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Download Doc ´ Sisters of the Revolution A Feminist Speculative Fiction Anthology ✓ 352 pages ó ❰Read❯ ➪ Sisters of the Revolution A Feminist Speculative Fiction Anthology Author Ann VanderMeer – Sisters of the Revolution gaThe Revolution PDFEPUB #233 Sisters of the Revolution gathers a highly curated selection of feminist speculative fiction science fiction fantasy horror and chosen by one o I love the idea behind this anthology sci fifantasy stories written by women from many different places and times coming together to form a multi faceted view of feminism It was an exciting combination of authors old favorites some I'd been meaning to check out and several I'd never heard of before There were some compelling and thought provoking stories in here but overall I found it a bit tedious Part of the reason is that despite the variety of settings and styles there's a dearth of themes I felt that I was reading the same story over and over again the patriarchy abusing and oppressing women with grim conseuences While I realize that this theme is an important part of feminist fiction reading so many similar stories back to back lessens the impact of each one I would have loved to see a few stories focused on say female friendship or gasp men and women treating each other with respect The overall presentation and editing of the book is mixed I liked the author mini biographies that prefaced each story but really disliked the one sentence take home messages that were tacked on to the end I would think that any reader inclined to pick up this book would be capable of identifying such themes and messages for themselves without having to be told that the moral of the story isWith that said there were a few stories that did stand out The Mothers of Shark Island by Kit Reed If I were to recommend just one story from this book it would be this one It's about how we treat and think about our mothers It's heartbreaking and universal written in a graceful and eerie style reminiscent of The Handmaid's Tale The Grammarian's Five Daughters by Eleanor Arnason A smart funny fairy tale about how language shapes the world and how even the most maligned parts of language have importance and power Being in the style of a fairytale the characters weren't especially well developed but the story is than delightful enough to make up for thatThe Screwfly Solution by James Tiptree Jr aka Alice Bradley Sheldon I have always held that if you want inspiration for a truly mind bending dystopian society look no further than the lives of the plants and animals in your own back yard This story looks at how humans interact with unwanted parts of the natural world and then takes those interactions to the logical next level And a few of the weaker storiesMy Flannel Knickers by Leonora Carrington I'm not usually one to complain about lack of plot or about world building that leaves open uestions but this was a bit of an extreme example And Salome Dances by Kelley Eskridge This story is basically about how the narrator comes to realize that trans people exist Not exactly speculative fiction Sur by Ursula K Le Guin Le Guin is one of my favorite authors yet the editors somehow found a boring story by her My disappointment is immense But all in all if you're interested in learning about female SFF authors this is an ok place to start Maybe dip in and out of it rather than reading it straight through and keep in mind that the stories featured here don't necessarily represent the authors' best work

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F the most respected editorial teams in speculative literature today the award winning Ann and Sisters of ePUB #8608 Jeff VanderMeer Including stories from the s to of the An exemplary collection of feminist speculative fiction with a nice combination of contemporary and classic authors Although as with all anthologies some stories appeal than others there wasn't a story here that I felt didn't belong Disclaimer I was a Kickstarter backer for this project which really just means I paid for my copy uite a bit in advanceStories that especially stood out for meThe Forbidden Words of Margaret A by L Timmel DuchampSpeculative legal fiction about a woman seemingly ordinary but the power of whose words are so intense the Constitution has been amended to stop herThe Screwfly Solution by James Tiptree JrBest last line everGestella by Susan PalwickWhat if a werewolf fell in love with a human How would that actually workWhen It Changed by Joanna RussA classic that I should have known already; powerfulThe Evening and the Morning and the Night by Octavia ButlerA horrifying new disease human created and the issues of stigma and treatment which sounds maybe dull but is incredibly not soThe Grammarian's Five Daughters by Eleanor ArnasonA fairy tale to make an English professor smile A lotIn addition to these writers there's Ursula LeGuin Angela Carter Nalo Hopkinson Nnedi Okorafor Carol Emshwiller Eileen Gunn Karin Tidbeck and many others If you're interested in speculative fiction from a feminist view point this is a must have

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Sisters of the Revolution A Feminist Speculative Fiction AnthologyRevolution A Feminist PDFEPUB or the present day the collection seeks to expand the conversation about feminism while engaging the reader in a wealth of imaginative ideas Sadly overall the impression I am left with is that I simply do not like anthologies all that much Some standout stories Some ok stories and some very weak ones Still I am convinced than ever that I just have to get my behind in gear and finally read Octavia Butler