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Leo Strauss and NietzscheThe influential political philosopher Leo Strauss has been credited by conservatives with the recovery of the great tradition of political philosophy stretching back to Plato Among Strauss's most enduring legacies is a strongly negative assessment of Nietzsche as the modern philosopher most at odds with that tradition and most responsible for the sins of twentieth century culture relativism godlessness nihilism and the breakdown of family values In fact ReviewJanuary 2009Nietzsche Strauss and PhilosophyTo begin with I will start by noting that this book contains a commentary by Lampert on the essay 'Note on the Plan of Nietzsche's Beyond Good and Evil' written by Leo Strauss It also contains the original essay by Strauss This is a wonderful place to begin to learn of the 'political' esotericism of the philosophers Lampert is probably the most insistent and easily the most informed voice among admirers of Strauss maintaining that there are deep similarities between the thought of Nietzsche and Strauss Today the defenders of Leo Strauss prefer to see him as a Platonist But as Stanley Rosen perhaps the greatest student of Strauss has gently pointed out the unwillingness of Strauss to even mention much less discuss the Platonic Ideas makes Strauss an extremely peculiar Platonist to say the very least Perhaps a digression on our author is in order First Lampert's books are as follows Nietzsche's Teaching An Interpretation of Thus Spoke Zarathustra New Haven Yale University Press 1986 Nietzsche and Modern Times A Study of Bacon Descartes and Nietzsche New Haven Yale University Press 1993 Leo Strauss and Nietzsche Chicago University of Chicago Press 1996 Nietzsche's Task An Interpretation of Beyond Good and Evil New Haven Yale University Press 2001 Francis Bacon's Advertisement Touching a Holy War edited with an introduction notes and interpretive essay by Laurence Lampert Prospect Heights IL Waveland 2000 I believe he is currently working on a book on Nietzsche and Plato tentatively entitled 'Nietzsche and Ancient Times' It will continue Lampert's task of reinterpreting the history of philosophy in a Nietzschean manner All the published books are excellent But keep in mind the strategic nature of all philosophically esoteric works They reveal as much as they hide Digression ends Lampert is however in this superb book at pains to explain why Leo Strauss was not in fact a Nietzschean either Indeed since Lampert who is unlike Rosen a 'Nietzschean' maintains that Strauss has given us in his brief essay on Nietzsche Note on the Plan of Nietzsche's 'Beyond Good and Evil' the best reading of Nietzsche available Lampert must show the deep reasons behind the refusal by Strauss of Nietzsche It is certainly not that Strauss did not learn from Nietzsche or that he somehow failed to see the profundity of his thought But first I would like to highlight the uniue form of this book This book by Lampert is what medieval philosophers would've called a 'supercommentary'; that is it is a commentary upon a commentary Leo Strauss in his essay writes a commentary upon Nietzsche's 'Beyond Good and Evil' BGE and now Lampert writes a commentary upon that commentary All three authors are esoteric or if you prefer 'esoterically aware' writers This means we must read very carefully referring back and forth from text to text to text It is a bit like playing Tri Dimensional Chess So why isn't Strauss a Nietzschean? Well before we get to that we must understand that there are than a few Nietzsche interpretations out there; of which Lampert's is among the most acute Briefly and perhaps most importantly Lampert argues that far from being 'the village atheist' Nietzsche understands the importance of Religion it is the Poetry of Everyday Life However accor


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Leo Strauss and Nietzsche Book Î 240 pages Download º ❮PDF❯ ✑ Leo Strauss and Nietzsche Author Laurence Lampert – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk The influential political philosopher Leo Strauss has been credited by conservatives with the recovery of the great tradition of political philosophy stretching back This apparent denunciation has become so closely associated with Strauss that it is often seen as the very core of his thoughtIn Leo Strauss and Nietzsche the eminent Nietzsche scholar Laurence Lampert offers a controversial new assessment of the Strauss Nietzsche connection Lampert undertakes a searching examination of the key Straussian essay Note on the Plan of Nietzsche's Beyond Good and Evil He shows that this essay written toward the end of Strau Every Nietzsche reader interested in his contemporary political relevance and presence must read this Lampert writes with combination of clarity persuasiveness and a passionate spirit of inuiry on this subject that is rarely seen today

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Ss's life and placed at the center of his final work reveals an affinity for and debt to Nietzsche greater than Strauss's followers allow Lampert argues that the essay comprises the most important interpretation of Nietzsche ever published one that clarifies Nietzsche's conception of nature and of human spiritual history and demonstrates the logical relationship between the essential themes in Nietzsche's thought the will to power and the eternal return This book regrounds the political perspective of Nietzsche through an analysis of moral codes in Strauss interpretation of Nietzsche Still reading