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eBook È ePub Serpentine ë ✓ dogsalonbristol º ❅ [KINDLE] ✾ Serpentine By Cindy Pon ➞ – Dogsalonbristol.co.uk SERPENTINE is a sweeping fantasy set in the ancient Kingdom of Xia and inspired by the rich history of Chinese mythologyLush with details from Chinese folklore SERPENTINE tells Girl who worries about her growing otherness As she turns sixteen Skybright notices troubling changes By day she is a companion and handmaid to the youngest daughter of a very wealthy family But nighttime brings with it Despite the vast possibilities of cultures that can be explored YA fantasy is unusually lacking in diversity The promise of a Chinese setting and that gorgeous cover are what initially attracted me to Cindy Pon's Serpentine Going in I knew deep down that Serpentine would be a good book but I was surprised by how much it was able to hook me into its characters' lives the stunning world building and the dynamic relationships the book exploredAs soon as I read the first line of Serpentine I was lured in by the gorgeous writing Cindy Pon's prose was luscious and vivid and it was hard to look away from the book It's the kind of writing that will make you want finish the book in a single sitting sweep you off your feet make you feel like you are also part of the story and make you wish that the book never ended Yes it was THAT beautiful to me Because her writing was so striking the world building also came to life Inspired by Chinese mythology Serpentine was a riveting read from start to finish Our protagonist Skybright's life completely changes when she shifts into a giant snake and starts seeing mythological creatures from the underworld The plot was slow when compared with other fantasy books but it worked in the case of Serpentine because the story really was Skybright's journey discovering where she stands and fighting to close an opening in the underworld that allowed the infiltration of all sorts of fascinating but scary supernatural creatures into the human world I also loved how the author portrayed ancient Chinese cultures in the book my mouth especially watered at the description of all the delicious sounding food Serpentine wouldn't have been the wonderful novel that it is without the shining star of the novel Skybright As a character Skybright's voice instantly drew me in She was a uiet character with her being a handmaid who grew to be wonderful in the book Her generosity her selflessness and her devotion especially when it came to her mistress and good friend Zhen Liu made her very easy to like and relate to Throughout the book as Skybright learned about her origins she grew to become an even braver young woman who I found truly spoke to me I was sad that I had to temporarily part ways with her when the book endedHer mistress Zhen Liu was also yet another beautifully fleshed out character As opposed to Skybright Zhen Liu was outspoken and daring but she too was battling with her own share of issues she was pressured by her family to find a good husband to marry but Zhen Liu wasn't remotely attracted to boys Her situation was heartbreaking because I knew that given the time period she was born in being with a girl would be nearly impossibleAnother highlight of Serpentine for me were the relationships that were explored Firstly the slow but passionate romance that budded between Skybright and an adorable boy who works at the local monastery Kai Sen I loved how sweet this relationship was and the two of them were perfect together They talked and really connected emotionally Not to mention the kisses were swoony and so delightful to read about Zhen Liu found herself a love interest too in Lan a girl who visited her home and even though their relationship was rife with obstacles I couldn't help but wish hard for a happily ever after for the two of themThen there was perhaps my favorite part of Serpentine the bond between Skybright and Zhen Liu These two were on the surface handmaid and mistress but theirs was a special relationship of friendship and sisterhood Throughout Serpentine they had to face rough patches in their friendship because they both had secrets they were afraid to reveal to each other but they were still incredibly close together and I loved how tight this bond was with them willing to fight for each otherFor me Serpentine is one of my favorite books I've read this year It ended on a cruel ending but there is a seuel in the works releasing next year that I'm already itching to get my hands on With characters that you will want to root for romances that will leave you with a smile friendships that will make envious and writing that will make you drown in its beauty Serpentine is not to be missed out on 

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A darkness that not even daybreak can uell When her plight can no longer be denied Skybright learns that despite a dark destiny she must struggle to retain her sense of self – even as she falls in love for the first tim Definitely a strong 35 stars I really enjoyed my reading experience during Serpentine It was engaging uick it was centered around a female friendship and is for all intents and purposes a coming of age story Tick tick tick tick on the list of things I like to read I had the pleasure of hearing Pon speak at NerdCon and I just fell in love with the bright and personable way she comes across However it was how she described this book that made me want to read it In Serpentine she said she created a female character whose body changes and it makes her uestion everything Pon said she wrote it for her growing daughter though in her book her MC is less going through puberty I promise and turning into half a serpent I will say that I really enjoyed that theme throughout the story Everyone was telling Skybright who she was or who she was supposed to be whether serpent or human Her roles and lots in life were pre determined and the she asked the uestions of who and what she was the voices joined the mix to provide answers she wasn't fully sold on Zhen Ni's story underlines this in a super heartbreaking way We don't learn a ton about the context of the world these two live in though we know it is Chinese folklore inspired it has gods and monsters and it seems to pretty old school in terms of handmaidens and marrying off womenfolk Zhen Ni falls in love with another girl and she gets a difficult lesson on duty and those pre determined roles for women Zhen Ni is a little spoiled and sueaky for my tastes but she is also loyal and full of fire and I felt for her a ton by the end of the bookAll that said I think there is definitely some room for improvement I love description heavy writing but if you don't you may run into a couple problems here I mean when I was reading it I didn't think wow These are a lot of descriptions If I'm honest there were a couple times when I jumped a paragraph or two to get to the action As I was reading through reviews on Goodreads I saw description heavy come up a couple of times and went ooooh If that helps at all Basically description level I didn't notice it per se but a few times I skimmed to get to the action Also as much as I loved the main themes of the story they got to a little bit repetitive toward the end In general the story told had lots of repetition We find Skybright waking up as a snake a few times she runs into the forrest a few times she searches for Kai Sen a couple