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read National Service kindle · Hardcover ´ ☉ [PDF / Epub] ☆ National Service By Richard Vinen ❤ – Sunday Times Top 10 Bestseller Richard Vinen's new book is a serious—if often very entertaining—attempt to get to grips with the reality of National Service an extraordinary institution whichD under often brutal conditions taught to obey orders and to fight The luck of the draw might result in two years of boredom in some dilapidated British barracks but it could also mean being thrown into a dangerous combat mission in a remote part of the world By any measure National Service had a huge impact on the nature of British society and yet it has been remarkably little written about As the military's needs wound down and Britain ceased to be a great power N A very readable thorough survey of a phenomenon I only really knew from Dennis Potter's 'Lipstick on Your Collar' and the memories of my mate's stepdad who deferred and never had to do it but was expecting to National Service is both forgotten and misremembered and this is an excellent correction of the recordRespectful but captures the buffoonery and comedy of the whole experience very well and in much of the tone of bluster and dissent you can so often hear the voice of Private Eye that'll be Ingrams and Monty Python As ever there's often nothing funnier than wit under fire or in an office miles from it Some glorious British understatement and one liners here And the horror too I had never heard of Batang Kali 'the British My Lai' And the extent of suicides Douglas Hurd's brother I had no idea For some two years of time wasting; for others a rerun of the Somme in KoreaOh and a good starter on understanding the British Army if only from the 'regulars' versus 'conscripts' point of view I still don't get what the hell they're on about and need to get a primer those names 'Green Jackets'; 'Black Watch' 'The Glosters' And those job titles It makes cricket seem really easy to followExcellent and timely National Service ever being raised as an answer to a social problem It's not

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Ational Service came to be seen as just an embarrassment and its culture of rank and discipline something which many British people were by the 1960s running away from But without a proper understanding of National Service the story of post war Britain barely makes sense Richard Vinen provides that missing book It will be fascinating to those who endured or even enjoyed their time in uniform but also to anyone wishing to understand the uniue nature of post war Brita This is a great study of National Service Not only does it give you the information it explains how to use it The chapter on literature for example helps to understand the motives behind autobiographies and gives analytical guidance on further reading The thickness of the book is daunting but many of the pages are citation notes It's not as difficult a read as might be expected Recommended starting point on this subject

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National ServiceSunday Times Top 10 Bestseller Richard Vinen's new book is a serious if often very entertaining attempt to get to grips with the reality of National Service an extraordinary institution which now seems as remote as the British Empire itself With great sympathy and curiosity Vinen unpicks the myths of the two gap years which all British men who came of age between 1945 and the early 1960s had to fill with National Service Millions of teenagers were thrown together an As with various other ordeals they themselves evaded there's a certain strain of gammon keen on reintroducing national service to sort out the younger generation Hilarious then that the figures suggest in practice it led to rather than less juvenile delinuency and maybe even homosexuality to boot But that upending of conventional 'wisdom' is just one small strand of Vinen's capacious yet granular account which combines broad sweeps with revealing anomalies and amusing anecdotes to cover everything from class to Korea to the co option of Anglicanism in the cause of promoting sexual continence which in the event seems to have done to undermine faith than it did to prevent VD Certain men recur from chapter to chapter among them the famous who sometimes made much of their experiences David Lodge's admitted tendency to fictionalise his time in the forces is treated forensically but sympathetically; Alan Clark's less open creativity with the truth earns a noticeably frostier tone A fascinating read even if one has no particular interest in the brief and atypical phenomenon of British peacetime conscription; a springboard for all manner of further uestions if one does