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Crazy Horses Girlfriend Summary Õ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ ☄ [PDF / Epub] ☃ Crazy Horses Girlfriend By Erika T. Wurth ✓ – Margaritte is a sharp tongued drug dealing sixteen year old Native American floundering in a Colorado town crippled by poverty unemployment and drug abuse SEyond the bright lights of Denver that float on the horizon before the daily suffocation of Crazy Horses PDF teen pregnancy eats her alive. Sixteen year old Margaritte is constantly planning an escape route from her miserable circumstances A mix of Apache Chickasaw Cherokee and white she finds her Idaho Springs Colorado home nothing less than depressing Beyond ennui at home Margaritte has to deal with the daily stress of her volatile alcoholic father and a mother who can be eually explosive while helping care for her innocent six year old twin sisters She's tired of living on the cusp of poverty as well as being surrounded by teens who have no future aspirations High on their chart of escapism is drugs and alcohol while many girls succumb to teenage pregnancy—a statistic that Margaritte has no intention of becoming Ironically Margaritte who drinks and smokes pot sees the wads of cash she hopes to bring in as a drug dealer and her new love Mike Walker as the ticket out of her loathsome life Yet the hope of a brighter future suddenly appears dismal when Margaritte learns that she's pregnantIn her debut novel Wurth has created a plethora of hardened teens and their means of survival in unforgiving conditions The story's protagonist narrator is Margaritte whose insistence on not becoming a loser truly earmarks her as an underdog as she struggles to go against the grain of her impoverished society The language Wurth uses which includes Lakota terminology is raw and visceral reflecting just how tough these teens are especially MargaritteWritten in first person Wurth's narrative is full of literary techniues that highlight themes of codependency amid Native American culture during the 1990s Of prominence is Wurth's use of a leitwortstil a purposeful repetition of words that usually expresses an important story motif or theme in the phrase for a Moment The intentional capitalization of the letter m tells the reader that various characters most often Margaritte are deliberately observing a situation and wondering why life is like it is as in this example between Margaritte and her motherMom was grading It seemed like she was always grading She looked up smiled her dark eyes full of exhaustion She touched the bruise on my face with the back of her fingertips and I took her hand We watched each other like that for a Moment and then our hands dropped and I ate my cerealWurth does an excellent job describing the devastating effects of codependency in drugs alcoholism and relationships Although Margaritte is eually a victim of codependency she sees the horrific results of meth and coke addicts and the damaging effect that alcoholism has on her father The vicious cycle of codependency is not limited to substance abuse Wurth focuses on codependency in relationships such as Margaritte's mother who is in denial fixed on the happy memories of the past and believes that her husband is getting better when clearly he is not Another example Mike and Margaritte's happy beginning that turns sour With codependency one expects plenty of conflicts almost like a ticking time bomb which are bound to explode at some point And indeed Wurth creates enough un hackneyed conflicts to keep her story fresh and constantly movingWithout specifically stating that the story takes place in the 1990s Wurth refers to items from that time period such as the hip hop and rap music the teens listen to Biggie TuPac TV shows The Electric Company popular book titles Hyperion by Dan Simmons early Stephen King novels and items like cassette tapes and rotary dial phonesKudos to Wurth for producing a gripping and heart wrenching narrative that is not only a must read for young adult and older readers but also a wonderful addition to Native American literatureby Anita Lockfor Story Circle Book Reviewsreviewing books by for and about women

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Margaritte is a sharp tongued drug dealing sixteen year old Native American floundering in a Colorado town crippled by poverty unemploymen. I read this in one evening well a long evening; I stayed up into early the next morning because I couldn't put this book down and must say that I really got into this story Much of the book is indeed gritty and heart tearing to someone me who has daughters of Magaritte's generation After the first rather shocking chapter what really touched me was the tenderness of Magaritte and of her cousin Jake towards each other as well as their relatives and friends The first chapter is surely jarring and even disturbing; some of the issuessituations and just plain scariness of their world during the early 1990s are certainly laid bare for us The next chapter however although set in such difficulties begins to unveil just a little at a time the essence of Magaritte I don't want to spoil the read for anyone; I will just say here that she is what I would call a really believable girl of those times not nearly as tough as she would have us think and at the same time much much stronger This book plot characters messages is complex than my short review here which focuses on the running thread that is the actual truth and beauty of this young lady and I have known other young ladies very much like Magaritte The last thing I will say is that it made me cry Girls I knew from my daughters' teen years went on to such diverse life experiences and some didn't survive at all literally and figuratively What will Magaritte's future hold

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Crazy Horses GirlfriendT and drug abuse She hates the burnout futureless kids surrounding her and dreams that she and her unreliable new boyfriend can move far b. This is a tough read It's a gritty look at life in an impoverished small town in Colorado with 16 year old Margaritte figuring out who she is who it is she wants to be and how to make a life better than the one her parents made for her The writing and the pacing are imperfect here though those are secondary to the bigger story It's rare to see a Native main character in a YA novel and even rarer to see one who is dealing with a lot of challenges drugs pregnancy alcoholism an abusivealcoholic parent and figuring out how to make best with them in a way that doesn't disrespect her culture or background The ending was a little too neat for my own tastes especially after such a tough go of things but I suspect others may find it satisfying to have some of those bows tied