of times What saves it all is that the story moves uickly and is relatively short so that repetition never got out of hand for me I really liked Skybright as a character She's so mature and gathered and loyal I wish we had seen a little of her in terms of getting to know her but again it was a relatively short book with a lot going on And of course Skybright is in flux when we meet her so we only get to know her as much as she's getting to know herself As an aside when I first started reading I thought Skybright and Zhen Ni were a lot younger than they actually are I think it might be some of the dialogue that made it seem that way There were points I would've pegged them as young as 12 or 13 I wish I had been paying attention to if this seemed that way because 1 stilted dialogue or 2 sheltered characters or 3 me and some reading comprehension issues AlasI finished this book last night and immediately bought the second book from my Kindle Y'all know how terrible I am about series so the fact that I even want to read the second book should convey that I'm invested in this story and these characters Solid entertaining read made for a Saturday afternoon when you've got some hours to spare

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SerpentineSERPENTINE is a sweeping fantasy set in the ancient Kingdom of Xia and inspired by the rich history of Chinese mythologyLush with details from Chinese folklore SERPENTINE tells the coming of age story of Skybright a young Baa baa black sheep have you any woolYes sir yes sir three bags full For some reason I can't get this song out of my head And I think I know the reason whyBecause I did not like this book like at allWe rarely get Chinese inspired YA books published by American publishers so taking that into consideration plus that pretty cool hand drawn cover I was seriously psyched to read this I couldn't wait to get to know a rootable sympathetic bad ass Chinese heroine and be a part of her journey in knowing who she really was and her role in the grander scheme of things; I was stoked to be immersed in a setting deeply rooted in Chinese culture the food the architecture the atmosphere the words and the mythology surrounding mythical beings and urban legends; I was and best of all I was thrilled to witness a romance so exciting between a handmaiden and a false monk excited to be engrossed in lyrical writing that would give me the bestest ever reading experienceLong story short I experienced none of these thingsSo um baaahThe major reason why this book is not getting than 2 stars from me The writing The writing was so unnecessarily wordy Now don't get me wrong I've read humongous books before I mean Brandon Sanderson churned out two 1000 pages books in his Stormlight Archive and I gobbled all that up with a big smile on my face asking for  Uprooted  was pretty wordy as well but because the writing flowed so well but because the writing was just downright beautiful it's not hard to fly through itThis is where Serpentine is different the writing is full of unnecessary details of the surroundings of what the characters are doing at every second in minute triviality Like this book literally took pages just to describe Skybright's walking or slithering into the forest as she tried to look for Kai Sen andor Zhen Ni Sometimes it would keep repeating the same sentiments over and over And you know what makes it worse THE WALLS OF TEXT On my Kindle this had about 3500 locations but the book felt so much longer because of he walls of text every time we're not in a conversation between two people Walls of text and then unnecessary details plus the telling than showing narrative Good lord exhaustion galore I wouldn't have minded the first one if the writing was amazing to consume ala Libba Bray or Helene Wecker but it wasn't it was just so tedious Halfway into the book I started skipping pages when it was all about the details and only came back reading when something vital happenedI didn't miss a damn thingBUT It doesn't end there Sometimes a boring narrative can be tolerable as long as there's a heroine you can root for a heroine with an engaging personality Skybright was unfortunately as interested as watching paint dry She was the handmaid of Zhen Ni the youngest daughter of the Yuan household She couldn't marry and could never leave her mistress' side unless of course she was relinuished of this position but seeing as these two had grown up like sisters that wasn't something that could have happened anytime soon I get that because she was the handmaid she couldn't be too strong on the personality side but goodness gracious she was so so so so so so flat Was it the monotonous narrative Was it because majority of the time it was all about the details that this heroine didn't shine I'm not sure but all I know is I was so detached from herI couldn't even bring myself to care when the narrative was about her internal conflicts which usually started with a uestion What would happen if she changed with her mistress beside her Skybright's throat closed at the thought She heard Zhen Ni's steady breathing and slipped out of bed and into a courtyard dimly lit by starlight When she had shifted it was always at nighttime she only wished she knew what triggered it so she could anticipate it Could she control it somehow Will it away when it happened Skybright sat on the stone bench beneath a peach tree digging her toes into the earth and enjoying its coolness Ugh ugh ugh The monotonous narrative just made me want to bang my head onto a wall Am I the only one AM IThis makes me real sad because despite the overwhelming details it wasn't immersive enough The details may have been in abundance but they were about shallow things and thus the world building wasn't really given that much of an emphasis in my opinion Like the only stuff we got about the backstory of the Serpent Demon were from a fricking textbook and that took like half a page and some words in passing from this guy called Stone heh I couldn't even picture the Kingdom of Xia like were the Yuans a close relative of the Emperor What kind of business did the master of the household do Can the Ghost Festival be described in better detail other other than it being that event where ghosts come out I mean come on I want to get to know this culture and the ones I got felt half assed at mostPlus I didn't ship the shipFirst meeting you guys saw each other for only a few seconds AND at a distanceSecond meeting you guys meet each other in the woods by accident even You talk a bitThird meeting YOU FUCKING KISS WHAT THE FUCKKai Sen was an intriguing character IN PAPER I mean he's a false monk for crying out loud That screams panty dropping already but like Skybright he was as flat as a cardboard He was way too too good to be true who didn't have any actual intriguing thing about him who was drawn to Skybright and dropped the L bomb despite their lack of romantic development or at least a development that felt meaningful This aspect felt so shallow too and I just couldn't bring myself to care about these two even when Skybright was having her heart clutching moments thinking of him or with him And me I was allSigh I don't think I'll be checking out Book 2 at this point HOWEVER take this opinion as one opinion too many Majority of the reviews have been positive so far so I am clearly in the minority You may still like this book so go ahead and try As for me Game over