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Read ò Exterminating Angel ô PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB » ❮Reading❯ ➳ Exterminating Angel ➬ Author Pamela Turner – Making a deal with the Devil is the least of his problems Zaphkiel a chain smoking hard drinking archangel never intended to unleash the sun demon uIs lover feel the same when he learns Zaphkiel’s darkest secret Hired by Lucifer Sean wants nothing than to fit in But how can he compete when the Devil’s friends include archangels and a Tarot reader and he was born without special abilities Or so he believes The Tarot hints there may be to him than he realizes Recruited by the Devil to find the two pentacles sun demon Sorath plans to use to destroy the. I recieved this book from Netgalley in exchange from an honest reviewWhile this book was ok it was not very memorable perhaps because it was fairly short Too short to flesh out the characters properly perhapsI started reading this book fully expecting it to be erotica but there was really only one explicit scene and a couple of kisses thrown in for good measure I would have liked a little After all these were two angels reunited after centuries apart I would have thought the passion burned a little brighter than it did The angels themselves were also a little too human for my liking True the main characters were earthbound angels who had fully embraced a flesh form or forgotten about their origin alltogether but I wish they had retained a little of their angelic traits other than being able to fly Zaphkiel thought flying was too streinous or teleport beam me up ScottyTo me the most intriguing characters were actually Lucifer and Love I enjoyed their relationship and backstory So much so that I would actually have liked to read their story instead of Sean's and Zaphiel'sActual rating 25 stars

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Universe Zaphkiel and Sean find themselves pawns in a game of power and control If the archangel gives his boss the pentacles Ophaniel will overlook his crime But Zaphkiel knows he can’t trust either Ophaniel or Sorath and the deal he’s made with the Devil could cost him not only his life but also the lover he believed gone forever MM sexual practices occult themes some violence graphic descriptions Words. Paranormal romance with an angelic realmZaphkiel is an archangel who never meant to unleash the sun demon on Earth He’s then enlisted by Lucifer to find the two pentacles the sun demon intends to use to destroy the universe and at his side is his lover Caliel reunited with him after being reincarnatedCaliel and Zaphkiel soon find themselves pawns between the leader of the throne angels and Lucifer Although there is far intrigue afoot Dark secrets abound and the relationship between Caliel and Zaphkiel isn’t all it seemsSparks certainly fly between the two main characters and during their mission they must join forces Theirs is a love which has crossed time and never diminished even though death took one of them many years beforeFor me this story takes the reader into another realm where archangels demons and the devil come out to play So if you enjoy paranormal romance with characters who love a good fight and are prepared to embrace their sensuality then this story is for youMM relationship within

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Exterminating AngelMaking a deal with the Devil is the least of his problems Zaphkiel a chain smoking hard drinking archangel never intended to unleash the sun demon upon the city Bad enough his boss wants him dead and this recent crime is the perfect excuse The timing couldn’t be worse Somehow Zaphkiel’s executed lover Caliel is alive and reincarnated as Sean Zaphkiel is thrilled to be reunited with Caliel again but will h. Too much in too short a timeI was looking for me a PRN but got me a PRH pretty real headache There are too many characters with very odd names all introduced in a short amount of time Each with an agenda of their own or one they are trying to figure out I was looking forward to a serious MM PRN to make my mind soar with delightinstead I got myself a headache trying to keep upTurner needed space to branch out and develop Most of the characters are key players with a real role to make the story take flight but too many at one time made things seem bunched togetherARC from NetGalley