CHARACTERS ↠ A Dangerous Hunger The Sentinel Demons #2


CHARACTERS ↠ A Dangerous Hunger The Sentinel Demons #2 ↠ ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☆ A Dangerous Hunger The Sentinel Demons #2 Author J.S. Scott – Dr Talia Maris had lived her entire life as a freak—a too tall too plain too odd woman who sees and senses the presence of otherworldly entitDr Talia Maris had lived her Hunger The Epub #220 entire life as a freak a too tall too plain too odd woman who sees and senses the presence of otherworldly entities A total recluse Talia spends all of her time on her research living a contented uiet life with only her loyal feline companion for company Until that sedate existence comes crashing down around her when she starts being pursued by demon Evils And if A Dangerous PDFEPUBthere’s one thing she hatesit’s demons She ditches every one of them until Sentinel demon Drew Winston finally wins the game of pursuit by trapping her with a deceitful underhanded trick Not only is she infuriated by Drew’s stunt but when he tells her she’s his mate Talia wonders. This is second book in series Drew was chasing after a reporter he though would expose The Sentinel Demons secrets only to find out Talia had no choice but to find out It was like someone taking overher body to search for answers Drew wonders why he seems no to able to catch TaliaTalia has powers to be able to dodge evil demons she can feel and see them beforethey catch up to her We also find out Talia is Drew's mate We find clues and find out things that was impossible for a Sentinel Demononce you star reading you won't be able to put it down Can't wait to find out in Travis Story


If the too handsome too tall too sexy Sentinel demon needs some serious psychological help All she wants is to get rid of Dangerous Hunger The Kindle #213 Drew as uickly as possible But the stubborn Irishman isn’t budging and her resistance slowly crumbles as she gets pulled deeper and deeper into the world of the Sentinels by the relentless attempts of the Evils to capture her And what is she supposed to do with Drew Winston a Sentinel demon who would do anything even sacrificing his own life to protect herThere are two things Drew Winston loves about his Dangerous Hunger The Sentinel Demons Epublife being a billionaire Sentinel demon and food He Dangerous Hunger The Sentinel Demons Epubloves having everything. This is Drew and Talia's story Drew is the protector of the three Winston brothers When Drew is sent out to find Dr Talia Maris he never thought he would be finding his radiant Talia has a gift that lets her know when supernatural's are around her so that she can do what she has to for protection She was saved from making a demon bargain by Hunter but never felt anything but gratitude towards him When she finally meets Drew she is not sure what she is feeling As time goes on Drew knows that this woman is his and he always protects what is his Talia knows that she has strong feelings for Drew but she has been let down by so many people in her life she is not sure she is willing to take the risk on letting someone in her life There is so much I want to tell you about this book but I just can't because I wouldn't want any of the surprises ruined for me before I read a book This series I have been a fan of since it was once a short story The reason for the rare 5 star review is it is well written it keeps you captivated and it does not have a cliffhanger the epilogue isn't a cliffhanger like a preview for the next book The story is one that you will not want to put down until the very last word I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone

SUMMARY A Dangerous Hunger The Sentinel Demons #2

A Dangerous Hunger The Sentinel Demons #2He wants and he’s perfectly happy slaying Evils and rescuing unsuspecting humans until the irritating Dr Talia Maris evades him one time too many Yeahsuremaybe he was a little devious in the method he used to finally meet her face to face but he ends up being the one who is actually surprised when he discovers the elusive woman is actually his mate Worse yet she’s being pursued by ancient Evils and it brings every protective instinct he has to the surface making him want to kill anything that might hurt Talia Maybe Drew had never wanted or expected a mate of his own but once he has Talia in his grasp he’s determined to keep her safe and make her want to stay with him forever Plus Only Not intended for Teens. I was a little hesitant when I started this series but it being from JS Scott I decided to give it a shot since I love her writing style and her cliffhangers You just can beat them This is a great fun fast read and I am looking forward to reading Hunter's story