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text ´ Carsick John Waters Hitchhikes Across America ´ John Waters N Epubthe delicate film director with genteel manners or the unsuspecting travelers transporting the Pope of TrashBefore he leaves for this bizarre adventure Waters fantasizes about the best and worst possible scenarios a friendly drug dealer hands over piles of cash to finance films with no uestions asked Should have read the reviews I thought it would be interesting to read about a celebrity hitchhiking across the country encountering all kinds of different peopleUnfortunately the first 23rds of this book are ridiculous fictional stories of what he thinks COULD happen on the trip While I'm not offended by John Waters I had no interest in his non sensical porny LSD style fantasies A few at the beginning would have been fine but when they take up the first 65% of what's supposed to be a non fiction book it's irritating I like fiction just fine but that's not why I bought this book MEH

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Carsick John Waters Hitchhikes Across America mobi ¼ Audiobook ☆ John Waters ☆ [PDF / Epub] ☆ Carsick John Waters Hitchhikes Across America Author John Waters – John Waters is putting his life on the line Armed with wit a pencil thin mustache and a cardboar A John Waters Hitchhikes PDF #8608 demolition derby driver makes a filthy sexual reuest in the middle of a race a gun toting drunk terrorizes and holds him hostage and a Kansas vice suad entraps and throws him in jail So what really happens when this cult legend sticks out his thumb and faces the open roa 25 starsIt's not like I'm a rabid John Waters fan I really admire the bizarro ideas rattling through the guy's mind than I appreciate any of his finished products Any self respecting cineaste can't go without at least sampling a few of Waters' oddities A few of them successful Hairspray and Serial Mom are my fave movies of his A great many just fall in the uirky dumb to uirky ick car wreck continuum like Female Trouble Polyester with Odorama scratch n sniff cardsincluding fart and airplane glue scents and of course Pink Flamingos where Waters' fave transvestite Divine vies for Balti's Filthiest Person Alive titleyecch Waters whole stock in trade as a filmmaker seems to be to push the envelope with uirky disgusting schlock without really backing it up with any substance There are few degrees of separation between Waters oeuvre and porn Yet I'm strangely compelled by him and have to check out what he does even if I know it's going to suck I've never denied being a masochistSomehow Waters closes that gap between his oeuvre and porn with his his ahem non fictional Carsick his chronicle of hitchhiking from his house in Balti to his apartment in San Francisco I'm not sure what Waters or his publisher were thinking here butholy crapwhy they felt they needed to embellish his account with fiction and not just fiction but old geezer wet dreamy boyporn was utterly beyond me Just so you know I'm not easily offended and I wasn't offended here just aghast but why oh why It's like John Waters seems to think absent the visual medium to push that envelope you have to be ten times disgusting in a book than you do on the big screen The last third of the book with his real as advertised road trip was totally fine definitely four star worthy The first two thirds though A never ending sea of reject road trip porn movie scenarios which were actually somewhat funny at first but became banal after the third or twenty third even instance of them

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Carsick John Waters Hitchhikes Across AmericaJohn Waters is putting Waters Hitchhikes MOBI #237 his life on the line Armed with wit a pencil thin mustache and a cardboard sign that reads I’m Not Psycho he hitchhikes across America from Balti to San Francisco braving lonely roads and treacherous drivers But who should we be worried about Carsick Joh This is the first time I've been disappointed by John Waters Only the last third of the book is an account of his hitchhiking experience This slender work of nonfiction is beefed up with two novella one that imagines the worst possible hitchhiking experience and one that imagines the best Tedious very tediousIt's always been true that Waters is underneath his filthy persona a heck of a nice guy But here he's a little too nice Everybody is so darn nice Not one bad ride His only bad experience is bad weather for hitchhiking I suspect that stories about hitchhiking are really only interesting to other people who have hitchhiked what was your longest ride where were you hassled by cops who scared the bejeezus out you did you get laid That sort of thing Another complaint no pictures Waters mentions numerous pictures that were taken but none of them appear in the book I'm not saying it needed to be lavishly illustrated but some of the places he describes would have benefited by an accompanying photo I mean the jacked copy does describe him as a visual artist