of a new uncertain future We were in desperate need of a friend or a lifeline We found both in this book I really enjoyed the anecdotal narrative of the author’s journey of getting through the aftermath of losing a job but what I really appreciated was the immediate actions he laid out that helped to turn the tide in his favor Dowd's overall message of staying positive through difficult times struck a chord with me that affected not only how I spoke with my husband in his darker days but the lens I used on mine I so appreciated the specific easily implemented recommendations that paired with a positive message of overcoming obstacles staying positive and leaning on your support system changed our outlook and the overall atmosphere of our home We were people in the midst of some uncertainty yes but we had tools and we had each other We were going to be just fine and now months later that positive outlook has turned a hope into a self fulfilling prophecy Thinking of how this book helped my family and our journey I also thought of the impact this book can have on recent college graduates as they start to hit the real world It's an uncertain economy and future but this book gives hope and real tools to use This book could also be really great for parents to help support their children’s efforts In short this is a book with many practical applications and a breezy accessible read as well I highly recommend it

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Displacement Day When My Job Was Looking for a JobDisplacement Day gives readers an insider's perspective on the toll career displacement takes on the unemployed and those closest to them and why attitude and consistent positive steps can make all the difference Knowing how unsettling the job search process can be this intentional uick read will get your compass pointed in the right direction Displacement Day is for anyone who has ever had the unfortunate or fortunate task of finding a job Fortunate? Yes because you may actually learn something about your character and resolve during the process that will change the course of your life and career This book is a pick me up motivational reference guide with clearly laid out objectives that give you the tools Thomas B Dowd III is no ordinary motivational speaker and author He has learned his lessons the hard way He suffered the ignominy of being displaced His book Displacement Day When My Job Was Looking for a Job captures the shock of losing a long held steady job with the painful and difficult task of finding a new job While that is something many people have been through what makes Tom’s case different is the insights and suggestions he offered as he tells his storyDisplacement Day When My Job Was Looking for a Job by Thomas B Dowd III is not only a hands on reference guide to finding just about any available work out there I is far from that Tom’s book is a toll to help you find the best job for you by providing concrete and actionable ideas through well crafted and meaningful chapters like Dust Yourself Off and Get Started Cast a Wide Net Dig Deep into the Process Use All the Tools in Your Toolbox Keep Moving Maximize Your Soft and Hard Skills Effective Tools from Powerful Professional and Transformation Unleashing Leadership ProgramWhat is particularly delightful about the book is the incorporation of appropriate chapters from the author’s book The Transformation of a Doubting Thomas Growing from a Cynic to a Professional in the Corporate World a book detailing Tom's own professional growth based on lessons learned in his career This particular book received honorable mention in business 2012 New England Book Festival Readers will find this inclusion very helpfulTom is also the author of a book called From Fear to Success A Practical Public speaking Guide which received various commendations Gold Medal 2013 Axiom Business Book Awards Honorable Mention 2013 Paris Book Festival 2013 NY Book Festival