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What happens when your ancestor who happens to be a pedophile a rapist and a cold blooded killer tries to kill you? Even stuffs his daughter into a box and throws them into the sea?Luckily for Ariadne Phillips Triton god of the sea travels across the ocean to protect her Reluctant Triton by Yelle Hughes is an excellent fun read about Greek Gods in modern times The plot of this inspired novel is spanning the millenia with a twisted family feud that begins in Ancient Greek moves through the days of Rome and finds its way to contemporary Ohio Descendants of the Gods and the Immortals themselves do the name Greek Drama proud Incestuous lusts improper longings love jealousy and revenge it is all there for youThe characters themselves are wonderful creations very much in the way you would like them to be in a novel about Greek mythology but also some great unexpected additions such as Poseidon's aid George the dolpinAriadne a young woman in Ohio discovers some Greek book and read out the writing while clearing out her grandmother's belongings an event that is noticed in the Aegaen and draws attention to her Pursued also by one of her ancestors and an unsuitable ex boyfriend the complications add up nicely and make for an inspired and well unfolding plotHughes has combined existing myths with fresh ones and historical characters with invented ones but somehow managed to keep the authentic feel of Greek Mythology I studied ancient Greek at school for 5 years and have had my fill of its history language and mythology Hughes's 'post modern' take on it comes together very well and is intelligent as it is hugely enjoyableI'm a huge fan

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Triton The Aegean Chronicles #1Gets a dream trip to Greece to be a model and finally use her self defense training to kick some buttHappily ever after can’t be reached without Taz discovering his mortal flaw Gods can and do die Ari can’t join the immortal ranks without fighting the crockety Fates for her so Acrisius aka Caligula and Chris Dugan all are one and the same man he is an evil man who loved to raped and torture his family as revenge in two of theses lives the closest people in his lives were the ones to seek their revenge for the wrongs done to them in his life as Acrisius he rapped and controlled his daughter Danae when she gives birth to another mans baby he feels betrayed he was willing to let her be with men who he deemed worthy but she tried to tell him that her child’s father was not a mortal man but he puts her in a box and throws her into the ocean many years later 2 people come and ask for Acrisius hospitality and they were Perseus the adopted son of Dictys king of Serithose he and his mother come in shrouded so that Acrisius didn’t know it was his daughter Danae and Perseus Acrisius demands they remove their hood when Danae removes her hood she tells him that he is to be punished that her sons father wasn’t a mortal but Zeus the god of thunder and that for trying to kill them he shall be punished while she is telling them this Perseus opens a bag that grabs Acrisius and his men focus on they didn’t realized they were turning to stone because they were looking at the head of medusa next thing they know they are waiting for the ferrymen to take them to Elysium or Tartarus but Hecate the goddess of death rebirth and necromancy enjoyed watching Acrisius’ evil exploits and offers him and his men a chance at a new life all they had to do as payment was to worship her and come and do her bidding any time she calledAcrisius’ second life was as Caligula emperor of Rome he and his men raped and tortured his sister Julia she had a son who was coming of age to spare him the horrors of being paraded around and raped and tortured like her she poisoned Caligula and his men in the end she ended up killing herself and her children but because she was prepared for their deaths her and her children ended up in Elysium while Acrisius aka Caligula was back where he started dead and in front of Hecate she tells him she will send him to a new life but he must keep his evil deeds on the uiet side and to not be killed by another blood relativeAriadme Phillips wakes up when she hear someone pounding on her door she goes to open the door to find her ex Robert standing their he sees that she is wearing her pj’s and things she is wearing them to entice him so he kisses her she pushes him away saying their relationship ended the night before when she found out that he confronted her friends telling them that they were bad influences on her and to stay away from her she tell Robert to never come back to her house and to not bother her at the place they work he proceeds to tell her that he will talk to her when she has had time to calm down then we skip to a year later Ari and her friends are at their friend Gail’s self defense class they are goofing around when are is asked to demonstrate