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DOWNLOAD Ô Something about April ↠ ➽ [Download] ✤ Something about April By Cheri Paris Edwards ➲ – With daughter Sanita settled in her own apartment for the first time in years Lena Jefferson's time is her own On a whim she looks up an old college boyfriend and impulsively sends him an e mail To he O sure though when her reluctance threatens their promising relationship Carla is forced to view herself with new eyes Carla is also concerned about the change in her mother unlike her sister Sanita who seems to be taking Lena's transformation in stride Lena has cut her hair slipped into a modern wardrobe and is starting a new career and Carla worries about what her mother's metamorphosis might mean for her family Spring brings dramatic changes for Lena and Carla Jefferson as they discover there's Something About April that may leave neither of their lives may ever the same Laugh cry and celebrate with the Jeffersons' in this second offering about a season of change for this Midwestern fami. Something About April by Cheri Paris Edwards is a refreshing read about family and identity Lena Jefferson is a preacher’s wife that feels that she is losing herself in her family All these years she has taken care of her kids and husband Now she feels that it is her time to live She rekindles old friendships hobbies and relationships that gives her a new outlook on life Will her family approve of this new life or will she lose herself again Lena’s daughter Carla has buried her self in work after a broken heart Then she meets the perfect guy who wants to sweep her off her feet Will she follow her heart or let it all slip away because he is not the man of her dreams I absolutely loved the characters in this book I found myself not wanting to put the book down until I was finished Cheri Paris Edwards writes as if you are sitting in the room with the characters This is my first time reading anything from this author but it will not be my last I read this book for review


O reconnect to the past sends her down a path that that could change her life forever Carla Jefferson has accepted that Terrence Catchings is in love with her sister Sanita and successfully weathered a tough start in her position as school principal When Javier uintero pays a visit her office to talk about his wayward niece he doesn't hide his interest Attractive and intelligent Javier left the Army to start a successful landscaping business But despite all they have in common and their undeniable attraction to one another Carla can't reconcile Javier with the dream man she's imagined Carla turns to her friend Mandy for advice who assures her that love can overcome differences Carla's not s. As a longtime student of literary fiction I was very happy to come across Something About April The author Cheri Paris Edwards has created a complex family and narrative which speaks to the issues that so many of us face The characters have real depth as well a sense of missed opportunities The story I think is best described as being filled with romantic tension that drives the evolution of the main narrator especially We see how the choices we make can limit our future and place us in self created boxes We also see how we might find our way out of these limitations But in the end we must make these decisions for ourselves

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Something about AprilWith daughter Sanita settled in her own apartment for the first time in years Lena Jefferson's time is her own Something about PDF On a whim she looks up an old college boyfriend and impulsively sends him an e mail To her surprise he writes her back attaching a photo One look at the picture and Lena is filled with a bittersweet longing for the past and an urgency to reclaim a part of herself that she suddenly desperately wants back When Lena's long time friend the sharp witted and newly divorced Nadine Clements moves her law practice to town and the old boyfriend Derrick Jasperson takes a teaching position at the local university with a lovesick ex girlfriend not far behind Lena's longing t. In this cosy story we follow Lena Jeffersen a minister's wife and her oldest daughter Carla Lena impulsively contacts an ex boyfriend although she claims to live in a happy marriage with her husband James At the same time she reconnects with Nadine a friend from college Lena rediscovers photography a hobby she previously adored Lena finds that as the years have passed by she has lost herself to her husband and children and that she now is in a position to dig out the old Lena from when she was young However finding herself again isn't necessarily accepted by the loved ones around her And could she risk losing them all just to find herselfLena's oldest daughter Carla is struggling to find love and when she meets an interesting man she has to seriously uestion her ideals of how the perfect man should be Does race really matter And will Carla's family accept him This is book number two about the Jeffersens I haven't read the first book but had no trouble falling into the characters and story This is a uick and easy to read story that leaves you uestioning whether you are living life to the full and has life turned out as planned Or have relationships family and other events led you down paths that didn't lead to full happiness The reason I gave this book only 3 stars is because I felt it lacked substance It's readable and enjoyable but I missed a larger build up and the end was very abruptRead and find out what happens to Lena and Carla Does everything work out for them in the endI received a free copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased and honest review