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Free read The Millionaire Affair ó PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ ❰PDF / Epub❯ ✅ The Millionaire Affair Author Sophie Weston – Wealthy Nikolai Ivanov was highly dubious about the provocative young woman his aunt had taken into her luxurious Notting Hill homeWayward one second F them All he needed was to overcome her resistance to him The Millionaire MOBI #8608 But the danger was that he could so easily end up falling for her instead. Not my favourite Sophie Weston but not terrible Heroine is a bond trader who dropped out of school at 16 She has an active social life and can hold her own in conflicts with a variety of people which is in keeping with her job She's treated with suspicion by the hero naturally this is a Presents after all but eventually proves her ualification to be an HP heroine because she is martyring herself by view spoilergiving up all her hard earned money to support her mother and sister who needs expensive treatments hide spoiler

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Wealthy Nikolai Ivanov was highly dubious about the provocative young woman his aunt had taken into her luxurious Notting Hill homeWayward one second then tant. Re The Millionaire Affair Sophie Weston's last HP Outing after a ten year hiatus is a class conscious story that doesn't uite hit the believability markLisa is our 24 yr old Head Bond Dealer heroine and she is one of the best SW heroine's ever Lisa's story is that she is a bit of a genius combined with some savvy street smarts and when she left school at 16 she broke out of her very low socioeconomic class to become the IT girl of bond tradingHer father is gone her mother had two daughters and only menial job skills and her younger sister is anorexic and 'troubled' and Lisa has always felt out of place where ever she finds herself When Lisa started the road to huge financial success the first thing she did was get her sister and mother into a nice house with a short term mortgageIn an astute financial move Lisa is very aware that the life of a bond trader can be very short in the financial rewards department so she aims to pay off her mother's home as uickly as she can so her mother has some security Lisa has also been footing the bill for her sister's very expensive treatment and therapy over the years and as per the standard HP h rule book her mother very much takes her for granted and focuses all her devotion on the younger sister Careerwise Lisa is the number one bond trader in the City but since she is young trendy and doesn't have the old school money or connections the usual trader has she is in for a lot of flack Lisa also shops at thrift shops and second hand places so her look isn't the latest couture collection style and her boss in particular gives her tons of grief about itBut all of this success has meant that Lisa doesn't really fit in anywhere She is too posh for her origins and too low class for her new status SW shows us this when we learn Lisa is living in a shared flat with a group her own age and the other flat mates are exceedingly envious of her rising career starThrow in an almost obsessive infatuation fixation from one of the male roommate he is lusting after her looks and her earning potential and poor Lisa is just about at the end of her rope Her displacement in the world she finds herself in isn't helped by continual sniping from her very jealous male boss about her clothing choices Nor was it helped by being dumped by her first lover at 18 The ex was the current top trader at the time and very uick to seduce the new girl in the dealer room When he got a big job offer in NYC the man was also very uick to kick Lisa out of his life the slime gulper claimed Lisa was a sexy tart and smart but too trashy to really be his partner in lifeSo Lisa has had some knocks and doesn't get a lot of external support from anyone Her only real emotional outlet is her dance sessions where one of the other is dancers is an elderly Russian ballerinaThe elderly ballerina happens to be a very blue blooded Russian Imperial Aristocrat who has an eually aristocratic nephew Hero named Nikolai a jungle explorer animal behaviorist The ballerina offers Lisa her granny flat in her Notting Hill home as Lisa can no longer tolerate her current roommate situationThe ballerina is a true Old World female aristocrat and refuses to deal the financial aspects of flat letting so Lisa gets provides her own euitable lease agreement and a cheue for the cost of leasing the flat and that is where this story beginsNik is sent by the rest of the family to investigate Lisa and make sure she isn't a con woman out to take advantage of his great aunt As soon as the two meet Nik slips into chauvinistic aristocratic patronizing snot snarfer mode and he never really leaves it even as he can't control his attempts to provoke Lisa into a very passionate lurve club experienceLisa is irked by Nik's imperious manner and having been there and got the t shirt with men who think she a hot piece of low class trash Lisa isn't impressed with Nik's alternating accusations and then lurve club attemptsAs the lurve force mojo intensity builds between them Nik resorts to devious ploys and plots to get Lisa to give into the lure of his tower of power He is aided and abetted by his eually devious family who always can make some condescending space for anyone who can be enlisted to increase the family fortunes Lisa finally does succumb when she has to escort the ballerina to Nik's family's great French Chateau estate but when Nik once again puts her down for her lower social status and lack of high society polish Lisa is done with him and resolves to shut him out of her life It isn't until Nik finds a therapist for Lisa's sister that actually helps the sister get away from her mother's overwhelming smothering and into her own life that the sister feels sorry for Nik and gives him a huge skillet to the head The sister points out that implying Lisa is low class tarty trash and allowing his now married to another man high society ex girlfriend to berate Lisa out sheer piue that Nik is not available to the OW is way too reminiscent of how Lisa's only other relationship went Nik needs to learn that Lisa isn't stupid she knows when to cut her losses and wait until the market shifts In an SW deus ex machina move Nik suddenly sees the light As with all the previous books in this Notting Hill Groom's series Nik waits until the Notting Hill Carnivale to waylay Lisa once again and semi humbly declare his love and adoration for Lisa if she will marry himLisa believes Nik's declaration and claims she feels 'at home' with him plus she has been in love and having a mopey moment about it for the last three chapters so she agrees to marry him for the big HEAThis one is fantastic in terms of the heroine and negative 10 in terms of the hero which makes it a three Because while I did not believe the HEA I was happy Lisa did and she was smart enough to dump Nik if he got obnoxious againSW will now permanently relocate over to HRTropia for the rest of her HN career so we bid farewell to Ms Weston and thank her for a really unusual and interesting heroine for her last HP outing

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The Millionaire AffairAlizingly seductive the next Lisa Romaine both intrigued and infuriated him She was a woman with secrets and Nikolai was going to discover each and every one o. Hh managed to make a simple understanding heroine was not trying to rip off hero's great aunt into an epic battle of sexual tension and even misunderstandings Heroine has huge chips on her shoulders about being a woman in the man's world of bond trading having to dress for success and being taken in by an older sleeze when she was 18 All understandable issues but she was tiresome imoNature explorer hero has huge chips on his shoulders about being super hot rich and misunderstood I don't know He had no excuses for his idiocyEven though I didn't like the characters I still enjoyed watching the story evolve Boogenhagen has all the detailsFYI the heroine has a sister who is battling anorexia there are enough details that it could be triggering so be warned Also the sister's solution is so simplistic that those who have been touched by this issue may find it insulting