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The Stuff of NightmaresKyle has always been afraid of things especially dying Whilst on a train on a school trip Kyl As they do in John Oliver's hometown in England I do my Halloween stuff well mostly read horror themed books in February as well So keeping up with that impromptu tradition I picked this up At first I was liking it well enough I was like gimme contemporary diverse authors no need to Walter Mosley this up Let's face it we are not Luke Cage But a uarter of way in it started to go downhill and I suddenly realized this was rather a bland offering Whenever I read badly written books I think of Stephen King I know there is no correlation between those two things It is just that King has written so much on how not to write badly that I can't not think of him or his advice when I chance upon horrendous writing Nicest thing I can say about this novel is that it is properly written and that it's grammatically sound But that's probably by default I was going to give it only one star Then I bumped it up to three because some of the stories in it were really great From any number of them a better book could have sprung but those stories did buttress this mess and it is worth a skim because of that In an odd way this does remind me of an infinitely better novel; Gargoyle by David Andrews I hope Andrews has written another book by now Even though I had loved Gargoyle for some reason I disliked it immensely tooAnd I'll admit there is something to living through the nightmares of others That's scarring in a way that even our own rotten dreams are not Incidentally I bought this book with a girl who is than just a friend and yet she is less than what she could be

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E The Stuff ePUB #8608 realises that he isn’t the only one who has buried fears and importa An athletic kid who runs to shake off his lingering anxieties faces a horrific event that marks his life permanantly Kyle who looks forward to his annual school trip and another way to escape his monotonous personal life survives the train wreakage after it is crushed and mangled after the impact Being the only survivor he adventures through the carriage desperately searching for anyone else conscious when he realises he can slip into the minds of the corpses across the train After he is drawn into the minds of his limp classmates Kyle becomes aware that it is not only him who experiences the consuming terror and fear thats eats on him inside As death approaches his at the darkening end of the train his worst nightmare become a blood curling reality; lonliness and isolation from any human contact A must read but beware of graphic secenarios of murder ‘accidentally’ and other horrific mares to send chills down your spine

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Book ß The Stuff of Nightmares Ç 341 pages Download ð Malorie blackman ¼ ❴Reading❵ ➹ The Stuff of Nightmares Author Malorie Blackman – Kyle has always been afraid of things especially dying Whilst on a train on a school trip Kyle realises Ntly he now burns with the desire to live and to live without fear But will Death release him I read this as part of the carnegie longlist 2010 and on balance having read Noughts Crosses was disappointed as I felt that Malorie Blackman wasn't presenting anything new The title also oversold the horror element However having said that I am about to recommend it to a colleague to read aloud to disaffected teenagers on lunchtime detentions so it can't have been so bad if I think it will hold their attentionI think for me personally I was hoping for something new and startling; but that is hard to deliver in a short story Moreover I thought NC was so good it could only go downhill from thereHaving said that MB is a very strong author If you have a shorter attention span and want to try her out this is a solid collectionIf you are a confident reader go straight for Noughts and Crosses if you like dystopia or Boys Don't Cry is you want social realismJust been to see her at the 2012 Phillipa Pierce lecture in Cambridge A lovely lady