how to scream incapacitate and run from the person attacking her she fools around and bits the guy and kicks him after the class is over with Gail asks the girls to come to the back and they talked she asks them not to run off butch that its hard to find guys to get kicked around in a women’s self defense class Ari tells Gail that bitch aka butch like it when they through him what he calls a curve ball that it keeps him on his toes and that Gail should go out with him Gail ask if they are going to be their tomorrow for class but both say they are busy Ari tells Gail that she is cleaning her grandmother belongings when she get to the house her mother tells her to go and clean the attic she goes and cleans the attic when she notices a chest she feels a special connection to it so she opens the chest inside she fins a book a it calls to her its special she realizes it in Greek but she can read it as if it was written in English she leaves and takes the book with her she reads of Poseidon and all of his exploits and the women he’s been with and Acrisius’ third life is as Chris Dugan he is whipping a person when all of a sudden he feels sick so he calls out to Hecate she proceeds to tell him that a descendant of his daughter Danae has found an immortals book and that they are living in the same town she tell him that he can find her and have his revenge on her for what his daughter danae did to him but he must hurry because Poseidon knows she has read the book and will seek her outTriton “Taz” is a warrior and the son of Poseidon is sitting getting his routine messages by the naiads and mermaids when he gets summoned by his father Poseidon Poseidon tells triton he must go and find a person he wasn’t sure if it was a man or women due to a promise he made to his consort Amphytrite to protect the family and descendents of Danae it started when Zeus asked Poseidon to keep Danae safe and not let her or his child die Amphytrite put spell on Poseidon’s journal that anyone in Danae’s line who is in danger can read the book and it would summon Poseidon but he sent triton in his stead When he first lays eyes on ari his first thought is mineWill triton find Ari? Will he learn the lesson he needs to learn to be a good future king? Will Triton and Ari fall in love and have a happy ending? Will Acrisius get his revenge? Will triton keep Ari safe?To find out the answers to these uestions I strongly suggest you read this book its is amazing and a lovely story I cant wait to see what happens next 5 gold stars


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kindle ´ Triton The Aegean Chronicles #1 á 260 pages Download ✓ dogsalonbristol ↠ ➾ [Download] ➾ Triton The Aegean Chronicles #1 By Yelle Hughes ➳ – What happens when your ancestor who happens to be a pedophile a rapist and a cLy you might addSent by his father to watch a silly mortal Taz plans to ship her off to No Man’s Land so he can go back home to max and relaxWhen blues eyes meet hazel it’s a done deal Taz wants to keep the only mortal who can make him laugh and cry at the same time while Ari You have no idea how long this author has teased me with snippets and excerpts from this book I have been hearing about this book for at least a year before she got it out and published It was worth the wait This is tale of love set in a world where modern meets historical Real life in Ohio meets Greek history under the sea It's a love story but it's than just a simple romance novel This has sex and story This is like Lara from Bertrice Small I say this because that is one of the few romance stories I read and didn't go yeah right fluff stuff whatever gooshy goey yick yuck where's the beef of the story? Lara had fantasy and adventure along with healthy doses of sex That's what Yelle has done in Tritonblended it all into a well balanced mythological romance that is full of actionadventurehot sexentertainment Now as you may have figured out I love MYTHOLOGY Yelle here dishes out LOTS of mythology Stuff even I had forgotten about or never learned Everyone knows that I have issues with mythology not giving me enough information on the story That's why I created my books That's also why I loved this book Back stories reasons filler details This book gives you lots of fun and exciting ideas about mythology It also has some interesting turns and twists I was reading it trying to hurry up and get to the end so I could see what happened I also like how she explained how the main lady could suddenly go be in the sea and breathe underwater Not a lot of people pay attention to those details They just think the reader should suspend the disbelief on about everything I am not one of those people I would be like hey she isn't a fish how can she breathe under water So if you love mythology and romance but not that sappy damsel in distress can't help herself romance then this is the book you should pick I did get a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for the review