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Knot In My BackyardBaseball may be America's official favorite pastime but for Martha Rose and her friends uilting is far funand a lot less dangerousA diamond brocade pattern is uilter Martha Rose's style than a baseball diamond especially when it comes to the new eyesore of a stadium ruining her lovely San Fernando Knot In eBook. I loved the first book in this series and for that reason am giving this one 3 stars rather than the lower rating it probably deserves The mystery was a good one but Martha's actions too often were just unbelievable Without giving too much away she does one thing that is SO stupid and ends up getting a favorite character gravely injured that I nearly threw the book across the room She pulls some other stunts but this one is the worst Then there is the triangle that has developed Don't get me started on that I mean c'mon Martha is pretty much my age and FAR from a femme fatale Based on how much I loved the first one and the fact that the mystery here is good I'll read the next one But if the triangle drags on and gets unbelievable I'll be done

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Knot In My Backyard Free download Ï 5 ↠ [Read] ➭ Knot In My Backyard By Mary Marks – Baseball may be America's official favorite pastime but for Martha Rose and her friends uilting is far funand a lot less dangerousA diamond brocade pattern is uilter Martha Rose's style than a basebal Baseball may be Ameri#214 Valley neighborhood Martha doesn't know a bunt from a bundt cake but when she stumbles upon the battered body of baseball coach Dax Martin she doesn't need a scorecard to know it's foul play LAPD homicide detective Arlo Beavers is convinced one of her neighbors is responsible But Martha and her fellow uilte. Any fan of FORGET ME KNOT the first book by author Mary Marks in this uilters Mystery series is sure to be a fan of KNOT IN MY BACK YARDMs Marks pens this story with the same enthusiasm as the first titleProtagonist Martha is back as are her uilting buddies Lucy and Birdie These characters continue to be fleshed out as the author spends time with themThe mystery aspect of the story is well done and will keep most guessing until the “whodunit” it revealedMixed with the mystery is also angst and humor And these characters are very opinionated LOL They tend to speak their minds very clearly There is no doubt Mary Marks is a wonderful author It will be nice to see how this series grows as it moves forwardAnd for the uilters out there Ms Marks includes a uilting tip at the end of the book

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Rs Lucy and Birdie soon discover a whole field of suspects who might have wanted to take the coach out of the game permanently Praise for Forget Me Knot Mary Marks has stitched together a very clever plot with a cast of engaging characters in this funny fast paced debut mystery Laura Levine author of Killing Cup. Martha Rose wants to lose weight so she's joined weight watchers again She wants to wear her size 16 jeans without busting the seams She taking up walking to help achieve that goal In the process she runs across the body of the local baseball coach She calls her detective boyfriend Arlo Beavers and then tosses her cookies all over her new shoes One of the worst things about the new cozies is the trend to have the romantic triangle It's beyond annoying to me Here it's worse than usual We've got Martha not just being pursued by two men but actually sleeping with both Throw in the fact that I didn't much care for the character anyway and it just made the book hard to finish I guess my problem with the romantic triangle is it makes the character weak She doesn't know her own mind She frets and spends too much time trying to decide what to do Meanwhile the actual mystery takes a backseat In this case it doesn't help that the mystery is unbelievable Why this is a uilting mystery I don't know There's not much about uilting I think it's just another ploy to make it fit in with some kind of craft cozy genreI won't bother looking up the first one