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Dog FoodIt s a dog eat dog world Especially when all the dogs involved are hungry For a sheltered mama s boy like Demarcus everything was all roses until a life changing experience showed him that every rose has thorns After a well orchestrated set up Demarcus' plans to go to college are derailed by a trip to state prison It is while in the belly of the beast that the mama's boy has to make the choice between being a man or being a victim Upon his release Demarcus trie. This was my first time reading something from this author and it was very good This book can be like a real life family situation Family be the first to see you and want you fail at everything you do Their is always someone that is jealous or envious of you I really can appreciate the way Raynesha had all these twist and turns in her book Great read a must read also a page turner 5 star read

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Free download ´ Dog Food ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub è [Read] ➳ Dog Food ➯ Raynesha Pittman – It s a dog eat dog world Especially when all the dogs involved are hungry For a sheltered mama s boy like Demarcus everything was all roses until a life changing experience showed him thatIon Demarcus finds himself on the losing side of a bloody drug war As he prepares for the show down with his opposition he begins to uncover truths about his past including what happened that fateful night of his arrest To add insult to injury when he finally stands face to face with his enemy he discovers that the face is a familiar one They say that blood is thicker than water but when it comes to cash sometimes even those closest to you will try to do you in. This book was good spent the whole day reading it what happend to Demarcus could happen to anybody smh I felt sooo sorry for him man More young men need to read this so the same thing don't happen to them This book had me angry crying and laughing I want Demarcus to get justice and I hope he does I already ordered the seuel

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S to get his life back on track but his felony conviction causes door after door to be slammed in his face Going to college is no longer an option and flipping burgers is not in his plans With little other choice Demarcus applies the lessons learned in prison and takes it to the streets He gets caught up in the game of selling heroin known on the streets as Dog Food When all hell breaks loose between the major dealers in Memphis over the city s heroin distribut. DemarcusGrowing up in the shadow of an over protective mother Sharon; who sheltered him from all things bad meant that Demarcus may have a chance at a decent life Despite having to conuer her own demons his mother Sharon had a good job and made sure they went to church Not as street smart as his cousin Omar; the innocent Demarcus excelled in sports and used his running back skills as a stepping stone to college But instead a calculated set up was played out on Demarcus that shattered his reputation and sent him away with a felony convictionFinally released Demarcus planned to ignore the pull from the streets and walk the straight and narrow but between family drama and street politics things don’t go uite as he expectedA good read that kept me turning the pages I do have a few gripes though The way that Demarcus described Uncle Leroy I had a hard time believing the flamboyant former drug dealing pimp was running a church The bank clerk mistook one cousin for the other because they looked so much alike so how come Bria didn’t pick up on that The whole revelation regarding Bria’s connection with the cousins didn’t sit well with me But with that said not everyone is hardcore with street life aspirations and mama’s boy Demarcus was written as the gullible type The author did a great job in showcasing this type of character I also loved the character named Gutter Where I thought the story should have ended a part two is indicated so it will be interesting to see where Ms Pittman takes this storyLocksie October 26 2014ARC Book Club Inc40