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Bone Cold Download Î 102 ð ❮Read❯ ➵ Bone Cold Author Erica Spindler – Anna North è vicina a realizzare il proprio sogno di diventare una scrittrice di successo uando riceve la lettera di una giovane ammiratrice Tutto normale Sì se non fosse che Anna North è in realt Anna North è vicina a realizzare il Anna North è vicina a realizzare il proprio sogno di diventare una scrittrice di successo uando riceve la lettera di una giovane ammiratrice Tutto normale Sì se non fosse che Anna North è in realtà Harlow Grail e si nasconde da ventitré anni per evitare che i rapitori che. WOW WOW WOW Erica Spindler is one of my favourite authors has done it again with Bone Cold this was one of the best thrillers i have read in 2016Harlow Grail was abducted as a 6 year old 23 years ago by a madman now an adult Anna North has moved on living in New Orleans as a successful thriller writer thinking her life is better but how wrong could she beShe gets letters from Kurt her abductor killings start to happen so Detective uentin Malone comes in to investigate the murders a pattern starts to emerge where the perp is targeting women with Red hair with some he removes their pinkie finger as he did with AnnaBen her Psychiatrist approaches Anna for writing a article on her abduction but things seems fine until His personality changes she tells him to see a doctor but refusesuentin then makes a mistake by sleeping with Anna but knows he has to get on with the jobWhat happens from here on in is a lot of twists turns that were mind boggling i never saw coming the ending blew my mindThis was to me a Psychological thriller that had a lot intriguing plot than anything i have read before by Erica Spindler she is at the top of her game never disappoints

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Re donne che le assomigliano vengono assassinate e Anna si trova sola a combattere contro l'ignoto Nemmeno l'affascinante detective di polizia uentin Malone a cui si è rivolta per fare chiarezza sul caso sembra credere alle sue fantasie persecutorie Ma si dovrà presto ricrede. This is the very first book I read by this author I couldn't put this book down and it left me searching for of her books It was an great read told in the present about a young woman writer living in New Orleans who has changed her name and is hiding from a man who kidnapped her and cut off her finger 23 years ago She escaped and now lives in fear of this man This is a chilling psycho thriller and I highly recommend this book

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Bone ColdL'avevano seuestrata da ragazzina possano tornare e vendicarsi della sua fuga Anna risponde alla lettera usando la carta intestata del negozio di fiori dove lavora Da ui sarà uno scherzetto riuscire a rintracciarla Inizia così un effetto domino una persona a lei vicina scompa. Holy moly does Spindler deliver I've only ever read one other book by this author but it's become one of a fairly short list of books i just can't get out of my head and have to reread fairly freuently When i found this one in one of the boxes of books i pulled out of storage i was excited to read it yet frightened it wouldn't live up It was definitely a great read but I have to say Dead Run still takes the cake I found all the characters for the most part to be incredibly developed and extremely fascinating to read The heroine was tough but vulnerable Every one of her actions felt true to her character leading me to believe that the author took the time to actually research what she was writing about a nice change from what i have been reading I did find the hero to be a little shallow though this may have been intended I would've liked to see him as a stronger presence so I could love him as much as I did the heroine Though there was a bit of romance in here it definitely was not the focus nor was it really even an integral part of the book and the sex scenes were mostly fadeouts so this is definitely for those who love thrillers over romances Speaking of holy bookception batman This was a thrillerabout an author who writes thrillers For some reason that just tickles me pink The plot itself was extremely well thought out It had several twists and turns some easy to figure out some less easy The big reveal caught me somewhat by surprise but afterwards I was mad at myself because the answer had been jiggling around my brain i just hadn't taken the time to shake it loose While I found this story enthralling and could hardly put it down it did drag a bit at certain points Not so much that i noticed it during the read but afterwards it felt like it had taken forever to get through it Not necessarily in a bad way but i think some of the fat could've been trimmed for an easieruicker read I also thought that the ending was a little abrupt and would've liked a little depth in the killer's history rather than just a glossover of what happened to them The writing though was stellar Flawless from what I could see and Spindler just really excels at putting you at the edge of your seat and keeping you there She definitely has that it uality that keeps an author flying off the shelvesBottom line though dead run easily topped this one for me I really enjoyed it I'll keep this one for now though i'm not sure it'll be one i reread I'd recommend for people who like mysterythrillers but not so much for people who like straight romances