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Prince Hafiz's Only ViceWhat a royal wants Prince Hafiz devotes his days to his people and his nights to indulging his desires with his stunning American mistress Lacey Maxwell But duty reuires him to marry a suitable bride. Sorrymay contain a couple of spoilersOh the romantic desert prince I think I’ve mentioned before that I have “gone off” sheikhs and princes who live in some small unknown desert country where most of the people are poor and only sheikhs are rich beyond anything we can imagineand take on Western gorgeous women as lovers and marry the pure local princessSo you may be asking mewhy are you reading Prince Hafiz's Only Vice by Susanna Carr Isn’t it about just the kind of sheikh you mentioned aboveTruthfully I have no idea why I picked this one up and actually read it until the END AndWell it wasn’t amazing but to be totally honest it wasn’t bad either Okay I’m gonna try keeping my review as simple and short as possible The poor Prince He’s had a lot of so not good things happening in his lifehe’s suppose to be the heir to the kingdom he loves and wants to do good for it and its peoplebut he was a very bad boy in his younger days with a French lover and his father the king disowned him and warned him to toe the line or else Did Hafiz learn anything from that experience Of course not He can’t help himself when it comes to sexy Western women And this time he goes even further and OTThe whisks the new paramour off from was it St Louis Well some city in old USA and flies he to his little kingdom where he keeps her hidden from the entire world in the apartment he sets up for herWhat you can’t believe that Nor could ILacey gave up her budding career as a lounge singer and piano player after meeting Hafiz at the hotel she was playing at leaves her old life behind and flies off into the sunsetoopsno flies to Hafiz’s little kingdom where he’s set her up in a luxurious apartment and visits her for sexno no walkies in town no meeting his family or friendsshe’s his sex benefit But after a year shut away from all and everythingwell she has been kind of busy behind Hafiz’s backlearning Arabic which is going to be such a surprise to him making friends with no not really the localsit’s with embassy peoplethe surprise is going to something she never expected She reads the latest news in the local English newspaper that Hafiz is going to be marriedno not to her Lacey but some suitable virginal local or some next door kingdom princess Lacey stared at the engagement announcement Her mind refused to comprehend the words Marry she whispered Her wild gaze flew to Hafiz's harsh face You're getting marriedShe waited in agony as he rose to his full height He looked very tall and intimidating Almost like a strangerLacey didn't realize she was holding her breath until he answered YesThe single word sent her universe into a spiral I don'tI don't She stared at the headline again but the pain was too raw too intense Yes not to Laceywhy did she know this Because the twit named Hafiz had never asked her to marry him Her hands shook as the rage and something close to fear swirled inside her Fear of losing everything Pure anger at the thought of Hafiz with another woman The fury threatened to overpower her She wanted to scream at the injustice and claw at something Stake her claim Hafiz belonged to her You have been with another woman She couldn't believe it All this time you were with someone elseHafiz's eyes narrowed at the accusation No You have been the only woman in my life since I met you in St Louis a year agoShe was the only woman and yet he was going to marry another Then how are youI don't understand OMGHafizyou'd better have a good answer here He braced his feet a shoulders' width apart and clasped his hands behind his back preparing for battle I met the bride today and she agreedLacey's mouth gaped open You just met her She snatched the flicker of hope and held on tight So it's an arranged marriageHafiz let out a bark of humorless laughter Of courseThen what's the problem She moved slowly as she stood Her arms and legs felt limp and shaky Say that you won't get marriedHe looked away I can't Regret tinged his voice Poor Hafiz and poor Lacey These two love each other so much but they can’t be togetherCan it get any worse for these two ill fated lovers You bet it canHafiz’s parents know about his little secretkeeping a mistress is not an option if he wants to be reinstated as his country’s next Kingthat’s what his father promises him Of course Hafiz is not going to choose his country over the woman he loves beyond love Wronghe chooses country She has to understand the reason why Really Tears tearsRightlet me stop right here Otherwise you will know the entire storyso if this book sounds interestingget your own copy and start reading another Arabian adventureSurprisingly and unexpectedly a fun and pleasurable read oh just a mention that I do like this author’s writing style

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Download Prince Hafiz's Only Vice ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ¼ [Epub] ➚ Prince Hafiz's Only Vice By Susanna Carr – What a royal wants Prince Hafiz devotes his days to his people and his nights to indulging his desires with his stunning American mistress Lacey Maxwell But dutThe years spent with Lacey have done nothing to slake his hunger for her Instead he's determined to turn his only vice into Prince Hafiz's MOBI #8608 a virtue for the sake of his countryand each othe. I usually prefer the older harleuins the recent publications not uite doing it for me So with this I thought 'What's not to like'; a hot sheikh tick wants a mistress but doesn't consider h wife material not uite like but near enough tick a alpha hero no uhmok How about a beta heronopejust a little saddo hero That was the fail a really big fail My hero's GOT to be a Hero The whole family conflict etc was fine and some of the cultural aspects were pretty accurate but sometimes so negatively presented it annoyed me But really I don't look for accuracy in my series romances I look for the stuff of fantasythis wasn't it This was difficult reading and because I break out in hives if I dnf I had to skim read it and even that took too long

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In her deepest secret fantasies Lacey naively hopes to one day wear Hafiz's ring until her dreams are shattered and he chooses someone else Faced with the reality of a passionless union Hafiz realizes. Not a fan of non virginal heroines and beta heroes