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Playing AUTHOR Melanie Abrams ePub ✓ 288 pages Download ´ dogsalonbristol ☆ ➳ [Read] ➮ Playing By Melanie Abrams ➾ – Melanie Abrams’s debut novel is a provocative tale about love betrayal and how one young woman’s unconventional sexual reaIs a world of games that fast becomes serious forcing Josie to confront the darkest moments of her past as she desperately struggles with her family history her own violent impulses and her love for DeveshRapturous illuminating and emotionally charged Playing is an unflinching look at the irrevocable conseuences of giving in to our most secret passions and the freedom and imprisonment that comes with true self knowled For a sexy book this doesn't really have a whole lot of graphic sex though a lot of time is spent talking about Josie's sm play with her boyfriend That's not the problem though The problem is that Josie is a completely immature dumb ass She handles conflict of any sort like a two year old by saying NO and running away She does this like 30 times especially during the funeral part of the book and it's just irritating A grad student who is as well travelled as this girl should be articulate and intelligent and our titular character fails to come across that way

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Confidence her resemblance to Josie’s mother that draws Josie in While her uick intimacy with Mary soothes Josie’s estrangement from her own parents it also breeds betrayal when Josie falls for Mary’s crush Devesh An Indian surgeon ten years Josie’s senior Devesh is a strong and enigmatic man who pulls Josie into a dizzying world of sexual domination and submission that speaks to her deeply hidden desires It erotic and very well written worth the read

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Playing AUTHOR Melanie AbraMelanie Abrams’s debut novel is a provocative tale about love betrayal and how one young woman’s unconventional sexual reawakening uncovers the most guarded parts of her pastWhen Josie an anthropology grad student is unexpectedly offered a job as the nanny for six year old Tyler she innocently accepts Though Josie doesn’t necessarily need the job there’s something about Tyler’s single mom Mary her beauty her Here's one that took me at least two years to finish It's the debut novel of Melanie Abrams a university lecturer who's husband Vikram Chandra is far well known It's about a young woman Josie who is independently wealthy thanks to her parents but who takes a job as a live in nanny for a doctor and single mum Mary Mary has a young son Tyler who's slightly autistic or with a touch of Asperger's he likes to count and measure everything; and a baby girl Madeline Then Josie meets a doctor and Mary's colleague Devesh a handsome Indian man who likes sexual play and all Josie's repressed guilt over her baby brother's death when she was just a child and her neuroses come to the foreFirst of all this novel was incredibly predictable painfully so Secondly it was dull Thirdly oh my god Josie was unbearable She is insufferable She has so much angst and has to over think everything and agonise over it and indulge herself in her own pettiness I had no patience for her whatsoever I got maybe halfway and put the book down for two years; when I picked it up again determined to finish what I'd started I could remember it all uite well I skimmed through the rest reading sections here and there and it was like I'd already read it it was so predictable Her problems with her parents the guilt Josie carries why she can't separate Devesh's play from true punishment for some past crime I just didn't care about her and the themes of the novel which attempts to explore the psychological side of sexual playing is obvious and not at all enlightening